“Dignity is Valuable, but…” [Freedom of Speech]


“Dignity is valuable,
But our lives are valuable, too.”

 David Bowie, “Fantastic Voyage”.

I almost wrote a different blog entry, here.   I woke up with this one coming to form in my head, then while sitting down to my computer, realized that the women’s singles final of the Australian Open was probably live; turned on the radio stream, and heard Angie Kerber win!  She beat Serena Williams in three sets.  Anyone who knows me knows that not only am I a Germanophile, but a huge fan of women’s tennis since the mid-seventies.   And I have loved to hate the Williams sisters since they came on the scene in the early part of this century.  Is that politically incorrect? Dare I say it in public? I hate the Williams sisters in the same sense that some people hate the New England Patriots.  But the Williams sisters are Black players in the still mostly-White world of tennis; dare I express myself?  Even sports fans have to be politically correct, these days.

I can say that I hate the Williams because they are big and loud and crude and almost single-handedly turned a game that was polite, based on strategy and skill and movement and finesse, into a power sport, a weaker parody of the mens’ sport or the NBA.  But to some people it won’t matter.

Such is the state of our world today, not just America, but Europe even worse, in the last days of the West.  As we moan about “our” American government’s violations of the Second Amendment, let’s not forget about the First – Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Assembly.

But this is not Stalin’s Russia.  The government does not ban newspapers, yet.  Instead, people on the inside censor and edit content.  You don’t get thrown in a gulag, yet, for voicing unpopular opinions, or questioning the official version of the truth (that’s in the US; contra, ask Ernst Zundl, dragged off to Canada, or most recently Ursula Haverbeck in Germany).  What we have is a lot more insidious.

Today’s censors are not in government, so much, again at least not in America; they are in the corporations that run the government, and the institutions that they control.   Facebook is targeting “Hate speech” (code/trigger for anti-NWO).  Google directs you preferentially to appropriate sources.  Last year, a crazy shooting in South Carolina, false flag or not, triggered a bizarre anti-Confederate reaction in that State which resulted in the removal of the Confederate flag, a staple in the South since my childhood, from Amazon. It’s almost like… that’s what they wanted in the first place?

Because there’s a war on, many wars actually, and one of them is a war for the mind.  It’s a war between the forces that want to give us One World slavery, and the only people who can stand in its way.  It’s a war between the New World Order and the old one (but the only one that has the possibility of a true future). On a larger scale, it’s the showdown of the Age between God and the Demiurge.  But what it’s meaning in my life?

I’ve been watching the X-Files, season one, from 1993.  Watching Mulder and Scully walk the streets of Vancouver, even though they say that was an exceptionally clean city, it strikes me still how very sauber it seems, how safe and clean and pure, compared to even a much smaller city of today.   And that was only twenty-three years ago.  I come from a more distant time.  I grew up in the sixties and seventies, an era when free speech really was, pretty much, free.  You could say what you wanted, and though people might clap their hands to their ears if you offended their values, there was really no thought of their banning your speech, or having you imprisoned, or getting you fired from your job or ostracized, or otherwise targeted.  That is no longer the situation.

We’ve been propagandized for so long and so effectively that the best minds can’t see it, til some random event occurs and they are jolted suddenly, violently awake.  Then if you’re not careful it all comes in like a flood.   Maybe emotional triggers are the key, for some; for me, it was some night probably in 2009.  I’d been doing, for several years, a lot of meditation; and as some of you readers of this blog and my previous one know, began to sense things that weren’t coming to my fellow Zenbots.  Then one night I was probably drunk and happened to come across a Saga video, and got excited and broke down crying, and everything changed.  Then I began to see and hear behind the curtain and to explore and learn, and I wouldn’t go back. Yet my failures to wake up others have, as far as I know, pretty much failed.  The only truly like minds I can find are far away, it seems.   And still relatively few.

Watch John Carpenter’s They Live and you’ll know how it feels…

The more educated you are, the more propagandized you probably are.  From my experience, nothing instills blindness so much as the University system does, these days.  I was in it as a student for seven years, including three at Stanford, one of the system’s flagships.  And I am amazed at how this highly verbally trained intelligentsia, these lawyers and philosophers, are trained to let their thoughts flow like water in accepted areas and can’t see the dams, the colossal motes in their collective eye, in others.   There are thought they are allowed to have, and those they are not.  There are words they are allowed to use, and words they dare not speak.  And any reader familiar with Orwell (and there is no truly educated, as opposed to indoctrinated, reader, who is not), knows that allowed vocabulary shapes speech, and speech controls thought for the most part.   So that our supposed intellectuals are bound, gagged and chained, tied with fetters of which to a large extent, they are unaware.

I’m not being anti-intellectual here.  If I want to disarm a room full of people and make them victims, I first take down those who are physically fit.  If I want to disarm a society, I destroy its intellectuals first.  This is something Stalin did know.  Ask Solzhenitsyn.   Sometimes the Proles do see things first, because they have not been as well trained not to, it is true.  But when they get smart, they get educated (read indoctrinated). I’m not discouraging education.  But I think at least for me, education occurred only around the edges of and in spite of my formal education.  Too late to say I wish I’d known then, what I know now. And pointless.  You need to educate yourself; society won’t do it for you, and usually it’s just the opposite.

I’ve been feeling something these last few days, and I realize now it’s an internal struggle, between being between who I know I really am or can be, who I was meant to be, and who I’m expected to be.  I didn’t wake up from forty years of drunkenness to stick my head up above the ground for three seconds, and then hide for the rest of my life.   I really think the proper way to live is to speak the truth as I see it., to speak it freely and honestly.   I think a lot of people would support that in theory, but oppose it in practice.

And it’s not that I think the government goons would come and take me away, if I said what I see.  They might, but probably not right away.  It’s more insidious than that.  In Europe, you can be arrested for simply questioning historical “facts”.  Not yet here, but maybe some day.  No, what happens here is that your friends avoid you, your Facebook account is blocked, maybe sometimes you lose your job.  None, of those things have happened to me, yet.  But I’ve been cautious, so cautious I’m ashamed of myself, sometimes. And there’s the rub.

You don’t even have to do anything wrong, these days, to be punished by society, you just have to be accused of it.   One bad soundbite and you’re down and out.  And when you’re targeted, there’s no way to defend yourself.  You probably won’t be charged with sedition if the government or its masters don’t like your speech; that might seem heroic to some, it might make you a martyr.  But the IRS might audit you, or someone might plant child porn on your computer. And then no one will listen to anything you say.

Ask David Irving. He’s the most honest historian I’ve ever seen.  Revisionist historians vilify him as much as “standard” ones, because he won’t toe their line, either.   He writes history by looking at original documents and talking to its witnesses, not by reading other historians. Shocking!  He was thrown in jail in Austria for denying the Holocaust.  He doesn’t deny the Holocaust; he just says that it didn’t happen in the same ways, in the same places or numbers, or not just to the same people, that the Shoah industry wants him to say it did.   He’s not a fan of the Nazis.   Yet he’s been banned from most countries, including mostly recently, the US!   This is what happens when you stick your head up too high above the board, in this cultural game of Whack-a-Mole.

I personally think WWII was a turning point of our history, our culture, our people and our age, probably the pivotal point of several hundred years of history; but that’s not what I’m concerned with here or now.  It is in fact this Here and this Now I am concerned with, because we stand on the brink of the abyss.  Do I speak what I know, and take the consequence, or try in vain to hide?  Do I go over the edge in my new Jeep or in the back of a wagon, and does it even matter?

I’m not telling you what to do.  I wouldn’t tell you to do anything I wouldn’t do myself, now would I?  I would like you to see what I see, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to make that happen.  I’m just airing this out aloud.  If you have a solution, please let me know, seriously.  Otherwise, here we sit…

I realized after writing this that I mentioned Freedom of Assembly, but didn’t really address it. I’ll save that for later, because it really does need to be addressed.  Assuming that I continue to speak.

Cover image is from artist Danzig Baldaev, lifted from the internet without any license whatsoever.


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