Ritual Dedication, Walpurgisnacht 2016


Tonight on Walpurgisnacht, as we all dwell despite the hour on the most material manifestations of what is at the bottom an occult war, it seemed to be timely to make this recording which I have been contemplating for some time, of the framework of the daily dedication I do now.  In truth, I make it a point not to do it daily, but to do it only when I feel it is appropriate – for reasons having to do with what I now perceive as the real nature of magic and ritual.

I say the “framework”, because the heart of it – the part that is indeed done daily almost without fail – is a silent prayer, which I will keep to myself for various reasons mostly having to do with the efficacy and personal nature of the formula.  You can fit your own into the silent space between Vaishnava slokas.

The ritual is built of the Gayatri (Savitri) mantra, some Vaishnava slokas, all in Sanskrit, followed by verses 138 and 139 of the Havamal in Old Norse, and that followed by some closing lines from the Nine Doors of Midgard.

Please forgive the amateur video; it’s the only way I have to get this done at present.    Please take this as an encouragement to do your own magic.  I could have done it better, and have done it worse.

I do expect the altar arrangement to change in the next few months, as I am contemplating an Irminsul.

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  1. KVS
    May 1, 2016

    you are pointing in the direction I am myself pointing to some people that I personally respect: we must participate in reoccurring daily ritual-a sound ritual, that carries across all boundaries and will unite our race in the face of our enemies.
    As here I too do not wish to disclose the precise sounds to make-I’d rather do it through e-mail; there are mantras that already are and those that can be made- I can however suggest that if people chanted daily to help our cause at regular intervals oriented on some European time-say London time-at 12-3-6-9 am and pm-depending on their schedule and when they can plug in- if they so much as 108 times chanted particular sounds-this will put us on the map of conscious sound as oppose to white noise we are all presently making-and will begin to churn the energy of the environment as to HELP OUR RACE. I just went in Satbucks-a very rare event in my case-and there is “take the sound of Starbucks with you” sign. I suggest we whites carry our own sound with us, to help US, NOT them. you don’t have to publish this comment. Just read it, consider it-thanks

    • May 1, 2016

      Ok. Would you rather I not publish?

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