The Metahumans

I’m trying to put together two seemingly unrelated chains of thought; my feelings about last weeks’s Election and my resurgent interest in the science fiction of writers like William Gibson and Masamune Shirow.  They do seem to come together for me, and in a way that leaves me feeling more positive about where we are than I have in a long time.  I think I can bring this together, but please be patient.

I have to admit that I was surprised, if quite happy, about last Tuesday’s Presidential election.  My feelings about the Trump candidacy were ambivalent.  I was not one of those who championed him as the savior of the American people, but I voted for him in the primary and in the Election.  I’ll have plenty of time to think and write about Trump for a while now, I think, and that’s not the purpose of this essay.  Nevertheless I saw the potential of a Hillary Clinton Presidency as the bone-chilling culmination of the Bushbama triad, the pedal to the metal in the steep drive down the slope into oblivion and the tyranny of the oligarchs. I think now that has been temporarily averted, although I don’t attribute to Trump or anyone who will be on his team either the awareness or the ability to correct the course onto which we as a civilization have accelerated this past century.  What I felt with the Trump victory was really just a big sigh of relief.  Even if things go badly now, even if we are plunged into chaos, the fact that we go there with well-meaning if somewhat clueless and ineffective leadership, feels far better to me than with the Demon’s Horse at the helm, and her Satanic minions and Useful Idiots cheering her on, urging us to salvation through “More, More of the Same!”

My surprise came from what appears to be the inability of the Powers that Be to fix the election.  I was totally prepared for that to happen.  I wondered, and I think I wrote, how could Trump supporters think that their candidate could beat Hillary in the general election when she had obviously and transparently stolen the primaries and the candidacy from Sanders?  I saw the “evidence” that machines were rigged and the news reported early.  To this day I do believe that massive voter fraud in Clinton’s favor probably did occur, and that she probably lost anyway.  I don’t know anyone who supported her a year ago, and I’ve seen the unretouched photos of her empty rallies.  I think that a true vote would’ve given us a Trump landslide.  The demonic extremes of the past few years have I think somewhat awaked a sleeping beast; the unconscious humanity of the American people.  They don’t understand, but they feel and react.  But that’s just on the human level.

In fact and on reflection, the Powers that Be seem to be unable to fix Presidential elections as a whole, although they do seem to be able to influence them a lot, obviously, as also in picking the candidates – and that inability gives me hope.   To this day I believe that the late selection of Sarah Palin as John McCaine’s running mate in 2008 was done, maneuvered, manipulated to make sure that McCain could not win.  The Powers that Be had done a beautiful job of creating a fake candidate in Barak Obama, a manufactured tool for the New World Order, who was an obvious choice for a citizenry tired and disgusted with Bush.  They fooled me too, for the first Obama election (and me personally for the last time).  It appears to me that at some point the Powers thought that the election would be too close, and correctly intuited that most voters would not want Palin within a heartbeat (and a precarious one, although McCain lives on this day, like some undead beast) of the Presidency.  And their deranged animal took the White House, and we are living in the consequences of that.

I’ve seen all the claims that Trump is just another Zionist puppet, and I won’t argue all that year.  I do think he is not Awake, as far as I can tell from here (!) in any meaningful sense, and that to that extent he will be an unconscious tool.  But that’s not what I’m concerned with, and I think the argument that the Powers meant him to be President all along, are false.

I have said before that I do not think that the Demiurge is the creator or the undisputed ruler of this earth.  That is why I have instead referred to the Disease, which is a Metahuman entity; and indeed the Disease appellation applies only to the way it impacts us, our cultural, our separate and for us healthy, Metahuman entity.  These two entities are in contention; I repeat what I have said before, they are Good and Evil only from our standpoint, which is the standpoint of the World as we have known it, in our deepest heart.   If the Disease wins, eventually, our civilization will die; its own people cannot and will not survive its victory.   Yet there are apparently a lot of these Metahumans, and the one that I am  a part of, that I identify with, to which I have to some extent become Awakened, has experienced a temporary and limited victory, has given us room to breathe, and for that I am grateful.  I feel in fact better than I have in a while.

And I’m not alone.  My neighbor bought a new car the day after the election. My other neighbor remarked that he knew five people who had bought new cars that day.  Although the economy may certainly be headed for irredeemable collapse, that is the feeling today in the true America, or what’s left of it.

I touched in my previous essay on Intelligence on who one of these Metahumans might be.  By which I mean, forces larger than humans, who live on a separate plane, and whose expressions, arms and legs and boots on the ground, on this plane are us, we people.   And yet these Metahumans have traits and influences here which are not just the fruits of the actions of human individuals, or even groups in the way we think of them.   I think it might be instructive to distinguish this Metahumanism of mine from Transhumanism, although the distinctions may be obvious.  Tranhumanism, in its broadest sense, is the idea that humans can and will embrace technology in such a way that they will evolve, into and as a part of it, into a more than human or a posthuman form.  I actually think this is quite likely and is the most optimistic of our short term futures; it is either that or return to a primitive state and begin again, for the present cycle is nearing its end and our civilization is unsustainable.  At the core of the philosophical as opposed to technical end of Transhumanism is the essence of identity – the nature of Artificial Intelligence and the Turing problem.  But let me approach from a different angle.

I read but haven’t been able to re-locate, a few years ago, a compilation of modern writer’ ideas of where the science fiction of “our” youth had gone wrong.  When we see the projections from the forties, fifties and sixties of our lives today, the common questions are, Where are my flying car and my robots?  I think the best analysis of where our (society’s) projections had gone wrong, was not that man had failed to unite with machine, but that whereas our futuristic fantasy generally provided that machines would become more like man, as embodied in the sentient robot, the android, and that man would preserve his individual identity and amplify it with machine parts – the cyborg.   These projections were based on an unconscious reflection forward of our then-current sense of self and the assumption that it would not change, which is always the problem of history, or of historicity.    Whereas, what actually happened was that man became more like a machine, became part of one.  Man becomes subordinate, not dominant.  At this point – I think – the players at the Top are still human, as little as we might like to apply that term to them.  Of course they are an aspect of the Disease, too.  Indeed a big part, the most apparent part of the plan of the Disease as embodied in the NWO these Bushbama years, which would have carried forward unchecked and rampant into the Hillary years, and may yet, is dehumanization of the masses and their enslavement by the Elite.  It is for this purpose that the world’s most violent and least developed peoples have been raised up, continually and constantly and really against their natures, against the formerly dominant, for the purpose of destroying the inner cultural structures that maintain a coherent and integral society.  They want us all to be faceless, identity-less cogs in the machine, obsessed with the individualized and totally non-Individuated lower self.  So we plug into their machine, rather than using their machines to support us.

The evidence of subordination of the human to the machine could not be more evident than in the work force.  I think everyone who works in corporate America has seen or should have seen evidence of this.  You are no longer a citizen of a country, you are a slave of a Zaibatsu, a Sarariman.  The terms come from the Japanese because it is in their most rapidly changed culture that the change is most apparent.   Yet the subordination of man to machine is just as evident in our entertainment and how we live. I don’t think I need to point out to you how this is.

Moving on.  I am rereading William Gibson’s published collection of nonfiction, Distrust that Particular Flavor,  In the essay “Dead Man Sings” (originally published in Forbes, 1948), writing of the radical impact on our culture of the ability to record our thoughts, essentially externalizing our memory, Gibson speaks of how this process began with man painting animals on the walls of his caves, as at Lascaux.   Whether not this is “historically” correct – whether man was, as mainstream history tells us, on his way up from animality at this point, or as I believe, in a resurgence – it strikes me as true, and also compliant with my construction as Intelligence as a manifestation of the way that the human soul interacts with the materiality of this particular existence.   Whether we see humanity as “evolving” toward a Metahumanism, a greater entity that externalizes its memory and turns the “individuals” into its hands and feet, or whether we have always been a part of such an entity and this historicity is merely an apparent manifestation of time of that fact, is a matter of perspective and definition.

So that although we, from the viewpoint of the lower self, when that is all we have, see ourselves only as little individuals who may decide to be a part of a community by choice, from the viewpoint of the higher self, “we” in effect are already a part of a Metahuman entity.  We are like the brain in the dinosaur’s tail; we may think we run the show, but we don’t.  We are also like a little computer chip in your car that operates the headlights and the blinkers.  To the extent that the Metahuman entity is itself a part of or manifests in this world, this particular material world, we participate in it.

And what we see in this world is the evidence on the densest level of the conflict and interaction among these entities.  We can both intuit and learn from experience what the domains of these entities are.  Apparently, humorous as it may on one level be, what appears to be an electoral process in the United States of America does in fact seem to be a zone in which these entities interact and absurdly enough, compete.  I can’t really say that one entity “won” here – just that whatever happened, I and those like me now have an interval to breathe, and to survive.  Judgment Day may be coming, but maybe now we get a little break.  Maybe what I felt manifest in late October will now have a chance to construct itself for a couple of months and then forward into its new day in early 2017.

I had anticipated that this might be a time to hunker down, to prepare to survive a terrible epoch. And that in fact may be the case, but I don’t feel that way at the moment, and that’s a good thing in itself. Subjectively, of course.  I feel like we have a little time, now.  Let’s not waste it.  Because Winter is Coming, yep you bet.  We may or may not be able to sidestep the worst.

But if we realize that we are in truth a part of something larger than ourselves, that we part of a Metahuman entity that exists both in and out of this world, and that to the extent that we can consciously move forwards as a part of it, we can contribute to its hegemony, here.

It’s not about any ism or any technology; those are tools.  It’s Us or Them, as it’s always been.

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