Days of Ecstasy (Riding the Tiger)

It was, I think, an act of Providence that allowed me to hear President Trump’s Inauguration speech live.   I don’t watch or listen to the news because I despise the corruption of the media and I feel poisoned by my exposures to CNN (or even ESPN) in the locker room at the Y.   But I do have Sirius radio in my vehicle, for some reason, and on January 20 just after 11 a.m. CST I happened to be, not at work as usual where I would be more decidedly off the media, but driving to work from an optometrist appointment, and I flipped on the radio just in time.

I have never thought Trump to be a good speaker, and although I enjoyed the majority of his points made and advocated during his Presidential campaigns, I rarely listened to even parts of his speeches and couldn’t handle the debates.  But on Jan. 20, listening to his short but powerful and direct inaugural speech, I felt the sun come up.  It was I think the most powerful and personally meaningful speech I have heard by a current politician (if that’s what he is, now) in my lifetime.  And although I am no American patriot in the usual sense (I’m the guy who can’t attend Sons of Confederate meetings because they insist on saluting the flag of the Empire that conquered them, among other reasons), the speech stirred me. It was everything an American President should say, did say, after how many years? of insanity.  It was short and succinct; humorously, I felt like making a purchase, buying myself a little gift to commemorate the day (but luckily didn’t because the jewelry store I stopped at didn’t have what tempted me).

And I was not disappointed.  The first week of the Trump Presidency brought item after item of good news, tempered only by the increasing realization that so many of the people I have called friends and family for so long, have sadly missed the boat.  A truly sad number of the people I know, those with whom I have had daily contact and those to whom I feel bound for this lifetime by blood and history, have been hypnotized, propagandized and brainwashed by the enemy’s controlled media and have encouraged, participated in and identified with the insanity of the protests.

And a side note; During the first few days, I feared that the united, readily visible and obviously controlled nature of the media would derail the Trump train.  I almost wrote here to the effect that the new administration must, as one of its initial steps, do something about the media.  More than just bar the viscous lackey CNN from press conferences; I mean Take Back the Press.   But now it appears that Trump, again, knew better than I, choosing instead to address substantial issues – the real issues – first, and let the chips fall where they may in the “press”.   Maybe a few of those under the veil of delusion will awaken to the clarity of the actual actions taken.  But my real realization is that to some extent, it doesn’t matter.  As one Facebook meme kept putting it, The Adults Are in Charge Now.  The rest, if all goes well, must inevitably follow.

Anway.  While that unfortunate number of my friends (and they truly are friends, I don’t let ideology cut those ties, at least on my end) empathized with and participated in insanity – notably the so-called “women’s march” – I began quietly rejoicing and have continued to do so, to this day.  If I try to enumerate all the actions that I (and many, I think) hoped for but feared Trump might not actually do – feared that his campaign promises, like those of most politicians, would prove to be empty, once their maker was in office – I will miss some.   I don’t care if they actually build the Wall, but as a symbol of border protection, the concept is powerful and in the steps that seem actually necessary to stop “soft” foreign invasion, like restricting immigration and movement from countries that prior U.S. administrations have rendered cesspools of villainy and danger, Trump is spot on and active.  The whole America First! thing is beautiful, and I speak as a fan of the original, Lindberghian incarnation of that.  I won’t go on; if you are of my mind and heart you heard and were thrilled by the actual movements of the new administration, even as filtered through the lies of the media.

Indeed, the odious and ill-meant comparisons between Trump and Hitler of the campaign year(s), conducted of course with the intent of tarring the new candidate with association with man personified as the ultimate evil by the machinations of the murderous scum victors of the prior century’s wars, if conducted fairly, actually shed light now.  Because the instant and unrelenting activism of the first days of the Trump Presidency remind me, initially of nothing so much as February 1933, in Germany, when the NSDAP also showed that they meant what they had said and began to relentlessly change their society.  Maybe this recognition was a big part of my exhilaration.

Another place where the Trump/Hitler comparison sheds light is the position taken by many hard-core far-righters, “Neo-Nazis”, alt-rightist and others – hard core ideologues – that Trump’s associations with big business and especially Israel, and with Republican core groups like the Christian Right (with which I have mostly quarrels) are inexcusable and that Trump is a Zionist puppet.  Though they won’t admit it, because many of them love Hitler, they are taking a position hard to distinguish from those who claim to this day that Hitler was a puppet of the Rothschilds.  They have, I fear – although some of their apprehensions are just, and I will address that – put the cart before the horse and often don’t see, just who is using whom.  It appears that Trump has made a bridge to those whom he needs, to keep and hold power long enough to do what needs to be done, before even more substantial change can be effected.  I had best not elaborate on that here, but leave it to your imagination.

It is however the differences between the Trump revolution and the Hitler one which are most instructive and necessitate the most caution.  The first, most obvious difference is that Hitler had a party, and Trump does not.  This is a real danger, when realizes that even more than the NSDAP revolution, which is often (mostly) wrongly seen as a one-man operation by Hitler, Trump is acting on his own and no one stands apparently ready to take up his sword should something “happen”, which is an obvious danger in this circumstance in which so many demons are being disemboweled and whose minions could seek revenge and are themselves fighting for survival.  The second is that Hitler, at least superficially, acted out of ideology.  And although I feel I’ve done enough deep study of Hitler and his regime to argue that what truly motivated and empowered Hitler was not ideology, but Identity, and more, this is not the place to expound that.  Because Trump, again like rather than unlike Hitler, seems to be choosing pragmatism over ideology in accomplishing his real and just goals, and this cannot be commended enough.

Although indeed, the two aspects of Trump’s early actions with which I am not entirely comfortable do emerge from his regrettable association with two entities with which I am not at all comfortable the Neocons and the Christian right – that is, the early actions of the administration with regard to the Environment and with the whole red herring issue of abortion.  It is here that I think the President could, on the environmental side, take heed to the policies of the NSDAP, that founder and still-shining beacon of genuinely Green policies.

There are many issues I must address here elliptically and as bullet-points, hoping to come back to them in future writings, now that the air has been cleared to some extent, I feel, for such discussion. One issue that would bear future discussion has to do with the true nature of environmentalism.  And  in discussing this issue, it is necessary to link it back again to the genuine issue of population which lie beneath the veneer of the “abortion” issue, which is some contorted battle between Feminists and the Christian right, who don’t know what or who they’re really fighting for, or about.  Suffice it to say, I am an advocate of Eugenics, certainly Positive ones and to some extent Negative, in the early twentieth-century sense of that American movement and what became known in Hitler’s Germany as Racial Hygene.  Overpopulation is the elephant in the room of any genuine environmental question.

Our current situation of worldwide environmental collapse stems particularly, though not entirely, from the exaltation of the past century or century-and-a-half, of the lower over the higher, the thoughtful and principled (though also induced by guilt from the anti-racial elite and general suicidal despondency) self-control and population reduction of the European populations, coupled with our unconscionable and thoughtless encouragement of rampant and irresponsible breeding by Third World populations.  In a word we stand ready to drown in overpopulation from Africa and Asia.  We as a people have been induced to empower, encourage and allow this by propaganda from the globalists of the anti-race who have appealed to our racially endemic better natures.  It must stop if the planet is to survive.

It is true that our rampant consumerism has also taken its toll and our consumption of the world’s resources has been extravagant.  We need to feed our spiritual hunger and not our materialistic ones, and this will go a way toward saving the planet.  But at this point, most essentially, the world’s extraneous populations must be allowed to perish. I need not advocate genocide; nature has its own ways of dealing with such issues, by war, pestilence and disease.  We just need to stop interfering, and in time the parts of the world now blighted will become useful and productive again, and again ripe for colonization, if that is the word needed here.   We must not in that regard repeat the mistake of the last century.

To summarize this divergence, then: I was an early advocate, when I began my Awakening in the prior decade. of the Peak Oil doctrine, and I still believe it to be true and obvious that the cancerous growth of world “Civilization” has been fueled by addiction to fossil fuels, and these fuels will some day run out.  Further, the increasingly drastic means needed to extract these fuels from the earth are harmful to the Earth itself and the “environment”.  I am a deep ecologist, to the extent that if what is necessary to the survival of the earth is the extinction of humanity, then so be it.  Although I feel it may not be necessary, if Nature is allowed to reduce our population to a reasonable size.  And, it will – the question being whether this reduction happens with or without our understanding, consent and cooperation.

The bottom of line of my understanding of the relationships between the aforesaid Peak Oil, overpopulation and environmentalism, is that so long as “our” population grows unchecked, you can mark my word that every drop of petroleum will be extracted from the ground and used, no matter what the consequence, until every drop of it is gone.  Period.  Regardless of any well-intentioned attempt to limit it.

The opponents and protestors of the Dakota pipeline chose that particular process of that particular pipeline over that particular sacred ground, wisely for propaganda purposes.  But regardless of the protestor’s justifications, the Trump administration (although admittedly bowing to corporate powers, also, whose interests are far from being our own) has recognized that such energy use will happen, and has chosen short-term economic benefit over long-term environmental destruction.  When the priority is to revive and re-jumpstart the U.S. economy, these are logical choices. But I fear for our planet if the underlying overpopulation issue is not recognized and addressed in time to save us from these environmentally poisonous choices.

In conclusion, I think what exalts me, still, over the first week of the Trump Presidency – and I would cautiously suggest that Revolution is indeed an appropriate word, if things are allowed to unfold – is indeed the clearing of the air that I had hoped for – just the return of common sense.  I do indeed see the need to Ride this Tiger with caution.  But I leave this post as a visual record of the time when I am so positively excited by current events.  For the moment, I am willing and able to hold at a distance my differences with the current regime, and breathe in the air in the spaces where the rotting miasma from the previous one is being removed.  I am confident enough that my own spiritual, political and social positions, formed as they are largely independently after freeing myself from the forces which have formed those positions in most, will always ultimately lead me to rebellion and resistance, to stand for the moment in the sun.

At the moment, it genuinely appears to me that if we are brave, we can make a future.  But we must so with regard to those long-term policy changes which must be made if the powers which have so changed the apparent equilibrium of our recent past, are to survive and succeed.


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  1. Hamingja
    January 28, 2017

    I too felt the sun come up with his inaugural speech. It is a day of days.

    The landscape of this world has become poisoned ever increasingly with Marxist ideology too such an extent that I felt it dangerous to keep my faculties of critical thinking intact. The pressure of having to conform to this insanity was making me feel very despondent. Just supporting his ideas and willingness to act has caused major upheavals at the core of my relationships – and that without hardly saying anything.
    I am not American and yet the pressure growing on my chest lifted as I listened to his words. I felt a deep appreciation for this man and what he stands for. I don’t necessarily agree with everything he stands for but we desperately need him, if only to put an end to this SJW/”Feminazi” disease. Lets get back to true, respectful freedom of expression.
    It was rather interesting that the first clip I ever saw of Pence startled me as his likeness was that of Rudolf Hess.. Perhaps it was the lighting, but the impression was undeniable.

    “… indeed the clearing of the air that I had hoped for – just the return of common sense..” I truly hope this is the case.

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