The Alchemical Path through Satan

I’ve been thinking about the whole concept of Satanism really, and I think I’ve finally got a handle on it.  It always just seemed to me so extremely silly, like some left-handed Christianity or a child’s game.  Now I think I see the power of it and the reason for it.

When most people think of Satanism in the modern world, they’ll be thinking either of the Church of Satan and its derivatives, which only originated in the 1960’s, brought to us by atheist Jews who came from the same pool as those who were simultaneously creating the American Buddhism we know today.  Of course both Satan and Buddhism have older and deeper roots, but that’s the sort of pseudo-intellectuals responsible for the forms we have, for the most part, now.  I’ve written more on the so-called Buddhists elsewhere and may do so again; but Lavey’s Satanism is (what a shock! considering the origin) just a form of materialism, a modern-world pseudo-spiritualty which, like (and unlike) the modern Wiccans, who would give pause to Gardner, incorporates though its members a left-modern political sensitivity with little or no metaphysical or spiritual content.  The Church of Satan is a dead end and has the spiritual authority of a leftist Ayn Rand.

OR, they’ll be thinking of a bunch of extreme metal musicians and their fans, which is a much more intriguing road to go down, and the one I have chosen, because rewards are to be found there.  I started out wondering why so many Black Metal musicians, especially starting with the Second Wave of Black Metal which started in Norway and broke out in the early 90’s, began as Satanists and wound up as Wotanists, or Odinists or Asatruar or Pagans of some sort.  Look at Varg Vikernes, who despite (and to extent because of) some obvious lapses in judgment when younger, has been someone I admire for a few years now.  Or a number of others.  If you are interested in the subject of Black Metal, I’d recommend Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult, by Dayal Patterson; and the excellent documentary Until the Light Take Us.

Because, my thinking always was, that Satanism is just silly.  I mean, don’t you have to be a Christian to be a Satanist, really?  Satan originates in the Bible, right? And unlike the many alternative names for the devil, some of which are gods of older, more valid religions who are just being slandered by being called devils by the Jews and the followers of Christianity, which is their weaponized slave religion, he appears pretty much nowhere else, until recently.  Satan has been historically part and parcel of traditional Christianity.  He was Christianity’s whipping boy, its scapegoat (!), its Adversary.  But worshipping Satan within the context of Christianity would be foolish; talk about born to lose!

I would guess that everyone reading this is familiar with the identification of Satan with the old horned gods of pre-Christian Europe, for the purpose of demonizing those religions; if Wotan and Pan and Cernunnos look like Satan, they’re bad, right?  And the identification of the pagan gods with the natural environment, which was demonized by the religions of the Desert Demon Yahweh, fits perfectly.  Christianity was to some degree the religions of the town and villages and cities; paganism of the country.

Then there’s Gnosticism, which teaches us, correctly I think, that the god of the Jews is evil, but blows him up out of proportion and makes him the creator of the material world, which he definitely he is not (he is its infection).   But if the “God” of the Old Testament is bad, is the serpent good?

One more aspect to consider: Lucifer. Hopefully also, my sophisticated readers are familiar with the false identification of Lucifer with Satan by misconstruction and mistranslation of those few Bible lines in which he is mentioned.  And then there’s the whole school of the Luciferians, as Otto Rahn describes them in Lucifer’s Court (which is actually an excellent book about his travels in Europe before WWII, which is a poetic joy to read).  Lucifer, the Light Bringer, has nothing to do with the evil Satan who is created as a villain and a false adversary by the Jews in the Bible.   He is, as my Serranoists will know, an entity like Prometheus who brings knowledge and wisdom to men.  He is the blockade runner for true knowledge of the Self past the snares of Yahweh’s disease defenses.

One more concept to unlock: the concept of the three elements, colors and stage of Alchemy: Nigredo, Albedo, Rubio.  Black, White, Red, like the colors of the real German flag.  Nigredo is dissolution.  Albedo is the newly transformed essence, Rubedo its Maturing.

Likewise in Serrano; to be reborn in one’s true Essence (or enlightened, reborn in the present Self): passage from the mundane world of the Golden Sun, through the Black Sun of Transformation, to the Essential, noumenal realm of the Green Thunderbolt; reborn back through the Black Sun here to Earth.  A color shift in Serrano’s case, but the same concept (although the immortal Self has a body of what Serrano calls red vajra, so more consistency there).

So: to be born as one’s true Self, one must first dissolve the false self.  Nigredo.  Then one must be reborn in essence without form.  Albedo. And form a true self.. Rubedo.

It occurs to me: What could be more negative than Satan, to the child of this Post-Christian world who is born and raised, consciously or unconsciously, in the messiest of its concepts?  What if to the children of a false world and its deteriorating false religions (which still persist in debased, secular forms), the appeal of Satan is as a cleansing device, a fire to scour off the obvious lies of Christianity?  When I was about 9 or 10, I had to go to some sort of horrid training preparatory to Baptism in the Methodist Church.  It never occurred to me that the silly religion they were espousing was anything but ridiculous.  I just rejected it out of hand, and years later began my own spiritual questing.  But what about those who are more indoctrinated, more thoroughly rooted in this shit, who still instinctively perceive its perfidy? Would they turn to Satan, to help them escape it?

For the child born into a fake and flatulent Christianity, Satan would be just the tool needed to scrape the shit off of their shoes.  The Nigredo.  And that’s where the answer came to me: For the escape from the world of Yahweh, an alchemical trinity of deities: Satan-Lucifer-Wotan.  I wonder how many of the Black Metal musicians who I have come to admire, have gone through this process, consciously or unconsciously?  Perhaps no one has ever stated my own current, mostly unverbalizable “religious feeling” as Gaahl (previously of Gorgoroth) in amazing short documentary True Norwegian Black Metal; the “most evil man in Norway”, veteran of multiple prison sentences for violence, apparent Satanist but in fact a self-aware Wotanist when he states something to the effect that he himself is Wotan… but you should watch the documentary, his dark enlightenment goes beyond words.

Satan-Lucifer-Wotan.  Nigredo-Albedo-Rubedo.  Dissolution-Rebirth-Formation.  Black-White-Red.

That is, the seeker, choosing to escape the tyranny of Yahweh’s false reality, appeals to the most obvious opponent of the system – Satan, within the Christian system, including many raised in the modern atheism which is still Christianity’s cultural bastard child.  Does Satan really exist as a metahuman entity? Sort of.  One might be cautioned here.

Now here’s the reason I think that this proposed transformation, journey through archetypes, might be a better, more thorough one than the one proposed by many advocates of the more White Light and Right-Hand Paths of Asatru.  I have known quite a few plain and simple Asatruar, good people, but followers of religions, who made the transition from Christianity, seeing its falsity, or from agnosticism, seeing its emptiness, to Asatru – and simply substituted Odin (or Thor or Tyr or whomever) for Jesus.  What results is perhaps a healthier individual, more cleared of evil, but not innerly transformed.  Not a recipient of the total Gebo.  Not truly Mannaz.

Whereas, he seeks Satan goes through the cauldron and is dissolved, to be reformed.  The danger here is apparent also. One may enter the cauldron from a purely Christian environment, with a purely Christian concept of Satan (who is just a Semitic concept) in mind, and be warped by Yahweh, who hovers, with the goal either of (1) returning the soul to himself, in which case one might be “saved” from Satanism by “Christ”, or (2) warping, malforming, and ultimately destroying the soul in question so that it has no remaining hope of true Individualism.  If one is lucky, one will have a Guide from beyond this material plane.  If so, he can have his little self dissolved, be reborn in the morning Light of Lucifer, and reformed in the image of Wotan, brought back into this world in the true image of God.

It does occur to me that someone, especially someone not educated and who does not read, or does not have the proper materials available to him, might go through this process without ever knowing the name of Lucifer, especially as separate from Satan.  Or even of Wotan (I used Wotan and Wotanism in preference to Odin and Asatru for reason of my own which need be elaborated elsewhere and are not too material to this brief article).  What is called education in the modern world is for the most part no blessing, but a curse indeed.  The plain seeker may often be successful where the informed dilettante may fail.  But I am also a firm believer that when the student is ready, the teacher (or in our time, most likely the book instead) will come.

Then there’s Baphomet.  Who may or may not actually be Satan or Lucifer and who may or may not have something to do with the Knights Templar. But whose image I’ve chosen here just because the Black Metal Satanists seem to like it, and so do I.

By the way, this post is going to tie in with the other one I’ve been thinking of writing, about the nasty infiltration of Christian (read: Jew-controlled) slave morality into Asatru.  Personal tranformation, awakening in the Age of Iron, may very well have little to do with family values, or Right Hand Path ideas about sexual orientation or traditional morality.  My own awakening into Wotan went through Buddhism and alcoholism, through philosophy and lots of meditation.  For some, it just occurs to me, it might just lead, if they don’t go astray and got lost in the woods of secular humanism, or of Christianity, or of insantity itself, through worshipping the devil. So be it.

One question will remain, to the serious Student.   I have written before of metahuman entities, and Yahweh is certainly one.  As is Wotan, as the one who stands for us, and for earth and survival and everything that is positive to life in our world.  These entities may be, from any dristi, wholly or partially manifest of course, and appear in suitable forms.  But is Satan “real”? Or is he indeed an aspect of Wotan, a form assumed to lead those who need him from the ignorance of Yahweh through the light of the Black Sun?  Of might one who appears as Satan be Yahweh himself?  These are the dangers of the Left Hand Path, the only true path to the Self, and are born by the Seeker.


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  1. Stephen
    August 23, 2017

    I note that in your Red Ice interview you mentioned that you’d quit drinking, and here you mention alcoholism. I’m fascinated by the this, because I too have struggled for years and recently re-entered into the rooms of AA, knowing they’re based on Christian precepts. I need the fellowship, at least until I am more familiar with the teachings of Serrano and find a way to stay sober without the slave morality of Christianity which I feel permeates the 12 steps. Have you ever written about your journey through alcoholism? I would like very much to hear from you on this subject.

    • August 24, 2017

      Well, I haven’t, but now that you mention it, I should; I’ve tended not to write too much about it as of course I consider it very personal; but it’s very hard to explain my personal path without it, without being misleading. So… I will tell you that I think AA, like most religions, has a lot of truths embedded in a matrix of bullshit. Currently, I’m feeling that the step of surrender to a higher powerful, if done correctly, is just about all that is necessary, plus a little common sense. And if you’ve made sense of my references to metahumans and understand what I think “gods” are, you’ll understand it when I say that what matters most is what higher power you surrender to! In my case I think I found my “guardian angel” who hasn’t been named – not Ain Soph or certainly not Yahweh, but the entity who runs whatever subdivision of creation I’m a part of, who takes my side because of part of “him” and who when I asked to be relieved of the desire, said “of course” – and though I don’t forget to ask him about this every day, I haven’t felt any desire in three and a half years or so to drink or do drugs.

      So I think all your spiritual work is in support of that one thing; being in line to be “saved” by the proper fylgia. I had tried AA various times, and I did go for almost a year after I quit, but at some point I decided that to go any longer would be detrimental. But I do think you can’t quit until you’re ready. In my case, that particular affliction was there for a reason; what I had to go thru to be rid of it was essential for me to fully wake up. For some I think it’s just a disease. So except for that one step – which also I think can’t be done til the right moment, and will not be the same for everyone – I don’t have a lot of advice on the topping. Except, as they say, I myself couldn’t have done it.

  2. Stephen
    August 24, 2017

    This is extremely helpful. I cannot think of anyone else on the Internet who shares your approach, or writes quite the same way you do. It is unique and very daunting since I don’t yet know all the esoteric vocabulary, but approachable. I look forward to continuing to learn from you.

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