The Hitler Test for Esoteric Truth

If you associate your “spiritual” path in any way with Western Occultism, the Hermetic Tradition, “anti-cosmic Satanism”, Luciferianism, or any other tradition, group or culture which claims to be in opposition or even in the alternative to the “Magian”, Semitic, Jewish path of the New World Order, of Ialdoboath or Yahweh the False Demiurge – the bottom line is that you must understand, at least on an empathic or intuitive level, the true history of the Twentieth Century.  That is, you cannot tell me that you are opposed to the “Elite” the “Magians”, the New World Order, or any of the other pseudonyms for the cancer of the Desert Demon, propagated by his chosen people, the Jews, and their slaves, the “Good Goyim” – and in the same breath tell me that “Hitler was evil” or “bad for Germany” or any other of the stupid statements I have seen, time and again, and still recently.

The latest eruption came from Thomas Karlsson, author of several books which I have found good or excellent, including my favorite Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic, as well as Uthark: Nightside of the Runes (the initial proposition of which latter is dubious but leads to interesting speculations).   Professor Karlsson is also the founder and guru of the Dragon Rouge, a “Draconian magical order” based in his native Sweden.  I have no critique of the Draconian path, or the Path of the Dragon, at this time; I’ve been interested in the Dragon Rouge and similar groups based on my reading (and the rather recent affinity I feel for Jormungandr and Ouroborous).  At the time I did my second and most recent interview on Red Ice, I mentioned to Patrick (fka Reinhardt) that I had sent several emails to Karlsson expressing an interest in learning more about the Dragon Rouge but never received a reply, so I had abandoned that exploration.  Nevertheless I’d begun to follow Prof. Karlsson (and the DR) on Facebook, and I thought I’d detected a sort of largely implicit European pride and understanding of the world situation.

I was therefore somewhat shocked to see the following post on Dec. 29:

The Black Sun is actually green if you look at the floor of Wewelsburg. I have been there some times. It was part of Himmler’s more and more reality-denying fantasies. He should have remained chicken farmer. The symbol in itself is extremely useful and powerful and when used in Dragon Rouge we take it away from the historical context and see it as it is: A unique symbol for the Black Sun. With no nazi connotations. Maybe some nazis call this cultural appropriation, but I think they better play their history reenactment wearing some nice uniforms from Hugo Boss.

Ok, I may have overreacted; at least he was interested in the Black Sun and our history.  Moreover, even Miguel Serrano has speculated that Himmler was not the “real” head of the SS – that that person or entity was hidden, occult in the true sense.  And even some explicit “anti-Nazi’s” will grudgingly admit an admiration for the uniforms.  But I was cranky, so I posted:

I was wrong. Thomas Karlsson is an egotist with no understanding. Anyone want to buy a book?

Okay, like I said, I was cranky, and we actually did wind up having a fairly civil and somewhat conciliatory exchange, after: you can read the post on my Facebook page from the above date until and unless Prof. Karlsson deletes his underlying post. But in the course of that discussion, Prof. Karlsson also made the following unfortunate statement:

I am hardcore in my work for the cultural heritage. But according to me the Nazis destroyed the German heritage. I keep my roots deep in the soil of my heritage, but NSDAP made it to simple and destructive politic. And racism is a self-destructive system. Imagine if all German jews had been motivated to be part of Germanys growing power, then Oppenheimer would have made the Atombomb for Germany instead. I don’t write out of political correctness. PC is an intellectual disease of our age.

What this seems to say is that he supported the German heritage (which indeed is one with the Swedish) but thinks that such includes the Jews.  I think I’ll leave to horrific speculation the thought of the German Jewish atom bomb.

How can anyone with a real world education, nevermind the “academic” one, talk about “if all German jews[sic] had been motivated to be part of Germany’s growing power? Does he not remember the declaration of War on Germany by the “nation of Israel” in March, 1933?

Is he not aware that Germany went into WWII against all efforts by Hitler to avoid it, to seek peace with the West?  Above all, is he not aware that Both WWI and WWII were started, fought and won by the Jews and their puppets, for the purpose of the destruction of Western Aryan civilization and the eventual extinction of the White race?

You don’t have to be an Esoteric Hitlerist to propound a path to spiritual awareness that I find valid.  You don’t have to believe that Hitler was an incarnation of Vishnu.  The master of all knowledge with regard to these events, Miguel Serrano, was still a man of his time, as we all inevitably are, and in bringing forth his own gnosis into the world – in speaking his own Word (thanks to Edred Thorsson and Don Webb for the concept) he made use of a wide and changing palette of images and myths from a variety of beautful Western and Eastern sources, some of which I find more useful than others – as each seeker should, and as I think Don Serrano would have encouraged.  You don’t have to believe in the specific ontology I proposed in my last post, whereby our world and all its extensions are one of many possible emanations from the great unknown original, what some have called the Acausal – and Yahweh/Ialdoboath is not the imperfect creator but the false appropriator, the great pretender, whose disease is eating the planet alive and bringing the present age of man to its end.

You do need however, to believe in the Disease emanating from the Desert Demon.  If you believe, as even Serrano did at times, that there is some good to be found in Christianity, due to the true spirit of the Aryan soul seeping through its Semitic veneer, I can accept that too.  It is not required that your belief system be entirely consistent to be benign (though it helps). But you do need to realize that for that last 2500 years, his Disease has been killing us – and that it came to its culmination in the two Brother Wars of the 20th Century.  That bloody sacrifice was the Final Battle, of which we are living in the aftermath, as the Reavers track down and eliminate the last drops of Aryan Blood.

Please believe, even were we, the last receptables of that blood (and who “we” are is a vital topic that will need to be addressed again) to be eliminated, the light would not die.  As I wrote earlier today:

Our golden blood is what the dark magicians call entropy. It comes from what they call the Acausal, which is just incomprehensible existence beyond this limited form and physics. It cannot be destroyed because its origin is not of this earth; its vessels can be shattered, but we will exist, return eternally from beyond. Lit with the black flame, the golden blood illuminates and transforms. We can lose many battles but never be defeated. We are eternity’s first inspiration.

Forgive me for quoting myself, but that was going to look familiar to some of you…

You don’t have to believe that everything that the Third Reich did was perfect or divinely expired.  You have to understand that the government formed by the NSDAP, which for Hitler was a necessary vehicle to come to power, to fulfill his mission, was an imperfect, real-world entity, ensouled and invigorated by the metahuman entity I and Carl Jung call Wotan; but Wotan may have been breathing close to his last breath.   There was a large element in the NSDAP which was Conservative, and even Hitler himself, the man, had a touch of this.  There was in these people much of the all-too-human, and therefore a good bit of that good German moralism which is so tainted with the teaching of the slave religion of Christianity and its Church.  And there were lots of even less noble human foibles, of course.  Please note that I distinguish here Adolf Hitler the man, the human touched by the Fuhrer and by the higher entity whom some might call Vishnu, but I think Wotan.

But you do have to believe that WWII was the battle of two entities – I call them Yahweh and Wotan for Western Civilization. And despite all the romantic thought of “winning by losing” – for in some sense, we do survive, on another level, to come back and fight again when the age calls us forth – Yahweh won, and we are living in the aftermath of that.  The Third Reich was not perfect, but it was the last valid material-world attempt of Aryan man and his civilization to survive.  Anyone who does not understand and respect that will not be my spiritual teacher, nor even my spiritual companion.

There are, in this dying age, still a few who speak of the nobility of the Germanic soul, and those people deserve our respect. Those include Professor Karlsson, and others like Edred Thorsson/ Stephen Flowers, who I believe has also spoken of how the legacy of the “Nazis” has hurt the market for Germanic occult systems.  By making these statements, they are buying into the myth created by the Jews well before WWI for our destruction.  I am not speaking of public reticence for survival; there is no need to throw ourselves into the teeth of the machine.  We need not be neo-Nazi’s waving flags at rallies and providing easy targets.  What we need is to have true understanding and respect, and to act from there.  It is here that I am inspired by the 09A and its ethics and methods, the need to be circumspect and wise.

What I am speaking of is the impossibility of building a spiritual model, be it seen as evolutionary or survivalist but most particularly transcendent, of Aryan man, on lies.  If there are flaws in the base the structure will fall.  Unless you know that the soldier of the NSDAP fought for you Western man, you cannot understand what is wrong, what needs to be done now.  These are truths that you must know to find your own connection with Wotan, or the hand of the dark man who will take you beyond this flawed world into your next incarnation, to true Individuality or Personhood, or whatever inadequate terminology you prefer.



As a closing note:  Shorter before my Facebook exchange with Professor Karlsson, I had contacted a couple of email addresses, Prof. Karlsson’s and one other, about my frustration about not getting a reply to my previous emails.   I think the same day of the FB discussion, I finally received a response, inviting me to join by payment of 45 Euros via PayPal.  I have not as of yet graciously declined.

By the way, here’s the featured image I wanted to use for this piece but didn’t.


And if you’ve made it through to the end of the credit: Hitlerism in the O9A.   Belief, Insight Role, or one inside the other, tongue firmly in cheek? You choose.




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      I was afraid the reference might not be obvious at first glance. I shouldn’t underestimate my audience.

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    Very good article ! Thank you Kalki WEISTHOR.

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