Christmas Tarot Reading 2017

I haven’t been working with the Tarot much lately, but an inquiry from a friend led me to realize that my favorite Tarot deck – about the only one I’ve ever had that gave me clear readings, that I picked up last Christmas in Asheville – had disappeared unaccountably.  Its instruction book was still lying on the living room table where I’d seen the deck last.  Still having no idea where it is, I ordered a new one from Amazon, “seasoned” it a bit under the plastic, self-lit Christmas tree on my home altar next to statutes of Odin, Ganesha, Hecate and Baphomet, while I performed an exercise which is part of the introductory project for the Temple of the Ascending Flame – then removed the brand new cards from the plastic, shuffled them throughly, gave a brief nod to the only spiritual entity which I do take entirely seriously these days (who has no name and need not be invoked) – and went on with a reading that I thought would likely, with the new, unknown particular exemplar of the card deck, be an “outsider’s view” of my life.  I was even a little suspicious that the previous deck, with whom I had a good relationship (and which surely has to be found within my home, somewhere, some day) had been kidnapped so that a changeling could be invested.

However, I actually liked and found quite perceptive, even reassuring, the reading that I got.  Hence I present it.

The spread I use is a Celtic Cross.

The first two cards indicate the underlying circumstance and a force which opposes and modifies it.  Getting Swords in these two positions is not auspicious, and I got the X (Ruin) and the V (Defeat)!  This was a bit puzzling, as my own personal life has been at least normally peaceful and nowhere near disastrous, for quite a while now, and I wondered if indeed my home had been invaded by a hostile deck; but as I went on I came to see that these cards do indeed reflect the state of the world, this manifest Malkuth of a world, and not my personal life.  Accurate so far.

In the third position (above), which signifies the area with which I seem to be concerned, on the surface, I got the Two of Wands – a card which had turned up in my friend’s spread and which I had interpreted in his case as some sort of challenge best abandoned.  The card is called Dominion, and in this position in my own reading I interpreted it as meaning a rational, conscious concern with just managing things.  This kind of management is not uncommonly needed for someone like myself whose subjective world is so different from the apparent ones of the “humans” around me, but it’s probably fairly common in others, too.  The fourth card, however, in the position beneath, indicating the deeper, perhaps unperceived concern was the Knight of Wands – Fire of Fire, a dynamic master of flame.   Given my recent work with various Luciferian and Satanic systems, notably Sitra Achra and the Ascending Flame project I’ve been dabbling in, I took this as encouraging.

For position five, left, recent or passing, I had the Six of Swords – Science, one of the more benign Sword cards, in my view, indicating a fairly long period of study in which I’ve been involved, notably the past four years.  Moving on, in position five, the coming period, I had the Page of Pentacles, Earth of Earth.  This is kind of a Mother Earth card, sometimes, but here and for me the significance is the coming of a New Light out of the Earth.  I also see this as congruent with my most recent bent of study and praxis.

Card seven, bottom of the right column, “me” in respect to the overall reading, was the Two of Swords, the Peace card.  This confirms my overall reading of this spread that my position in this matter, with respect and in contrast to that of the world in which I find myself, is indeed reconciled and at peace.  With the Dominion card conscious but the resolved power of fire beneath (three and four), Science in the past (five) giving way to the birth of light (six), confirmed by this Peace (seven), it’s clear to me that I solved, for myself, the meaning of all this, and can trust to and relax in confidence in my own understanding.  I know, I think at long last who I am and why I am here – and how many can say that? And therefore I have found Peace in myself.

I count myself amazing lucky, or the beneficiary of many lifetimes of good karma, that I am here now, where I am, in a resolved and confident peace of mind, to watch the end of the world.  What an opportunity! Who would have missed this?

Card eight, influences coming from the environment, from others, from outside me – the Death card.  My own dearest Scorpio card, the card also of Rebirth.  How much clearer could the proposition I stated in the paragraph above, be made?  Indeed, the only question is, on what level of Yuga, on what scale of cycle, are we reaching the end, awaiting the beginning of the new?

Card nine, Hopes or Fears – the Ace of Cups! The essence of Love and Happiness.  For here, in my realization, at the end of this Cycle, it is indeed Love for those I love, which fills me.   Hatred is a tool to be channeled, not a monster to be overwhelmed by – channeled in the service of the Love.  I look at the face of my best friend, and I know.  Again, confirmed,

Card ten, the Outcome card – the Hanged Man!  This is interesting.  The Hanged Man betokens the End, of patterns, sacrified on the tree to the coming of the new.  While the world is undergoing Death and Rebirth beneath me, this one indicates only the former – the end of the Cycle.  In a shorter reading, one would be prompted to draw another card to see what rises as the old system falls.  Here I have chosen not to.

It could of course indicate my own termination.  The lengths of our lifelines are not so easily read.  Surely I feel I have accomplished the major purpose for which I came and experienced my own Forty Years in the Desert, the awakening to see. I don’t read it that negatively or drastically. What I see in this card is that while I see this old cycle ending, what comes next is to be experienced rather than dreaded and plotted over.  What I see in this reading in a whole, is that I have achieved my own purpose and peace of mind, and that I may indeed proceed to smile through Armageddon, secure that whatever comes, comes, in its own time and place.

Meanwhile, I try to prepare my own consciousness for removal from the vale of the Demiurge, through apparent Chaos to the birth of a new meaningfulness; the black light from the apparent darkness which will appear to new minds and senses.  But more of that later. Very soon.

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