The Disease

The World has a disease. I can’t pinpoint its origin, but I can watch its progress over these last two millennia; whether it existed before then may be lost in the mists of time. It is a mental disease, or a spiritual one, depending on your metaphysical preference and your point of view. Is it a real disease or a metaphor? I’d opt for the former, but it depends on how you define the term, and we live in an age where the terms are defined by those who are severely infected.

It took a few years for the disease theory of alcoholism to prevail and get it classified as such. I’m not sure that the classification did much for or against the progress of that disease, and I honestly don’t think my exposition can do much to change the progress of the disease. For one thing, if you have this disease, have it bad, you won’t be able to understand what I’m telling you – won’t be able to see the progress of the disease in the world around you. And even if you choose to believe me, just for an experiment, which the disease also disinclines you to do, you probably can’t shake it off if you have it.

The World’s disease has gotten much worse in our times, worse than its ever been in the nearly two thousand years in which I can see its progress, its epidemiology.  But today I think there are signs of hope that the disease may not be fatal; that it may run its course, like any other plague.  Hey, half the population of Europe survived the bubonic one, right?  I don’t know if we’ll be that lucky, but I’m starting to see that some of us may indeed make it.


I have this t-shirt; it’s one of my favorites.   One of my friends in a Zen Center used to wear one, and I found one for myself in a shop in Asheville a few years ago.

I can’t pinpoint Patient Zero, but I can tell you that the disease erupted into the Western population about the time of Council of Nicea, at which point the doctrine of Christianity was unleashed upon Europe, whence under the cover of that religion, the disease wrought havoc from the fourth Century until that specific strain began to die out at the time of the so-called Enlightenment, as the disease mutated and became expressed as Protestantism and its little cousin Secular Humanism.  Please note that the disease itself was not any of these “isms”; the “isms” are in fact symptoms of the disease, whole complexes of behavior and ideology based upon nothing but a spiritual and mental illness.  The “ism” eventually die out, but the disease goes on.

The most virulent form of the disease yet was unleashed in the form of Marxism and Communism in the nineteenth century.  Socialism had been around in various forms for a long time, forever really; it is but one of the options of how a society may be formed, neither good nor bad in itself, but a manifestation of the natures of those who run it.  Marxist Communism, however one names it, is how the disease hides itself in Socialism.  I’ve been “reading” Solzhenitsyn (I’m currently commuting with Vol. II of the The Gulag Archipelago on Audible) and I’m pretty convinced that the Soviet Union, during its entire history from 1917 until it self-destructed from the disease by 1991, is about as bad as it could get.  That wasn’t a nation or a system of government, it was insanity. Yet we in the Western countries had another strain of the disease that led us to climb in bed with them, and guess what!  As the Russian fever broke and they began to get healthy again, we got sicker.

The strain of the disease we have today, which displays the symptoms of Cultural Marxism, Multiculturalism, what we have come to call Liberalism (which is the antithesis of what that word meant a century and a half ago), does indeed incline us toward our own demise.   But the reason I’m writing this little essay today is that for the first time I see hope!  Not that I, or you (even if you can see it) can do anything about the disease; but diseases have periods of remission, they die out in certain forms, sometimes before they take the host population with them.

Earlier this spring I speculated as to whether we would see war in Europe this year.  I don’t know if what we’ve seen so far, in France and elsewhere, qualifies as the beginning, or if that little eruption will die out.  But there’s no doubt we are right on the edge.  The madness and self-destruction that has gripped Europe, leading our European people to allow themselves to be bred and invaded into extinction, into genealogical history, is the current face of the disease, its cutting edge.  If it goes further, the European race may be eradicated, and with it the spark that made this Civilization and without which it cannot survive.

Since I take the metaphysical rather than the sociological view, which gives me a longer term perspective, it appears to me that even the eradication of human civilization as we know it would not represent a total triumph of Evil over Good, if you choose those terms; or in terms I would prefer, the original essence of Existence, in all its Emanations cannot be eliminated by any blight upon it, and will survive.  All diseases ultimately pass, and while they may kill the host organism in passing, they cannot eradicate all life itself, at least without eradicating themselves; and if that were to happen, would everything begin again? I believe that it must, even if the forces that led to the specific formulation of energies that gave us matter and thus began the somewhat downward cycle, had to reboot from scratch.   Either something is eternal or nothing could ever be.

But I don’t think it has to go that far.   The disease spent itself in Russia, and there is some possibility it may do so here.   Today we see a resurgence in Russia of a healthy civilization, as opposed to the decadence, decay and rot in which we are immersed.   The modern Russian nation is not the model State, and those who think Vladmir Putin is the salvation of the West are blind to his mission, which is to resurrect his own country, preferably at the expense of the putrified West.  But is almost impossible not to see, on the other hand, that Russia and the United States have changed places on the world stage these last twenty years.  So that we can see in Russia a civilzation recovering from that which is even to our disease eyes, like unto a plague, while this country and Europe have gotten sicker and sicker, more and more suicidal.

Yet we do have a surviving immune system, even as those Russians did.   The Russian nation, vacillating as it did during the dubious Gorbachev years when it might have perished at any time, the disease itself spent but with dubious resources for recovery, did ultimately find a wellspring of health in a resurgent Nationalism.  Nationalism, you will note, arose long after the advent of our plague in Europe, and among Christians, but after the first and most virulent stages of that manifestation had passed.  So in itself , like other “ism” is no cure in itself, but may be the sign of the recovery.

When the disease reaches its most virulent stages, as it did in the Soviet Union, it manifests as madness even to those who have the disease but are less severely infected.  Even to the Americans of the 1970’s in whom the disease was accelerating at the rate that led to today, the revelation of the existence and nature of the Gulag revealed blatant insanity.    Today it is hard to see the suicide of the populations of Europe and America as anything but; but, we’re not quite there yet.

And please note; the disease infects, seemingly, only the humans! We have not mentioned nor taken into account in this little discussion, the planet upon which they live.  Yet this Human Race, which has itself become a disease, is killing its host.    If we do all die of this thing, will the planet live on?  I think the answer is, so far, yes.  I used to occasionally watch a TV show called Life After People.  It might take a long time for the Earth to heal its wounds were we to wipe ourselves out, but of course that survival would depend on how we do it.   But I think I’d best reserve that discussion for later.

So what do we do? Although the answers to that are perhaps obvious, the mechanisms will obviously take a bit of working out.

  1.  Try to survive.  Often in a plague situation, this means finding the necessary supplies and restricting as much as possible your contact with those who are infected.  I’m not talking specifically about Survivalism here, although that’s an option.  To exercise that one, you need to decide how far you’re willing to go down that road to ensure your personal survival, as opposed to others.  But here I’m talking about keeping yourself clear of the disease.  Turn off your TV!  For those of thus who have done this, the intrusion of those blaring monsters into your time at say, the gym, or at work or at lunch or at someone else’s house, is horrifying.  These days they spew propaganda, the kind that rots your head, 24/7.  If you can find some things to watch, selectively, in a format not immediately controlled by the media, fine.  Otherwise, turning off this device seems to me the one absolute prerequisite for immunization in the modern world.
  2. Help others fight the disease.  What you can do here is limited.  For the most part, they don’t know they are sick, or they feel it on the most intuitive level.   You may be able to assist persons of this latter case.  You can supply awakening messages on a subtle level.  You can make things appear in their peripheral vision.  Do not confront them head on, insofar as possible.  The Enemy who spreads the disease with malice aforethought, controls the language.
  3. Pray, meditate, invoke the Archetype.   Get out of Flatland. They have psychologized everything.  The democratization of spirituality is the most insidious tactic ever.  You are capable of enlarging and reducing your identification with Self on a sliding scale between the minute and the Divine.  Use your meditation and magical practices to move yourself up and downward along this adjustment, to find the proper “size” and position from which to operate, in any given position in which you find yourself.  You can talk to the Barbelo and get close to her, or you can be as inert as a rock, almost.

As Evola says, Ride the Tiger.  The Plague Tide is coming to a theater near you.

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  1. Wernerlll
    August 29, 2016

    Great discussions, wondering where you find the greatest response the CONUS or the EU?

    • August 31, 2016

      A bit more from the US right now, but varied. Thanks for reading!

  2. August 29, 2016

    Very insightful Kalki. We need hope now; as they say it is darkest before the dawn. May Sunna soon bless us with her light, it has become a long dark night.

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