Dark Perspectives: O9A, Current 218, and the Sixth Extinction



Among other arbitrary divisions, we could say that there are two kinds of people: those that are “thrown into the world”, in the Heideggerian sense, and those that were sent to it.  The latter don’t always know why they were sent here, and they spend a great deal of time trying to figure that out.  Some people are born into each of these categories and some stay that way.  It is possible, I think, to transition between the two, and that is one way of looking at what one might call the barest level of Initiation.  The quest to discover just why they were sent here, and by whom, leads to what is known as Philosophy, to a lesser extent to religion, and sometimes to the red-headed stepchild of the two known as the Occult.

I’ve been reading a lot of supposedly Occult literature lately, but the above realization came to me in the wee morning hours, just now, from my experience of two cats.  My grey Tabby cat was sleeping on the foot of my bed.  Our houseguest, an orange cat, was roaming about the house, as he sometimes does, speaking.  My experience is that at such times, the orange cat often doesn’t lack anything.  He has food and water and really doesn’t want to go out the window into 15-degree weather, although he thinks he might.  I think he is lonely, or just has woken up and doesn’t know who or what he is, or where is, despite having been here for some time.  He is the Heideggerian cat; he feels “thrown into the world”.  This morning, once I got my coffee, he curled up beside me on my desk, and is OK.  Such is the nature of existential crisis, I think.

Not that I think Heidegger really felt that way, but that is what he describes, and what Sartre, from a much less enlightened viewpoint attempt to describe; but I will not waste your time trying to excavate the writing of those European Philosophers of the last two centuries, nor am I really qualified to do it.  The point is that I think there can be a transition point from Existentialism to Philosophy, and that the first is not really a subset of the latter, in the sense in which it is often asserted to be by academics.  The ancient Greeks almost certainly would not have recognized it as such, although you never know.  It has seemed to me that Existentialism is a valid perspective, a point from which to critique Philosophy, but one cannot stand there.



Was it really only about six months ago? that I was drawn by my frustration in finding what I was looking for, after returning from Europe, to rereading Myrkthursablot, which I had read earlier and not gotten much from, and therein finding a portal to the dark side that I’d been overlooking before.   I was so moved by that, that I went on too explore all of Ekortu’s writings, including all three Thursakyngi’s (including the Gullveigarsbok) and thus into the branch of Occultism known as anti-cosmic Satanism, although I had entered through the Scandinavian door.  Searching out the more coherent material here led to a lot of dead ends (most Satanism is, as I have been known to say, various forms of childish bullshit or worse – witness the shallow Hebrew materialism of LaVey, the spiritually materialistic white-lighting of the Temple of Set, the disgusting SJW wallowing of the Satanic Temple, and the incoherent “Satanism for Unitarians” of Fosforos).

The heart of anti-cosmic Satanism is known as Current 218, although there are a lot of other “currents” out there; the main text, apparently of the former, is a text known as Liber Azerate, which has annoying not been translated into English (the original is Swedish; the partial translations I’ve seen are either unreadable or close enough to have prevented me from reading them, which may of course be the point).   Current 218 was originally expressed through the Misanthropic Luciferian Order, which has become, in some way, the Temple of the Black Light.  The transition or name change came after a lot of negative publicity, shall we say, involving some crimes including murder and ultimately the tragic (from at least my point of view as a fan of Black Metal of sorts) ritual suicide of Jon Nötveidt.  I don’t want to make light of any of this and would eventually like to consider it all further.  My only point here is that the best entries to this tradition I’ve found other than the Norse (and I’ve read Gullveigarsbok and Myrkthursablot at least three times each) are probably through the Falxifer books, which actually work from the base of a folk Satanism constituting mostly of rituals you won’t be able to get the ingredients for, to the excellent Sitra Achra, which is a kind of furtherance of the cult of the dead of Falxifer via the Qlipoth.

On the other hand, entirely, there’s the Order of Nine Angles and its Nexions.   The 09A, or ONA, has been around since at least the seventies, and the nature of its current existence seems to be in some doubt, or at least dispute, which is probably as it should be, although there are Nexions all over, apparently.  I was first introduced to the 09A through the writings of Connell Monette, to whom I’d been led and introduced by a mutual friend, and if you aren’t at all familiar I can’t think of anywhere better than his chapter, here.  The teachings of the 09A are clear, although not all are explicit.  The 09A, like its later competitors(?) and possible derivatives like Current 281, is anti-cosmic, although not in the same sense, which will ultimately be the point of this article.   Like Current 281, the 09A teaches that we are living in a causal creation that is flawed; that there is a greater, ultimate reality which is the “Acausal”, although I have issues with that term, as I do with “Chaos” in Current 281 et al.; and that there are various points at which the Acausal comes through into, or touches the Causal, or Nexions, which include us – or some of us.  The latter point (as to whether all “people” are Nexions) is not clear and is important, at least to me.

Obviously I’m not trying to explicate the whole 09A system in this brief writing, merely trying to set out an admittedly oversimplified explanation for those with no acquaintance, or who hadn’t looked at these things from a perspective relevant to where I’m going.  Suffice it to say for now that there are several branches, not totally exclusive, within itself, according to 09A literature: the Seven-Fold Way or 7FW, which is an explicitly occult practice, together with its own peculiar demonology, grimoires, ceremonies and arcane practices; the way of the Drecc or Niner, a mostly non-occult way of living against the World as outlaws or tribes; and the Rounwytha, which is supposedl a very small of nature witches, shall we say, based in the Shropshire area from which the 09A originates; but see the histories for that.

I will most explicitly say that I speak as an outsider on the 09A; as would anyone, in my opinion, with any sense, since some of the things they advocate are not only immoral or amoral as judged by society, but blatantly illegal – the most extreme example being their advocacy of culling, which is the killing of certain deserving outsiders.  To what extent this actually goes on is of course unknown, and there are a lot of holes in the literature, if valid through which one could slip, to claim O9A membership without going out and committing, personally, the act of murder.

Of course, one of the perhaps unfortunate but obviously necessary drawbacks of an organization that must be as secretive as the O9A is that they can’t protect their trademark; and they don’t even try.  Indeed, among the things they oppose are copyrights, and although you can buy books with parts of their literature, it is all available free on the internet, or what is publicly available, is.  But the flip side of this is that anyone can claim O9A membership; and like the KKK (to pick a jarringly dissimilar group whose only connection, maybe, is outlawry and secrecy), there’s no official body to stand up and certify O9A membership.

The point of the above is that while fans and advocates, perhaps members of Nexions (which can also mean groups) of the O9A can and do criticize Current 218 and other currents  – I can think of quite a few: the whole Chaos Magic phenomenon, the Draconians – as immature and incomplete, unformulated, that can also be said of quite a few who claim to be O9A, although for the most part these latter can be excluded by the critical observer, by their writings and behavior.

To clarify, and be honest: the prototype of the Current 218-er, the anti-cosmic Satanist scorned some of the O9A-ers, is the Black Metal musician or wannabe or fan, whose occultism isn’t much beyond that of the Slayer fan who just wants to make devil horns and scream “Satan!”.   These people have been a part and parcel of the Satanist movement from its inception (which is much more recent than most people think, by the way).  Witness the Second Wave of Black Metal in Norway and the musicians who evolved into Dark Pagans, in some cases.  These rebellions are necessary, excusable, and I think somewhat healthy,  But are they spiritually, Philosophical valid, or mature? Of course not.

What’s most appealing about the O9A to me, is its maturity.   In its occult branch, Adeptship, beyond Initiation, requires at least two periods of living-in-the-wilderness, and what particularly appeals to me is the Pathei-Mathos, loosely translated as learning through suffering.   Having spent my own (and genuine) Forty Years in the Desert, I appreciate and encourage, advocate that.  I also am so relieved, having encountered so much small-mindedness, egotism and petty authoritarianism in the worlds of the Occult and the “spiritual” appreciate the open-endedness of the O9A.  They explicitly state that their path is one of many and that other paths may and evolve from it for the individual.

Having gone down too many paths laid by others, myself, I really can’t buy into anyone’s Occult system as a whole.  And although I’m certainly not starting over at this point, I do like to be inspired by others, and to model practices on theirs when I feel such is appropriate.  And that is what I get at this point from the O9A.



Having said all that, I’d say that the main difference between the 09A and the anti-cosmic Satanists of various persuasions, is not a mature of maturity, longevity, or coherence, as many of the 09A’ers might say, but of perspective – although this is not a matter I’ve seen addressed by either school of practitioners, and I’m not sure they’re even conscious of it. And I know they’re certainly not all conscious of it, because they’re not consistent.

The problem I always had with the anti-cosmic, starting with Thursatru, is that their position, if understood, is so radical that it entails a shift of perspective so radical that it can no longer be not only human, but sentient in any meaningful sense.  First: none of this makes any sense until and unless you come to realize that at least human civilization, as we know it has run its miserable course.  Both sides considered herein agree to that.  Both 09A and the Currents would probably agree that human life as we know it is also doomed.  That is drastically explicit in for the anti-cosmic’ers; indeed, if the opponent is the “Demiurge”, be he Jehovah or Odin (!) or whoever, we must state that all matter, not only the earth but all existence itself, is flawed! We have to go back before Existence – before the primordial Big Bang, if you wish – and start over.  I tried, in my earlier essay on Thursatru, to make sense of this by saying that there must be in fact, some form beneath the Chaos; that when we (or they) say Chaos, we mean only apparent Chaos, and what we are actually looking at is a form of Order that is not perceptible to our senses or to the Minds adapted to use them, and based on them.  Otherwise, as Stephen Flowers pointed out in his crititque of the coherence of Thursatru, one cannot be “tru” to a “being” which has no form or order, and certainly no concept of honor! To be a being is not to be of Chaos.  I won’t regurgitate all that here; but to bring that philosophy to coherence, we have to say that the goal of anti-cosmic practice mus be to either participate in or encourage the destruction of the existing order – meaning the order of all existence – and then wait for or encourage a new and better one.  Just who “we” would be from the point of view of the latter part of that process is not clear, as we certainly could not be recognizably ourselves.   That is, from any point of view to which we now have access, we could only participate in the first part, to the point of our own destruction.

The 09A actually takes a much less radical position. They also speak of the “Acausal” – and I have the same issue with that, feeling that what they actually need here, as a concept, is a kind of causality or order that does not follow the same laws as the current one – but the goal is not to destroy the entirety of what exists, but as I perceive it, to bring forth through and into this flawed causality, the forces of the Acausal or original being, and to form therefrom a new order of existence to reform and  recreate human civilization, beginnning with Man himself, who would be not the “mundanes” but a new form of man – Homo Galacticus.  Another ambiguity arises here, because one of the principal acknowledged doctrines of the 09A is the need for adherence to the Code of Kindred Honor, which is bifurcated.  One follows entirely different principles when dealing with other 09As or others who are “Kindred” than with the mass of unenlightened humans, who are “mundanes”.   It is redolent of nothing else so much as the vastly different standards for dealing with Jews and Gentiles espoused in the Talmud. One owes allegiance, protection and honor to the Kindred, and one can cheat, steal from and kill the mundanes where necessary.

The ambiguity arises not from the practices and doctrines asserted above – which are, in and of themselves, quite coherent -but from what I see as a sort of breakdown from the original and stated principles and aims of the 09A, and its later expressions, which may be authorized or unauthorized.  I see this because one of my own insistences in practice and Philosophy, is an absolute denial of the principle of Equality.   I do not think that “everyone” that appears to be human is capable of enlightenment, or contains that spark of what some call Entropy, by which they mean the spark of the acausal in the causal – which the Gnostics would see as the spark of God in man trapped in matter.  For others, as myself, it is seen as a Black Flame which burns on the gold of Aryan blood, which is not distributed by overt racial characteristics but has disseminated itself among men, albeit nowhere near equally nor even predictably, and in most “people” it is entirely absent.  What is is unclear is much of the writings of the O9A is whether this dichotomy, which is essential to practice and to understanding, is consistently maintained. It is one of the main principles of my own philosophy, one of my few dogmas on which I insist.

So I think that the main choice I think one has to make, in whether to follow a more followable path like that of the O9A, diffuse as it allows itself to be, or the almost impossible one, if seen thru, of the anti-cosmic, is one of how one must draw back – on and to what level does one have to retreat, to wait for what remains of civilization, of mankind, or of existence itself to fall apart – to wait for and participate in its reformation, and in what form? From the O9A perspective, human civiization, although a very different one, of and for a very different human, could be rebuilt. From the anti-cosmic perspective, one would have to draw back much further. The earth itself would have to be reformed, matter itself. Who would wait, and who would resume?



In conclusion, I think that the 09A perspective, as radical as it seems to most, could actually benefit from the influence of, or at least by staying in loose touch with and being drawn by, the anti-cosmic.  If this seems too extreme, this perspective may in fact reflect the unselfconscious historically limited perspective of the O9A, having been founded in time, despite their rejection of it.   We weren’t as close to edge and to the end as we are now.  Modern science, for what it’s worth, tell us that we are living in the Sixth, or Anthropocene Extinction, which is more radical than most of the previous five (major ones of at least twelve).  Despite the ridiculous use of science for political purposes – witness “Global Warming” – it is undeniably true that man is in the process of destroying life on earth.  I would differ, emphatically, with those who argue that the process is reversible.   There may be life on earth in two hundred years, but human civiization will be gone, as we know it.  There may be survivors, but if so they will be either Elites of one side or sort or the other who have set aside a way to do so, or wretched animals who are no longer recognizable as us.   The die-off of billions is at hand, too late and about damned time! Nothing wil be done, and no one is trying in any meaningful way that could be effective.

Seen from this ineluctable perspective, even the O9A “plan” to repopulate the earth with better men may not be tenable. It may be too conservative.  Not much hope at this point, in my opinion of “us” making it to the stars.   Perhaps the best plan would be to continue to strive to live while recognizing the probability of failure.  In this way, we could always maybe explain ourselves to whomever it might be necessary ultimately to do so, that we did our best, whether from the perspective of the Asatruar trying to rebuild community to cure a World devastated by the plague of Yahweh, or the O9A Nexion waiting in the wings to rise with the better Man.    In this way, there will always be a position from which to reform and restart, even if it is according to laws of a Nature yet unformed.



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