Awakening Wotan: Beyond the Black Pill

Since the short term, after Trump’s betrayal – or uncloaking, depending on how you look at it – is a bit depressing, let’s slide a further bit up the scale (read this one first, if you haven’t), and look at the metahuman entities – the gods – in play.  And just briefly beyond that.

With the Red Pill failed, the Black Pill becomes an obvious solution.  I sought some solace in the Black Pill, but there doesn’t seem to be any there.  The Black Pill, as usually formulated, seems to equate to Nihilism. Which is certainly a perspective you can take, but it’s neither comforting nor productive.

I have the same problem with the Black Pill as I do with Gnosticism, both as usually formulated.  They both tell us that just because life on earth at the moment, for us, beyond our little comfort bubbles (for those of us who have them), is fucked…. that the earth is a bad place, that is not only totally under the thumb of evil, but made from it in the first place.   And with this I cannot, must not agree.

I think that those of us who have found or awakened in ourselves something of the Divine Spirit have found some comfort and solace in Nature.  I don’t mean walking in the woods on a weekend.  As Savitri Devi would’ve pointed out (had she been to Disneyland), Nature is a harsh master, not a theme park.  Nature is beyond good and evil on the level of the individual member of a species, or even of the species itself; Nature as manifest in our immediate environment, is indeed Gaia, if we can consider that concept of an an Earth mother devoid of the Universalist, Wiccan connotations it’s commonly trapped in.  Or better yet, she is Jörð, the mother of Thor.  Which pretty much makes us, the chosen people of Odin or Wotan, the children of Thor.  That gives you some idea of what you need to do.

Gnosticism, which is sometimes thought of as a Christian heresy but which seems for the most part really portions of an older, truer teaching, is the most 9unfortunately often caught up in Christian conceptualization or seen through the Christian lense.   It does teach us the important teaching, that the true God (to use the big sense of the word), is the one pure existence from whom all Being, and more, emanates, and Who is not knowable, in any way.   In a way, that God is beyond Existence itself, above Existence and Non-Existence. There is however a mirror image, to use a weak metaphor, of that God, Who can be the highest goal of knowledge, although if you ask me, even that is asking a bit much.  That manifest, Existent but also Unknowable God is known as the Barbēlō , if you like. (There won’t be a quiz).  Also not at a level which is much use to us.

Beyond that, mainstream Gnosticism tends to get complex and foggy.  But down at the far end of Archetypes, manifestations of God as He emanates (not creates! mind you), is the goddess Sophia, Wisdom. And Wisdom makes a mistake.  She tries to do something on her own which does not emanate so purely from the Barbelo (I’m going to Anglicize these to save myself keyboard work). And she creates Yaldaboath, which is where all the fun begins.  Not,

Yaldaboath, in most Gnostic traditions, goes on to create this flawed, material Universe in which we live, in which perfection, true attainment of knowledge of God, is not possible, without Gnosis, which is direct knowledge of the God who exists outside of this Universe.   Man, in Gnosticism, originates because Sophia realizes her mistake and goes back to the Barbelo for help, so Man is born with a Divine Spark of sorts, a bit of the true God with which to go back beyond and before (ontologically speaking) the Barbelo.  Hence Gnostic practices and traditions.

From Gnosticism, we get the concept of the Demiurge, who is the creator of this World.  He is a sick, twisted creature, and this is a sick twisted world.  Hence the escapist, other-worldly character of Gnosticism. The Black Pill indeed, except there is a way out.  But I don’t think we need to go this far.

Because it is apparent to me that this world is in fact, a “good” place.  Although Nature is harsh and merciless, the Earth, alive as a metahuman entity, is a direct flowing from “Creation” (the Barbelo), from the Divine Source.  She is “good”, not bad.  Although I am a believer in Deep Ecology, the Deep Ecology of Pentti Linkola; the good of the earth may indeed involve the eradication of Man. But that’s not our concern.

My biggest problem is with all system of revelation, be they concerning Divine revelation or scientific, is that they tend to take one small discovery and make something universal out of it.  Every little insight is seen as revolutionizing everything; all that has come before is thrown out in deference to the new paradigm.  I’ll come back to this at some point, as examples are everywhere.  But let’s stick with Gnosticism, and our Modern World.  The most important and relevant from Gnosticism, for us, is that Yaldaboath is also known as Yahweh, or Jehovah – the Jewish god and the god of Old Testament Christianity.

So that for the Gnostics, the Jews and the mainstream (as they came to be – also known for the most part as the Catholics) were worshipping a demon, the evil creator of this world, who is also known as the Demiurge.  There are also sects of Gnostics, and even Christians (the Valentinians) who believe that the Demiurge was not so much a devil as a lower god who was just responsible for building the material world, and that Platonic concept is where the word “demiurge” actually comes from.  So that when we, following Serrano and others, use the word Demiurge as meaning a devil, we’re actually smearing some concepts together.  But I do it sometimes as a shorthand reference, because we have to go places beyond the reach of the enemy’s language that we’re for the most part, stuck with these days.

I try to avoid the error of thinking that because I now think I know what’s gone wrong in the last three thousand years or so, and then again in the last three hundred or so, that I understand not only all of world history, but that of the Universe.  There are all sorts of such systems out there, for those of you who like and need such complete metaphysical systems.  I think Tolkien’s (from the Silmarillion) and Serrano’s (from Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar) are as good as any.  I think it’s pretty clear, from my own Gnosis and the evidence of others, that we all flow, by some source, from the Divine.  From the One. But that’s way too far up the scale, as I’ve discussed, to be of any use to us.

And I don’t pretend to know what’s happened along the way.  I don’t know about aliens, or the true history of Aryan civilization in the pre-historic past, although I have my ideas about all those things and am fascinated by them.  I think there’s so much more about the history of this planet that has been lost to us, than we can ever hope to know.

But I do have some awareness of metahuman presences and some perceptions of their influences on us and our more recent history.   As Serrano points out, Jung seemed to know everything but didn’t reveal it all because he valued his life, his career and his legacy a bit more than the truth, and therefore from understandable and forgivable human ego, we are deprived of a bit of the truth.  But Jung knew and Serrano certain tells us, about the metahumans, which he calls Archetypes. I usually avoid that term because it tends to invoke the human, existentialist view – which is also the view, unfortunately, of the Left Hand, as I have noted – the view from the wrong end of the telescope – that Archetypes somehow come from humans, that they are concepts, which could not be further from the truth.  Ontologically speaking, the metahumans are bigger, more real, that we are.  Jehovah is one of these, although I believe him to be (obviously unprovably, as I’ll admit) from outside of our world.  Wotan is another, and he is our archetype, who does not come from us, but before us.  We are his, not vice versa.

I think Jung knew who Wotan really was. His famous “Wotan” essay can be read as a metaphor, but I think that’s a mistake. Wotan is the overbeing, the Allfather of the Germanic peoples – who are the remaining expression of the Aryans.  Again, I don’t know where the Aryans come from.  The “Aryan” in our blood, we diminished humans, could have come in a seed from another galaxy.  I actually am drawn to parts of Blavatsky’s original Theosophy, as was Von List, the concept of the root races, and of the descent into materiality.  But I am convinced that in recent prehistory, we were all over this world, not just in Europe, and if we knew what the Tibetans and the genuine lost Native Americans can’t tell us, we’d know much more.

But Wotan is our god. I tend to default to the Germanic rather than the Scandinavian because it was obviously bigger, although less well-preserved (thanks mostly to our “friends” the Christians).  He is our Archetype, our metahuman.  The one to whom we most properly pray or whom we invoke. (I’m not denigrating the other Norse gods here, OK? They are also perfectly good aspects of the Archetype and may be much more appropriate than Wotan himself in any given situation, or for any particular person.  I’m just saying that on the scale I’m on right here, to consider Wotan is enough).

Before three thousand years ago, all sort of civilizations rose and fell, and we know less about them than we usually think we do.  I think there were metahumans, archetypes, gods and demons we’ll never know.  But sometime around in there, it is apparent that a demon, who can be seen as Yaldaboath, appeared, manifested on this earth, and attached himself to a tribe of people who were probably a lot like a lot of other tribes, worshipping several gods and acknowledging the gods of the peoples around them.  And he assumed the identity of the god Yahweh, or Jehovah.  And he possessed them. And those people became known as the Hebrews, and he fed upon them, used them and his ego swelled.  He made them his chosen people and gave them dominion over what he could. But like Morgoth or his successor Sauron, the ego of Yahweh could not be satisfied.  He wanted everything, and he still does. He wants it all, in a way that can never be satisfied because even if his hunger should consume the earth itself, which it threatens to do, he could not be satisfied.

Yahweh manifested himself in one way for the Jews.  He taught them they were special, and to hate and despise all others, that the other peoples of the earth were but cattle.   He taught them that the earth was base and merely to be used for their enjoyment, and to despoil.  And he decided to give them dominion over all the earth, which effort continues to this day.

He manifested his Disease, his rot, in many forms.  With the Pico family in Rome he made Christianity in the form we knew it, borrowing bits of truth and inner knowledge from true paths, from the nobler traditions of other gods, who were brothers and sisters and cousins of Wotan, or aspects of Wotan himself.  He packaged this disease as the first spiritual, metaphysical bio-weapon and he unleashed it upon Europe.  Then came the wars of the early first millennium C.E. and the centuries of darkness, or so we thought.  The Disease wiped out so much of our true knowledge our mundane knowledge or our heritage, that bits of it can only be known through individual gnosis, which is almost always distorted. Gnosis like that of Blavatsky or von List or Tolkien or Savitri Devi, of Miguel Serrano.  And that of Serrano’s and Devi’s Avatar, Adolf Hitler.

Probably nothing could alienate me further and faster from the mainstream than mentioning Esoteric Hitlerism, but I must.  I do agree with Jung, and with Serrano and Devi and their followers since, that Hitler and National Socialist Germany were an important manifestation of Wotan in ours and our fathers’ times.  As Jung (surely the most widely read of these) points out, Wotan seemed to have been asleep.  He began to wake – out of need, like the story told of Barbarossa in his mountain hideaway? at the end of the nineteenth century. He woke Von List, and he appeared to – and I will say, possessed, Adolf Hitler following that fateful performance of Rienzi, as related by August Kubizek.  And we know how that story played out,

I think it was Kerry Bolton’s essay about Jung’s Wotan essay, that made me realize clearly that WWII was the culmination of a war between Yahweh and Wotan – and that Yahweh won.  WWII was an attack by the people of Yahweh, who had recently come into control in the US and in Russian, upon the latest and ultimate – penultimate – rising of the people of Wotan – of Wotan himself!

But I also think that I had earlier shared the mistake with many, of seeing the obviously world-shaking and attention-grabbing (from a historical perspective) phenomena of the wars of the Twentieth Century, as being the mainstream of the flow of world history.  Whereas, upon calmer reflection, it came to me that the eruption of Wotan in Twentieth Century Germany was not the Final Battle.  It was, in some way, a side-show.  But that great war, that massive confrontation, was in some ways doomed to fail, from the perspective of Wotan and certainly of the Germans. It was in many ways forced by the forces of Yahweh, in the form of the International Jew, in the same way that they forced Japan to attack the US Navy at Pearl Harbor.  As necessary as that fight was, for the souls of the people of Germany and of ours, there is absolutely no way Germany alone could have materially defeated the combined forces of America and Russia (Churchill, whom I had at one point thought the source of the problem, being himself a tool and a foolish one at that).  Hitler’s Germany fought and lost so that Wotan could be alive in us today and accessible.

To me, it appears that the real conflict, the real transition and the last fair fight between Wotan (or Woden, in this case) and Yahweh probably took place in England, and no later than the era of the Cromwell.  And the victory of Yahweh, of the Jew in dominion of Europe and America, was cemented by the Rothschilds and the birth of the America Empire which was final by 1865, and the era of Disraeli.  All under the naive eyes of the admirable but innocent Victorians, which is I think why I recently went through a phase of obsession with that era.

But where does that leave us today? This essay is too long already. There is much I have not discussed which needs airing out.  Not to mention editing.

There is among us, I think, another arising of Wotan.  I have lately found myself quite devoted to him.  It may be true that in the big picture, life on earth may not survive.  The earth herself may not survive. Or it may be as many have said, that mankind is a cancer upon the earth – that we are a parasite that is killing its host.  This would be the perspective of the Black Pill.  Which could lead us to despair. But I think this would be wrong.

If all that is, flows from the One, as it must – then all that is, all that manifests, is a manifestation of the One.  The World is such a manifestation as is the Aryan, as is the Jew.  As is the healthy body, and as is cancer.  Life without death, as has been pointed elsewhere, would be hell, inconceivable agony.  So that when the body dies, the One remains, and other bodies flow from it. If cancer kills the body – if the Jew eliminates the Ayan – another body will arise elsewhere, although the spirit of the first body may never know.

It really does appear that our world is doomed, ecologically and politically.  I am truly Black Pilled to that extent, that I cannot see from my human perspective, in my lifetime or any time briefly thereafter, a way out of this mess.  But thankfully for the Universe, I am not all-wise.  And I believe that if Aryan man is eliminated from the World, it will be from a world that for us, would not have been worth living in, anyway.  But maybe that’s a tautology of sorts, and I don’t know what a Chinese-dominated world would be like (which would be the most likely possibility for any survival of civilization, I think).

But I also know that even without man at all, the earth might survive – might survive better, and give birth at some point to some other worthwhile form of life. Or be infested, perhaps again, by one. Or perhaps not. Or perhaps something better, more interesting, might happen in some other part of the universe.  Who knows? I won’t.  The Source of All is All.

But meanwhile as I sit here, I know that Wotan is in my soul and in the soul of others.  He is above us and he lives.  And it is not my job to preserve the Universe, or to perform any of those other functions I have assigned to the One from Whom All Flows.  And it’s not Wotan’s either. Wotan is not the All-Father of the Universe, regardless of what our myth says, which is an allegory about our people.  He is the All-Father of the Aryan race, of Aryan man.  It is he who has inspired us to build this civilization, build it in struggle against the Demiurge, against Yahweh.  And although that civilization has ever been tainted by Yahweh, in the way that Tolkien’s forests were blighted by the corruption of Morgoth and Sauron, it has ever manifested our spark, the Wotanic spark, which is from our perspective the Divine Spark.  And it is our duty to preserve that spark, as best we can, and with our last breath.

Such is the true meaning and expression of our existence. Hail Wotan, fight for Wotan!  Do your part and the Universe will take care of itself.   As Jack Kerouac said, the Universe takes care of its own evil.

Our duty is to live.





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  1. Derrick Beale
    April 10, 2017

    Your written word is inspiring, and comes from the memory of your blood. Not many have this burning of truth, and Aryan memory. I wish you well my brother, and enjoy reading your insights. In the eternal war, you are making your mark as a warrior of the pen. just as Serrano carved himself in the stone of eternity, with his truths of our God Man past . Sieg Heil

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