Identity is Everything: It’s Not How, It’s Who

I am so tired of infighting among Whites who claim to be conscious of Identity: on the internet, in the media, and in the fratricidal wars that as of the previous century, have seemed to guarantee our demise as a people, of Western Civilization, and possibly of all human life.  The rejoinder I have these days to people who want to argue about politics, about religion, about economics… is only, “It’s Not How, It’s Who.”

Having delete with the problem of perspective in my previous article: From the perspective I must assume, as the scion of a White family, growing up in a White culture in a White civilization, in a world made by Whites, and yes for Whites, I can tell you without a doubt that the most, not the only but the primary issue with which all Whites must be involved at this point is the survival of the White race.

Having made this strong but necessary statement – having left some of my readers in shock, no doubt, those who thought this issue could be eternally skirted or avoided – let me point out the obvious: the survival of the White race, in and of itself, cannot and will not accomplish any of the goals I stated, which are obviously essential.  The survival of the White race, is not a sufficient cause for the survival of live on earth, nor of Western civilization.  But is it a necessary one.

And it is a primary one.  Everything else comes later, in terms of priority, and of time.  To wit, the little demo you get when you start an airline flight: “In the event of an emergency, please put on your oxygen mask before assisting others.”  If you want to help others to survive, you must first establish your own survival. You can’t help anyone unless you can help yourself.  If you want the other races to survive, to thrive; or if you are indifferent – you must first establish the survival of the White race.

And this last statement is made by me as a White, from my perspective as a White, but let me add that it is true no matter who are (except maybe if you’re Asian, which is a whole different issue, but we’ll get to that, maybe later).  The state of what could be called life but is more like existence, if that, in Haiti, in  most of Africa, for most people on the Indian subcontinent should show you that for life on earth to be tolerable, the White race must survive, at least, and eventually in most cases must dominate.  But let’s not be sidetracked by that  – the essential as I say again, is survival, and that is in question now, due to our manipulation by the carriers of the disease over the past two thousand and more years, who are yes, above all, the Jew, but also ourselves.

If you question that the survival of the White race is now in question, you are not yet Awake, or are so newly Awake that you have not had time to look about you.  Look at the population figures. If you question the population figures, look at the media, which calls for your extinction at every time, explicitly, depending on forum and context.   Our people of middle age are dying of suicide, fast or slow.  And now that the balance of power has shifted far enough in their favor, they are beginning to call outright for our extermination.

What they don’t seem to realize is, that for them to survive, this must not happen.  Every indication is that a nation, no a country, ruled by the Black race, does not survive.  Look at sub-Saharan Africa; colonization was the best thing that ever happened to them, the expulsion of the White rulers which resulted, more than from any other cause, by the dissolution of the British Empire during and following WWII, the worst.  Again, look at Haiti.  The only hope of the peoples of Africa for survival, on their own, can occur only when their population has been thinned, by their own hands and the hand of Nature, i.e. disease, starvation and internal warfare – in smaller tribal bands,  It is the way they have lived in the past, and must live in the future.

There are those who advocate that to survive and to re-establish a world in which live of quality, no longer ruled by quantity and the imposed demands of the material, we must ourselves do the same.  That is possible, indeed probable, at least in the short run.  But we must not be distracted by this issue.

The tool by which we have been enslaved and almost destroyed, culminating in this last century and today before our very faces, is the Diseases of our own suicide and self-destruction.  And the main way this has been done, is by the Brother Wars of the previous century, and their aftermath, in which we still live.  If you want to understand that the great determination of whether live would go on based on our values or theirs, was made in the defeat of National Socialist Germany by 1945, you must only look at the continued villainization of the Germans, the milking of the Holocaust myth (because no matter of what really happened, the story of the so-called Holocaust of the Jews has become the dominant myth of the twentieth century) and the demonization of Adolph Hitler, to see that the entire myth of the existing modern world, which you must accept for their worldview, and not ours, to continue to dominate, is the world was made safe for democracy in 1945.  Democracy, which is itself probably the most fragile, unstable, and doomed to failure system of government ever devised, did prevail, at least in form. But everything we needed for our own survival, as a race if not as a civilization and as a species, appears to have died at that time.  And it your continued blindness to that simple fact of history, that lack of perspective, that enables them, the Elite, whom some would call the Jew but I insist that is too limited, too concrete of a perspective – to dominate you – to destroy you.  And by destroying you, they will destroy everything.  For that is their nature, and the nature of the Disease that makes them who they are.

I make this post today because I am so tired of the infighting, of the insistence upon issues of distraction.  I am so tired of hiring of Capitalism vs. Communism vs Socialism, of Neocons vs. Democrats, and of all the debates that won’t matter and can only take place with any real meaning within a White society.  It’s not How, it’s Who.  It must be us, or it doesn’t matter at all.

I was introduced early last year by my friend James Bowery to the ideas of E.O. Wilson, to Sortocracy; which to risk miscategorization but for the point of simplification (and if you want the idea explained properly, view the link above), which can be stated as a point of view of extreme libertarianism, but which depends for its effective function on the qualities inherent to a White population and civilization, that is of mutual and self-respect and of a healthy survival instinct – those qualities which have been most effectively targeted and destroyed in our modern world, by those whom Wilson would call the Eusocial (the form of organization as a species of bees in a hive, and as Jim pointed out to me, of the World Serpent).

In a Sortocracy, each social theory – be it Communism, Capitalism, Puritanism, Socialism, every conceivable economic, religious and most of all social theory of organization – would be put to the test but the simple chance to survive.   If you want a Socialist society, go make yourself one and run it.  Pass or fail.

Not to spend too much time here on Sortocracy, which is explained better elsewhere, but that system itself – the metasystem, if you will, within which all these forms of organization, these little test societies, are run, tested – is dependent on primary rules which are, again, indigenous to our race and culture.  Prisons, one of the great plagues and mistakes of the past several centuries, would be mostly abolished, in favor of the methods of punishment for crime evident in the Icelandic sagas – fine, and ultimately banishment.  Individual combat to the death would be re-instated.

I personally don’t see that Sortocracy would be necessary, but it does illustrate a testing ground for my theses: It’s not How, it’s Who.  And it’s us or it’s nobody at all, probably.

To test Sortocracy would of course require a world with space, in every sense of the world, not only social and psychological, but also physical, for these experiments to occur.  A Lebensraum for humanity which we don’t currently have.

Don’t worry, Nature will make space. It’s happening now.

I will point out a current and obvious example of what I mean by my proposal that any system can be made to work, if the right people do it, but first let me expand my proposition and make it explicit.  I will tell you that a Socialist Society (I hesitate to say a Communist society, because I think the formulation of that concept was more a weapon, like Freudian psychology, devised to destroy our traditional, natural and inherited ways of thinking, than a serious concept of government.  I have similar thoughts about Christianity, but we’ll address that elsewhere and later.  Don’t let me lose you at this point), or a Capitalist Society, a Democratic society or a Republican one, one based on Civil Law or Common Law, Sharia Law or the Napoleonic Code – none of those systems are perfect, but could be used as starting points – any of those methods could be made to work, and modified until they do work, by a small group of able and serious-minded people operating as an homogenous society.  And conversely, that none of them will or can work in a heterogeneous one such as current multiracial, multicultural nation-state.

The clear and current example of the above is the Northern European Socialism that worked so well in Sweden when they were Swedish and which is failing now.   I need go no further, but look at what is happening in every country in Europe, or at least in Western Europe and in America. It’s all the same.  And our politicians, who are little more than the right and left hands of Darkness, tell us it can be fixed by changing the tax codes – when the real bottom line is that we will never fix the healthcare system until we let Nature take its course against the infirm.  We will never be able to feed the masses until the population is brought under control – indeed til world population itself is brought to a manageble level, but first and foremost in our own nations.

There are many things that need to be done if we want world civilization to survive.  We must live in tune, again, with the Earth and her environment.  We must stop polluting and draining her resources, but this cannot be done until our population, the population of the Earth, is reduced to a manageable level.  We can establish a place for other races, if we desire, just as we can ensure the survival of as many still-viable species of animal.  The earth can, hopefully, still feed some human population if we take steps soon to ensure her ability to do that.

But we must open our eyes, and we must start now.  Otherwise, we, all of us, every race and species, is probably doomed. And it may be too late already.  Our extinction started a long time ago.   But I’m telling you that if you want “Us”, no matter who you think “Us” to be, to survive, you must ensure the survival of the White race.  We have built this Civilization and yes it its largely we, under the hypnotic, magical spell of the Alien, who are destroying it.  That can change, and maybe “We” can survive.

But we cannot survive unless you Wake Up now.  Without that there is no hope.

Please help me to spread this.  And if you want to make sure you get my othe writings, please subscribe to this blog.  We cannot continue to depend on media like Facebook that are controlled by the enemy to spread our message.  They can cut us off at any time. To avoid that, we must build real community, More on that later, too.




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  1. Derrick Beale
    April 3, 2017

    It is a sad state the Aryan has been led to. With the Zionists leading for our expulsion, from the physical world, to recycle our consciousness next as an Animal Man or a Robot. The eternal war proceeds, with the brainwashing and degenerate matrix of the Anti-Blood Jew. It almost seems the time, of all with the Memory Of The Blood, to separate and begin there extraction from the Circles Of Circles away from the mongrels of the earth. The age of Iron that is near will not be a place for the true Aryan remnant to recycle again in the next round. May all with the Hidden Sun burning in there heart, reunite as we once were, as Gods that had finally escaped the prison of our lost memories. May We Conquer All, Sieg Heil

  2. Derrick Beale
    April 3, 2017

    Sorry,I meant to say above, The Age Of Lead that is near, as we are now in The Age Of Iron.

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