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My relationship with the Tarot has been complicated.   I’ve been playing with it since the late 1970’s but I’ve never been able to find quite the right cards or the right method of interpretation.  Nevertheless I’ve alway been drawn to it.  I know there are Wotanists and Asatruar out there who will tell me I should stick to Runes, and although I love Runes for various reasons and uses, I’ve never had much luck using them as a device or language for divination.  And I don’t want to hear about the alleged sources of the cards or their symbols, OK? In the name of all true higher teachings, I lay claim to their authentic heritage.  I’m not going to avoid a symbol that’s been stolen. because of the uses it’s been put to by the thieves.

I just did a reading with some cards I bought yesterday and I want to lay out how I interpret it, but first I need to give you a little background.   I first came to the Tarot in a quite different era, but I was immediately drawn to Crowley’s Thoth deck rather than the Waite cards which were far more common.  If you’re not familiar with the differences, I’ll let you ferret that out for yourself; but I will say that although I preferred Crowley’s interpretation, I was never particularly attached to their artistic expression by Lady Freda Harris as manifest in the standard Thoth deck.  For years I had hoped to stumble upon a deck that I felt was appropriate for me.

A few years ago, visiting a friend in Asheville, NC, I came across a little store that stocks literally hundreds of decks.  At the time I was only interested in a Black Plague t-shirt for myself and a miniature standard Thoth deck for my friend for travel, but more recently, revisiting the faint hope that I would find that ideal deck for my own use (while continuing to fail online), it occurred to me that someday I might revisit that store and find my perfect deck – that the ideal one would just jump out at me.  Visiting the same friend again for the holiday, yesterday that occurred.

The deck is called the Night Sun Tarot.  The very name of the deck seemed appropriate for me for obvious reasons; but I love the cards, as they display the necessary, balancing darkness I found in Crowley’s text (see his Book of Thoth), but not the Harris cards.  There are these days, of course, lots and lots of reinterpretations, but none were what I was looking for until this one.  You can look at some of the cards and read about them on the link above, and you’ll know all I do about them.. so far.

Anway, my intent here is not to discuss the Tarot or my new cards in general, but to set out my initial reading, which I find auspicious on this day (I’ll write about why, soon, I promise.  Maybe).  I will tell you that before I read them, I set out my altar and did my full ritual, which is usually done in the morning, tonight, and for the first time in a while.  Including all my Advaita, Havamal and Serrano prayers, and my secret ones.   Then I made some coffee and did my slightly modified Celtic Cross readings, which gave me the following result, as I interpret.  I was actually trying to address my situation with regard to a personal relationship, but as usual I got a reading which applies more broadly, I think, while still addessing my question.  Anyway:

First card: Underlying matter or question: Two of Swords, Peace.  The Peace here is actually a sort of ceasefire, a draw in which forces are balanced to a point of stasis, but underlying tensions remain.  It indicates that I’m kind of stuck.

Second card: Crosses it (opposes or modifies the Underlying): The Hierophant.  Indicates a resolution of the situation which is stuck on the material or rational planes, by a teaching of a higher order, probably an occult one, here; and also, probably the teaching of a new age, of a new Order manifesting from above to below.  It means I need to (and will) pull from Gnosis rather than the linear.  Further addressed by cards following.

Third card: Above me (conscious thought, what I think it’s about): Nine of Disks, Gain.  I think here it means I’m wanting to solve the problem, rather than material gain.

Fourth card: Below me (what I’m really addressing, on another deeper level): The Lovers.  I interpret this card according to my own re-reading of what Serrano addresses as animus and anima; but I’m not as comfortable with or interested in the masculine-feminine polarity or division here, but more of a reconciliation of the Self and the Other.  The little self and the big Self.  Sometimes in daily life I think my cat is the manifestation for me of the parts of myself I see as other.  So the underlying thought here is about sliding up and down the scale from microcosm to macrocosm, from little particular ego to the One.  About finding the particular perspective along that line from which to address any particular problem or situation – the place to stand and from which to act.  This ties in with the Hierophant above and the Hermit in the outcome position.

Fifth card: Behind me (situation recently passing):  The Sun.  With all its solar implications; the place of power from which I have eventually come to be able to act, especially over the last two or three years.  My recent background.

Sixth card: Before me (situation into which I am now moving): Three of Cups, Abundance.  This is a card of a pleasant time, but one which can be partly illusory, in that it is passing.  Means I will be in an easy situation but can’t let my guard down, sort of.

Seventh card: Myself in the situation: Knight of Swords.  Guy who acts strongly, quickly, decisively, authoritatively, but sometimes with a lack of subtlety or deeper understanding. In this reading I think it indicates ability but warns caution.

Eighth card: Forces or influences coming from the, my environment:  Seven of Disks, Failure. Obviously not the most auspicious card, but in this case it fits in the context which tells me to hold back and refrain from precipitous action.

Ninth card: Hopes or fears: Nine of Wands, Strength.  Obviously a hope.  Seems auspicious, just seems to indicate that I want to deal with it, and hints that I may be able to.

Tenth card: Outcome: The Hermit.  I think this card answers the question.  To me, it means I need to slide pretty far up that sky to ground scale I discussed above, and address my situation from a higher plane rather than rushing to action.  To some extent, to take the high road and let things work themselves out.

So I’m hearing, don’t rush to action.  Study and continue to learn, and remain conscious of those higher spheres to which I may have been a bit too oblivious lately.  Don’t try to resolve things by push and pull, but by transcendence. Is that what you see? Please let me know.

And if you’ve made it this far, thanks for waiting out my dormant period.  More soon, I promise.

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