Memorial Day, and Our Wars

Every year on Memorial Day, we hear the same tired speechifying from “our” governments and “our” media:  Today we honor our ancestors who fought and died in wars to defend our freedom.  From now on, with our great and glorious leaders we will do our best to live our best in peace and tolerance and avoid all wars in the future.   And of course we know this is total horseshit, but that same government and that same media (and please note the singular here) has no intention of stopping war.  War is one way they justify their own existence, and their goal is to keep us in a state of constant warfare from now on.

There have been two disturbing strands of stories leading up to this Memorial Day weekend.  One involves desecrations of graves and monuments of soldiers.  This is nothing new to those of us who live in the American South of course, because our ancestors’ graves and monuments have been being desecrated since the US government and the media used the Dylan Roof church shootings in Charleston to launch an unrelated attack against the Confederate battle flag and to try to erase the history of the Confederacy.   To do this, they preyed upon American citizens who have not bothered to overcome the ignorance and propaganda with which they have been indoctrinated in the guise of education and news.  It is not surprising to me that these same morons have now misdirected their animal energy toward standard US military memorials.  They are animals who have been trained to hate and have no capacity for doing anything not in either their training or in their original savage nature.

The other disturbing though darkly humorous story has to do with Obama’s visit to Japan and either his “apology for Hiroshima” or his lack thereof.  I have such a strong distaste for anything this annoying puppet has to say that I cannot read the actual articles, so I have no idea what he actually said.  The idea of him being represented as “my” President, or of his having any right to speak on behalf of the actual American people, is disgusting and pathetic.  But I also find these particular attacks from the right on him unsettling.  So these people actually support the murder of hundred of thousands of unarmed noncombatants, merely for the purpose of demonstrating a weapon? Because that was the only purpose of the bombing of the dropping of the bomb on these two cities, as it was of the fire bombing of Dresden, a peaceful city in Germany with no military targets and up to a million refugees a few months earlier, and of virtually every other German city.   Roosevelt (FDR), Truman and Churchill, along with their buddy Joe Stalin, were the greatest war criminals of the Twentieth Century.  In the Twenty-First, we have our own brand new perps.

If you are a product of what passes for education in the West today, you and I probably have different ideas what wars were justified and which were not, and who was on the right and the wrong side in them.  If we were the products of a decent and authentic education, we would honor and cherish those differences and be able to discuss them.  Under “political correctness” (soft tyranny) there can of course be no such dialogue.  Wake the hell up and we’ll talk about that later.

Warfare, especially and increasingly as it exists today, is not, contrary to what you’ve been told,  something that exists in a state of nature.   My friend James Bowery has done a lot of thinking and writing about this, and I hesitate to paraphrase him because his thinking is evolved and complex and brilliant, and you should listen to the wonderful Radio 3Fourteen interview with Lana Lockteff that I have linked to his name  above.  But let me state my own understanding, derived from his: General warfare of all against all probably is a common activity of many groups of peoples all over the world who “evolved differently” than we did, as their identity is primarily a group identity.  The culture and nature of Western man is different to the extent that he tends to be individualistic and autonomous.  This relevant to the discussion of war because for him, for us, to organize for war is less natural, and involves more conscious sacrifice and relegation of control.

We are not inclined to subjection to a god-king. If you study Germanic culture, or for something with more documentation, Roman culture, you will see how they worked this out.   Generally, people lived in small tribes.  When they were threatened by a larger group of people – let’s say the Mongols want to come in from the East – they unite and temporarily give power to a warlord (in Rome, the Dictator), until the threat is vanquished, at which point the warlord relinquishes his power and everything goes back to the way it was.  Of course the problem is, well, you know what they say about power. Then you get Caesar and empire.  It happened in Rome with Caesar, and in America with Lincoln.   Then Empire does what empires do, and eventually falls apart and breaks up and we do it all over again.  Read your Spengler.

The big problem in our Western societies, as the demiurgic disease grows (and we have to address that later), is not just that Power Corrupts.  The problem is that there are those who are already corrupted entirely, whose every essence is corruption, and they have seized control of every aspect of the system under which we live.  Their power is centered in the West, but because the West dominates the World in many ways, or has,  their power is everywhere.  These powers took us into World Wars twice in the twentieth century and they have us embroiled in perpetual War now.  And it won’t stop unless we wake up and stand up, and stop them.

On Memorial Day every year I think about the one ancestor whom I know fought and died in a cause which I feel to have been unassailably correct; my great-great-grandfather who fought for the Confederacy and died in defense of his homeland at Chickamauga in 1863.    The cultural indoctrination known as history calls this war the Civil War.  It was no civil war; it was an invasion of the Confederacy by the former republic from which they had duly seceded under its own Constitution, and which by its invasion and conquest of these seceded States, became no longer a republic but the Empire which it remains to this day.

Let me tell you briefly the story of my ancestor.  He was a Tennessee farmer (as we just about all were in those days) who joined up in 1861 for a year at the age of 41.   After that year, apparently being disabled in some way, he went home to tend the farm, but had two sons, including my great-grandfather, who remained in combat.  In the fall of 1863, fearing their situation near Chattanooga, he set out from Coffee County on his horse with a bunch of food prepared by my great-great-grandmother, to see his sons.  Arriving there and visiting his sons, he tarried (of necessity) until after the Battle of Chickamauga, at which point, reportedly after the battle was over, he was cut in two by what they call canister shot, i.e. random metal crap fired from a cannon when the cannoneer is out of cannon balls.  He was buried by the side of the road and later moved to a mass grave in Georgia.  I will probably visit his memorial, where his body does not lie, later today.

Without arguing about the causes and meaning of the War of Northern Aggression, I think it is unchallenged that the Southern soldiers fought, on their own ground, because they were invaded, and their homes and families threatened. What they fought against was the destruction and subjugation of their society, which did occur after the War.  Let’s not talk here about Reconstruction.

Now, my mother’s family was from northern Ohio, so I’m pretty sure I probably had ancestors on both sides of that war.  Does that mean that I think that my Union ancestors, whoever they may be, fought dishonorably? Of course not.  Because when Empire declares war, as a common man, you fight.  Your valor or virtue arises in what you do, not in the cause you serve, particularly when you have no choice.  Or, as in many cases in that war and the successive ones, when you have a choice but are given no real information on which to base your decision.  That is certainly true of the two World Wars of the Twentieth Century.  America was drawn into these wars (and in fact, was used to encourage and foment those wars long before they technically entered as a combatant) based on the lies and manipulations of alien powers who had seized its government, and who still hold it today, and are the basis of every war since, and the continuous war “we” fight today.

My father was one of five brothers who fought for America in WWII, all of whom returned safely.  My dad (from landlocked Tennessee) joined the Coast Guard, which became part of the Navy, and got into service in the Pacific in time for the mop-up after Midway; he was injured and saw the end of the war from the hospital in Pearl Harbor.  His younger brother marched into Germany with Patton.  I’m sure they were all honorable men and fought bravely; they all survived and did OK after the war.   And although it’s pretty clear from our current perspective that we were tricked into the War, used by the money power to destroy Europe and split it with Stalin in a phoney Cold War, my dad and his brothers were not educated men and even if they had been, didn’t have the leisure of our historical distance to evaluate.  They were called up and they fought.   They cannot be blamed and in fact can be admired for doing what they were told was, and what they perceived as, their duty.

Of course what’s sad is that what most people believe about WWII today is the same propaganda that was used to get those boys to fight in 1941 through ’45, and worse.  But most people don’t think about these things or formulate their own points of view, which is how the Tyrant survives and thrives.  With today’s “wars”,  which are nothing more than illicit misuses of illegal police power and terrorism by the Oligarchs against what remains of any free and resistant peoples in the world who still have some resources, or whose ideology poses any conceivable threat to the World Order, the situation is worse: a horrific grind of machine against man, where the human fighters are only another part of the machine and most of the victims are civilians.  The horrors of the unprovoked attacks on and “democratization” of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, the current mess in Syria and the coming doom in Iran, all result from the unwillingness of the Rothschild banks’ system to tolerate any alternatives; they use false flags like 9/11 and manipulated, manufactured “aggressions” like Pearl Harbor to justify their insane terroristic warfare.

What then is the part of the honorable warrior in the madness, and wherefore do we revere him?  In honestly, there is no honor to be had these “wars”, only blood and profit and the temporary illusion, perhaps, of some glory.  What we see internationally now, from a cynical point of view, is a huge mopping-up operation, as the last free governments are taken down. Meanwhile, the psy-opped, brainwashed, insane and suicidal populations of Europe and American are coerced to participate in their own invasion, subjugation and ultimate suicide, both cultural and genetic.   The only remaining possiblity for the brave warrior may be for the hero standing his ground in the ruins of Europe and America, dying in victory, losing to win.

For win we will; the current culture, the Tyrant, the entire downward trend of history is only a disease that must and will runs its course.  The earth, in the larger sense and whether than include this planet or no, will survive, as the true body of God and the greater good.  And ultimately the hero, truly indivualized by his final and fateful battles, will arise, purified by his efforts.

So on this Memorial Day, I encourage to celebrate the valorous deeds of your ancestors, and of those of your clan. I encourage you to contemplate the way of the hero.  I encourage you to aid and assist in the youth, the development of those manly and where appropriate womanly virtues, which presage wisdom and a heroic nature, so that they can come to know when to fight and when to let live.  And I encourage you to pray, in your own way and according to your nature and tradition, for the time which will come when we stand up and shake off the chains of these Masters of War to whom we are only apparently bound.

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