Next Year in Berlin!

“We need an Iron Kingdom of the Aryan Soul, in the heartland of our people.  No matter how long it takes.”

No, I don’t plan to visit Berlin next year, at least not physically, although I find a magic there I’ve found in few other places.

In the last week I’ve not only finished my second listening to the Ford translation of Mein Kampf (and ordered a new multiple-language translation of Vol. 1, which I’m much anticipating), but I just finished National Socialism: 30 Fundamental Truths for the Kämpfer of the 21st Century, by Kristof von Kanwetsburg, and I want to recommend the latter.   I am always a bit reluctant to commit purchase money and especially reading time to new expositions of old truths, but having recently spent time with the ultimate classic of National Socialism, I found myself, as I’m sure do many others, wondering how to apply what’s learned there to our present time.   The title of this newer book seemed to suggest if not an answer, then at least an appreciation of the question.

For the first few chapters, I was fearing that I’d begun yet another regurgitation of things I’d heard a thousand times over, and while that would constitute a recommendation of the work, even more than the Ford Mein Kampf, as suggested reading for the newbie, it wouldn’t do a lot to resolve my personal indecisions.  But I’m pleased to report that the book does indeed go beyond the basics, and it both inspired and clarified some thoughts for me.

I need to be clear, for the casual or newer reader, that the actual fundamental truths of National Socialism are not those lies about it which have been promulgated in the controlled press since the 1930’s, accelerating and not diminishing as time goes on – which process itself, should tell you there’s a fire beneath all this smoke.   I won’t recite them here.

But I also write, and have recently been reading, in the wake of the mess at Charlottesville of a few weeks ago, and the abortive rallies in Tennessee, closer to home here, yesterday.   Not only do I agree with “von Kanwetzburg”, whoever he is, that these rallies are not effective, in the way they are conducted, I think he is also correct that we have to take a really careful look at the cause promoted as “White Nationalism”, not to mention obvious mistakes such as the “Alt-Right” and “Donald Trump”, and pseudo-movements whose very names are nothing more than Jewish press propaganda, like “White Supremacism”.

Hitler was very clear, in Mein Kampf, about the dangers of coalitions, and of joining parties and movements with whom one is in partial agreement, and over whose vacillations one has no control.   Such an attempt at clarification and purification of effort lay behind my, at last, resigning my membership in the Asatru Folk Assembly (with whom I still agree on most issues, most particularly their völksich-ness), and also relinquishing secondary attachments like the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  More than even the dispersion and waste, of time and energy, I think, that comes with promoting (as well as the pitfalls of association with) groups and agendas which cannot be one’s main focus, comes a certain confusion.

As I’ve made clear many times here, I think, I do not think the the current status of the White race, as exemplified by most of its representatives, is a cause for celebration.  The “street white” is no more noble, than the “street Jew” is an exemplar of evil.  Which is why I keep stressing the awareness of levels of awareness itself.   The blood I must champion is not the degraded liquid which flows through the physical veins of my neighbors or myself, although I think there must be a connection of the magical essence, with it. It is, in reality, the genuine “golden thread” which flows from the spiritual legacy of the Hyperboreans.

But we also cannot deny that this golden blood is connected to a heritage, and to times and places.  And I think the most clarifying point of distinction in 30 Fundamental Truths was, for me, the insistence on the reclamation of the German homeland.   The author also reaffirms certain aspects of German National Socialism that have been either ignored, distinguished, or explained away by the advocates of “White Nationalism”, such as the hierarchy of sub-races.

It is the Aryan blood, not the White race, that is the star seed.   That blood has been dispersed around the world. For certain it underlies the current heritage of the Indians and the Persians, and those people, with their causes and non-Semitic faiths, are indeed partially our cousins.  Yet to move forward we must admit and be willing to state forthrightly, that the highest remaining expression of the Aryan blood is in the Germanic.  Our enemies know this, which is why our blood is under its severest attack in our ancestral homeland.   I am now convinced, that no matter how long the wait or the strategy, to prevail, to survive and to recover, we must, when possible, recover the Heimat.  We must Take Back Germany.

Here we understand the message hidden in the centuries-long strategies of our opponents, in their Zionism.   Since at least the thirteenth century, the phrase “Next Year in Jerusalem”, has concluded the Seder, at the end of Passover, and Yom Kippur.  The meaning is obvious, for the Jew who had no physical homeland.  That they must persevere and strategize, survive and struggle, so that one day (“next year”) they could conduct their ceremony on their holy ground.  And what do you know! Eight hundred years later they have procured Jerusalem, and to some extent rule the World, or the part of it in which we live, most of us from there.  In the same way, I think we should not relinquish our homeland, our Germany, no matter that at the moment it seems lost to us.

Germany as an independent modern nation-state existed for only about 150 years, with interruption of the Weimar Republic, which was itself a foreign occupation of sorts, and it has been under US rule (with the exception of the part under the thumb of its left hand, the Soviet, until 1989) ever since.  I’m also re-reading (via Audible this time; the first reading was on the Kindle, and I eventually may need a hard copy), Iron Kingdom: The Rise and Downfall of Prussia, 1600-1947, by Christopher Clark  Despite the Bavarian and Austrian origins of Hitler and the NSDAP, the nucleus of Germany as a modern state was Prussia. and it was the Prussian spirit, not the Bavarian, that the Zionist victors of WWII needed to eradicate after the defeat of the West.  After 1945, Germany and its reorganized States (reorganized so as to minimize their ethnic characters), as well, as Austria, were permitted to continue to exist in zombie form, but Prussia had to die.   The Clark book, though lacking völkisch-ness (is it ‘völkischkeit”? But I can’t find that word anywhere), is a fascinating and mostly respectful story of the Hohenzollerns who made it.

I think my fascination with Prussia was really kicked off after I had visited and left Berlin and Brandenburg, in 2015, and noticed, in the Nuremberg Castle, a plaque I believe commemorating the Burgrave of Nuremberg, who purchased the title in Brandenburg and became Margrave of Brandenburg and an Elector of the Holy Roman Empire.   Seeing that his name was Hohenzollern, I became drawn to this story whereby the nation of what became Germany, finally in 1871, was born from the Will of that family.   The name of Prussia actually came from its easternmost and richest duchy, in present-day Poland, but its heart and origins were in Berlin. Brandenburg was an area with no obvious destiny, lacking resources and natural defenses, as well as rivers convenient for commerce, and even an obvious ethnic identity.  A map of it before the nineteenth century shows a string of duchies and estates strung across Germany and Poland, often not even connected.  Yet it was from this land, that Germany rose from the Iron Will of its founders.   The Iron Kingdom indeed! We need a new Iron Kingdom if we are to survive.

I see optimistic voices still, every day, who insist that somehow “the Right” is winning and will turn the tide.  While I see signs which are heart-warming, inspiring sometimes, though sometimes often tragic, that there still flows through the veins of some of our people that Golden Thread, I feel that it is overall more important to realize that we are at the End of Days, the Iron Age moving towards Lead.  And our truth is beyond “Left” and “RIght”.  I agree with the author of 30 Fundamental Truths that the carrier of that blood in these times must Ride the Tiger.  We must remain fit; we must remain smart.  Those with families will have a more active battle, and they should.  Those of us with fewer ties have less to lose and could in some sense be bolder, yet are also more fragile.  Building community, slowly, carefully, and without announcements, would be essential.  I myself, being fundamentally a loner, have not been good at this.  When the survival at issue is one’s own, only, options become more flexible.

As to rallies, public movements; it is a whole other topic, how it was that the Führer and the NSDAP were able to arise in Weimar Germany and could not arise now.  But I would point out the difference in the rallies, the parades, the entire NSAP movement in the 1920’s and early ’30’s, and a few people dressed in costume at “rallies” and “events” today, and point out, that although the former seized the moment (indeed were made for, in and were the moment),  the mightiest power in Europe, the last true power in the West, was defeated by the ZIonist forces, being the hordes under the thumb of Bolshevism financed by Wall Street, in the Mahabharata of modern times.  And I ask you, in our powerless state, with no State, what can we do?

We must remain ready.  We must train ourselves.  We must retain our Golden Blood.  We face our own diaspora.  White Nationalism? It is true that we need a white nation; yet we had many of them, not long ago, within our own memories, some of us; and we lost them.  We lost them because we allowed our minds to be deceived by the Disease, our resources to be stolen, our Folk Soul to go underground.  We need more than a country full of people, the majority of whose blood, happens to be White, to survive, to revive.  And remember that with our survival and revival goes the survival and revival of the World, or of any World we would want, or would want our people’s children, to live in.

We need an Iron Kingdom of the Aryan Soul, in the heartland of our people.  No matter how long it takes.

I actually feel that we won’t win, at least not right away, and not in our present form.  Serrano speaks of fighting to lose.  I think the Last Battalion fought in 1945, and we are the partisans left behind the lines. We are also the Elves.  But maybe we can retreat to the West, invisible to the World, and gather our forces for the coming Age.

And when we meet as shadows, and briefly show our colors, or when we clink our glasses knowingly in hidden halls, or pass on the street and give our signs, we can say to each other, in our diaspora, as messengers of the Aryan word, knowing that it may not literally come to pass, or it may take eight hundred years and it may be in the coming Age:

Next Year in Berlin!


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