Sexgate is Cultural Marxism

The recent wave of accusations against male authority figures is not your friend.  It is not a spontaneous event.  It is merely the latest in a series of continual series of waves of social destruction whose ultimate goal is to make it easy to incarcerate and enslave you as the Age of Iron transitions to the Age of Lead and the West becomes the new Soviet Union.

Don’t be distracted by the superficial fact that most of the targets of “Sexgate” – and we’ll discuss that name – are not sympathetic.  Most of them are not people you like, and a lot of them are Jews.  That’s part of the scam.  The current phenomenon is a form of Bolshevism, of Permanent Revolution; it is the constant churning and exaltation of the low above the high, of the supposed underdog against the master.  It is “affirmative racism”, it is feminism, it is the culture of the narc.  It is Soviet children, and now your children, being trained and rewarded by the State for informing on their parents.

“First they came for Harvey Weinstein…” and soon they will come for you.

First, a word as to the victims.  You think these people’s lives are being ruined? Perhaps to some extent they are. Perhaps some of them are indeed being thrown under the bus and have been at least temporarily exiled from their “careers”, although I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of them return, once their fifteen minutes of infamy is exhausted.  But most of them will not suffer unduly.  Most of them are quite wealthy, and have support networks which I would be willing to bet are not going anywhere.  Poor Matt Lauer, forced to retired after how many years of multimillion-dollar income? Please.

Yes, the Jewish power structure which is behind this latest “movement for social equality” is perfectly capable of sacrificing some of its own.  As Professor MacDonald has shown, the New World Order is not a monolith.  According to my own recurring model, the current epidemic is another plague of parasites.  The Disease morphs daily.  The coming World Dictatorship which they seek to construct on the ashes of the destruction of Western Civilization, will not endure.  They are just not capable of maintaining it.  The nature of the Parasite is not to endure once the host body is killed.  Our death is their death, and both are proceeding rapidly. Sexgate is the latest virulence.

It was hard to even find a name for it, this epidemic of accusations.  Such again is their control of our language. When you don’t have a word for something, you can’t denominate it.  You can’t point your finger at it.  It becomes just a part of “what is”, an unspoken portion of what is supposed to be right and natural.  But there’s nothing right or natural about an outbreak of unsubstantiated accusals – unproven for the most part except for proof by “confession”, in the spirit of the Inquisition of which Sexgate is a cultural heir – made by persons of otherwise unproven and often dubious veracity, against their social “betters”, often the same people who have made those accusers’ careers.

No, you’re not likely to see me sporting a “Je suis Harvey Weinstein” t-shirt.   Likewise, I’m no fan of Al Franken, the unfunny comedian-cum-Senator.  But when women who have ruthlessly whored themselves in centerfolds or on casting couches point the finger, I want them to wash it first.  I am too much an admirer of real strong women to be a Feminist.  Je suis Camille Paglia, maybe.

This is the latest trick from an old book.  It is the latest metamorphosis of a danger which I have been watching, waiting to name for many years now – the likewise usually unsubstantiated, or just plain faked, allegations of pedophilia and especially child pornography that have been the tool used to take down enemies of Society or the State, almost from day one.   Such allegations never have to be proven, and defenses are not allowed.  The accused are tried and convicted in the press, their careers and lives over from the day the first finger is pointed.  I have known these accused who are themselves actual victims. Often they did not know who had done them in.  Sometimes I’m pretty sure the accusers were not State actors at all; merely private villains who knew how to zombie a computer.

It would for me be mere conjecture, as to why Harvey Weinstein was the first of these new pariahs.  He must have been perfect.  The only thing I knew for certain when the first salvo occurred, is that the crimes and misbehaviors of which he was accused were old and well-known, and thus were not the real reason for the timing of his “outing”.  To add to the names of the “victims” is not interesting.  It was clear on day one that he was being taken down for some other transgression, likely having to do with contests of power in which the financial is only the manifestation.  Money means nothing to those who already control the money; this was, is about power.    Whoever targeted Weistein – and that would be a subject for an actual investigatory journalist! – had accumulated all the evidence and ammuntion he needed, over many years; it was just lying there.

Was the rest of the movement consisting of these allegations, of “Sexgate”, contemplated or planned when Weinstein was first attacked, or did someone seize the opportunity after? I can’t pretend to know.  But suddenly all the females, young and old, pretty usually but sometimes not, of the world, became claimants of the victims’ reparations of this Holocaust in a teapot. The allegations have now tended down to the trivial and one would hope the train is nearing the station.

And who, precisely, is under attack here? This is the confusing thing, for most of us, and it is the reason the phenomenon is not as easily recognized as it would be otherwise.   It is not only, as is usual, the White Aryan males who are the accused; the villains here include a great number of Jews and Liberals. It almost seems as if the New World Order is eating its own.  I would suggest, as I inferred on opening, that these apparent martyrs to the cause of lechery are first, disposable, and second, being retired more than eliminated.  And if it seems that they are being disgraced and shamed, they can afford it, and I would be willing to bet there is some winking of eyes and slapping of backs (or the equivalent) at their departure, which is really their retirement, most likely to a life of continued depravity and lechery which is not so much in the public eye.

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