Powers in the Stone (Wewelsburg and our Confederate Monuments)

With the increased attention I’ve been paying to the metahuman elements which I encounter, and my increased interest in magic particularly, I’ve been re-evaluating my experiences in Germany earlier this year. I’ve been thinking more about Wevelsburg.  Why on earth, when the occult powers that have occupied Germany have destroyed or covered up every object or place of power to our race, does Wevelsburg still stand?

The castle at Wevelsburg, if anyone reading this doesn’t know, was a medieval castle in what is now the Rhine – Westphalia, just west of the Teutoburg Forest, where Himmler had begun to build his castle for his new order of the SS, modeled it seems both on the Jesuits and the Templars, possibly the Cathars (although his order was intended to reproduce and father the new man!).  I published a bit of a picture tour in my May 28 entry.   Although a large complex was envisioned for the surrounding area (Büren), the ritual center of the complex was to be located in the North of three towers.  One of the other towers is now a youth hostel, and what used to be the guard building is now a museum paying homage to the Eternal Jew.  Construction was allegedly halted by 1941 because of the War.  And much of the improvements and especially the records of the SS were destroyed as the enemy armies approached in 1945.  So that what we see today is a combination of what was left and what has been rebuilt by Germany’s enemies.  Although I might add that a bit of what we see now is of mysterious origin that is not explained by any of the standard histories.  The Black Sun emblem itself is of a more mysterous origin than anyone will admit, I think, and continues an existence that seems to transcend planes.

So why is it still there at all,Wevelsburg and this tower in particular?  There is almost nothing left in Berlin or in Munich of what would be monuments to the last free Germany.  Where there is anything at all, the Enemy has placed bland ugly testimonials to its own power of destruction – the Document Centers.  I think that, although the NSDAP and its Germany was a product of human effort, a modern politicized expression of the Weltgeist that grew out of the reawakening of Wotan in the late nineteenth century of which Jung wrote so well, which made many mistakes and may have been doomed to fail – that there was a deep spiritual power, a metahuman power as I have defined it, in other words, a god or gods – that could not be totally obliterated or driven away by the demons who possessed Germany in 1945.

In other words, I think that Wewelsburg still stands either because it could not be destroyed – because of power inhabiting and protecting it – or because the destroyers are afraid of what might be unleashed, were they to do so.   Perhaps some power is imprisoned there, in those stones. Or perhaps it inhabits there of its own accord, waiting to move or to be unleashed, I honestly don’t know.

I definitely felt these powers, the ones supporting us and the ones inimical to us, all over central Germany.  As I felt powers in 2015 in Berlin, Munich, Nuremburg and the Alps, but different.  Perhaps more rooted to the land and the forests, here.   But in Wevelsburg I felt deep enchantment, of two kinds.  In May I wrote:

For some reason, despite every opportunity, I decided to honor the request or rule that no pictures be taken in the North Tower, which was the SS ceremonial chamber.  Many others have done so, and it’s hard to say why I didn’t.  The answer was a feeling – first of being watched, and not by the museum staff; it is indeed a metahuman entity at work at Wewelsburg.  There are two chambers open at Wewelsburg and I’ll leave the reader to study their functions; but the upper chamber is the location of the great disk in the floor known as the Black Sun.  Why has it been left there, but desecrated? I say desecrated, because it is clean and clearly visible; I leaned over to touch with my hand its smooth surface.  In fact, one could walk on it, which is perhaps the point.  It is covered and surrounded by hideous orange bean bags and white plastic tables bearing binders containing nothing significant.  Some diseased magic or antimagic is clearly at work here, some attempt to twist and nullify the power of the seal which would not be accomplished by destroying it.

I don’t know how to refer to this magic, which I feel all over Germany – the magic of the oppressor, of the destroyer, what I don’t want to call dark magic because my dark magic carries a Luciferian redemption.  I could call it Demiurgic magic, although I begin to question the identity of the Disease, the corrupter who took the name Jehovah or Yahweh, and think of it as a much later phenomenon than the Gnostic concept.  It is a magic of chaos, of densest materiality, of disintegration, destruction and endless suffering.  It works all over this land, in Germany, to keep most of the people blind, enslaved and afraid.  I do what I can, instinctively to counter or neutralize it as I go.

To wit:  On entering the upper chamber and perceiving the corruption of the desecration, I also found myself being compelled to circle the chamber counterclockwise.  Upon reflection and perception of this, I deliberately circumnavigated in the other direction before leaving, feeling that in having done so, I tied off a great knot.   Something was sealed there so that the corruption did not continue to leak out.  I do not know on what level of personal vs universe experience this occurred.

I have been re-thinking my compulsion to re-circumambulate the chamber, in the opposite direction.  Serrano speaks of the clockwise rotation of the swastika or the sun-wheel as being opening, manifesting, and the counterclockwise rotation as being of the return, of closing.   Crowley speaks of these same consequences and implications of the two vectors of rotation.  Perhaps my initial urge to circumambulate counter-clockwise was compelled by the demons possessing and overseeing the room, to help seal in the powers contained.  Perhaps my intuitive reaction, a little later, was my either subconscious or inspired effort to liberate them, to open them.  I wonder if one were to study a tape (or etheric record, which almost certainly exists), what one might see of how many sensitive individuals were drawn to replicate this pattern – or at least the part that for me was unconscious, somnambulistic.

Is there indeed an occult power bound up in these stones? either imprisoned or inhabiting there?  Is it locked up in a tower like a wizard in an old legend, or like the being who manifested as Rudolph Hess locked up in Spandau until his spirit was weak enough to kill?

And does the time draw near, as the Lead Age of World Slavery grows closer, more imminent, when the being contained within can be destroyed or banished and the stones come down? We shall see.

Maybe there is something in the nature of Stone which makes it the home of some forces benign to us, or malevolent to the diseased possessors of our World.  The Asatruaar always spoke of wood, and although I love the forest, wood was not a medium in which I ever comfortably found expression or sympathy.  How much more akin I feel to these great beings, edifices, monuments and even natural occurrences of Stone! As Ekortu writes in his Thursakyngi, is stone the essence of the deeper darker forces to whose progeny I truly belong?  Have I come to this world, not to aid in the vain struggles of those who strive to maintain a dying race, but to contribute to the end not only of the Disease, but to also the body of the corpse on which it feeds?  To enable all that is imperfectly made, corrupting and dying, to be recycled into the Abyss and raised again, purified and born anew?  Is this the essence of my Life and of the LIfe that is in the Stone, which will persist when the Wood and the fiber and blood and the flesh all pass away?

There was another time when I felt a power in stone.  I was moved to relocate myself to Mexico in 1983, after a visit in 1981 when I felt such a dark power in the land, particularly the Black Mesas north of Albuquerque that I was fascinated, drawn back, to interact with that energy.  I had never before felt such a power in the earth in the land itself! And to the extent that power was foreign to me, not of my particular blood but so akin to my essence, I became defined by it.  I dwelt there for ten years, so close to that power and yet so alienated from it, and intermittently for I think the first time felt the need to walk into the Yellow Sun, to be burnt clean, down to the bone; as I knew not at the time, to be prepared to transition through the Black One behind it, so many years later.

Which brings my thought to the destruction of our heritage in stone in America, particularly our Confederate monuments.  There are so few who see that the Confederacy in America was the last government to embody the free voice and spirit of the continent’s people, as was the NSDAP government the last expression of the real folk soul of Germany.  The entity manifest as Yahweh – which I no longer wish to call the Demiurge, for reasons stated and to explicated further, elsewhere – has confused us so that we can no longer see the relationship between the two.   The seed for this confusion was already planted in our bloodlines because most of the Germans who fought in the American “Civil War” fought for the Empire, including, I am sure, some of my ancestors, at least on my mother’s side.

Yet these Confederate models in stone, these monuments and statues have stood for 150 years.  Why are they only now vulnerable to attack, like the victims of the Bolsheviks?  Was there some residue in them, far weaker to be sure than that being in Wevelsburg, which it is now safe for Yahweh’s hordes to dump out into the streets?  Do these metahumans, these entities, weaken from lack of cognition or honor by man?  Or do they merely manifest less physically, less in our plane? That’s how it feels to me now.

Our heritage is coming down at home, for those of us in the American South who consider it that, to be sure.  The organizations that should have been our defense and support have been turned against us, as the Enemy corrupts all.  The spirits of our fathers are being dumped out in the streets and trampled by animals.  The best we can hope for is a rebirth, a reincarnation of that spirit elsewhere.  That “elsewhere” may be beyond this “cosmos”, this constructed reality.  That we have yet to see, and once again I must defer that expression.

I will study Wevelsburg more.  Perhaps I will see it again.  Or maybe I can help manifest the spirit that either inhabits or is imprisoned in those rocks, in that earth, and in the blood that surely lies beneath – in some other place and time, or perhaps beyond either, if that is what awaits.  Perhaps in a new world built not on the ashes of the old, but on a reconfiguration of the universe itself, after Chaos arises to destroy this flawed creation and replace it with another which improves upon the errors made in the very laws which established it, “before” there was time or space.

The horror of the photo below is not one I made, and I shudder to look at it. It is an image of desecration.  It is meant to anger you.  Go, feel the power in the stone, if you are one so enabled, and carry it forth into this world or the next.  The time or nature of that choice is not now known.



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  1. Roy Elliott Hurley
    September 12, 2017

    “There are no un-sacred places; there are only sacred and desecrated places”. -Wendell Berry

  2. Theo. Capteijn
    September 16, 2017

    Been there. A truly eerie castle. We walked around IT during nighttime carrying torches. If Germany indeed wanted to do away with every important nazi building why indeed let the pinnacle of SS ideology stand. Even restore IT.
    So…..nazi Germany is still very much Alice

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