The Night of Shattered Illusion

But, what ends when the symbols shatter?
And, who knows what happens to hearts?

But, What Ends When the Symbols Shatter? – Death in June

When something, or something – perhaps a golem with the face and body of Donald Trump – called in an airstrike on a Syrian military based last night – and what Syrian base could have taken fifty Tomahawks to destroy? – an era of illusion came to an end for millions of Trump supporter, now former Trump supporters, who had clung to him as their last illusion, their last glimmer of hope in a system of government so badly broken, so irremediably false and machinated, that it would elect its apparent antagonist as its last Apostle.  When the missiles fired on Syria, all hope died in representative government in America.

Many will say it died long before, of course, and I would be the first to agree.  But as I have noted, we, some of us, were so nostalgic for a past that we have never experienced in this life (or in the lives of our fathers), a past in which our people ruled ourselves, that we were willing to temporary put aside our real knowledge, our awareness that there was no salvation in this Presidency, this joke of a thing that attracted many people far better than it deserved.  We were willing to put aside that knowledge, which was late-born in many of us with the second Bush administration or the agonizing puppet Presidency of Obama, that we were ruled not by a representative government, but by the Archons, the people of the Demiurge, so long embodied in the Jewish-controlled World Banking System.   We were willing to put all that aside to take a breath of pure, fresh sweet air for a moment in a meadow we made for ourselves, a bubble in a pocket to which our traumatized souls ran for release.

We knew it wouldn’t last, and it did not, not nearly as long as some of us wanted.  Some might say it’s now time to pay the piper for our delusion.  On the other hand, I think we did nothing wrong, not even those of us who were naive and really believed.  Personally I had no real hope that things would change, long term, but relished the moment, the rush of freedom, like a buzz you know won’t last.   But what else could we have done? At least for a moment we may have been refreshed.

In bombing Syria, to the cheers of no one but Netanyahu and his neocon puppets here, Trump (ostensibly) did what Obama has done, what Bush did before him, and what Hillary would have done surely, and what I believe even Bernie Sanders would have done.   Many of us have shared the same, probably metaphorically true story in our minds: When someone runs for President, he has ideals and intentions.  And then one day between the Election and the Inauguration, they march you in a room and tell you how it will be.

If the American people ever ruled the United States, it was a long time ago, and not for long.  That is the way of democracy, as any student of history knows.

Consider: an American President – and again, I reluctantly contribute to the illusion by pretending that the orders were issued on Trump’s command – who ran on an America First platform, who gave a stunning Inaugural speech based on that theme – that theme that ran through the great Charles Lindbergh and the opponent of the wars of the Jews – orders an attack on the leader of an independent nation which is, was, one of the last tiny handfuls of holdouts from the World Banking cartel, a relatively moderate Muslim like Gaddafi, even Hussein, on the pretext of a blatant false flag attack like the alleged “gas attack”.  There could be greater betrayal of the intelligent and Aware segment of the base that elected him.

Yes, there will be some Americans that support this nonsense, this national suicide.  I went to a Trump rally recently in Nashville and was just about as sickened by the Trump supporters as I was the protestors (who were a bunch of harmless White idiots).  The dumb Republicans on display reminded me of those church- going Southern idiots whom my liberal (for the time) Democrat parents despised, in the sixties and seventies and on, as much as I did.  Fat pork-fed bastards with pictures of Jesus and Israeli flags and Trump hats. God damn those idiotic retards, God damn them all.

Trump won the election last November, or should have won had the vote count been accurate, by a much larger portion of the electorate than we will ever know.  He got the vote of those idiots noted above, but he also got the vote of the thinking voters who realized that the Bushbama – Clinton axis was suicide.  Was and is, because the real hidden powers that pulled the strings of those pathetic puppet Presidents and teh wannabee heir ruled unchanged, were perhaps a bit annoyed, forced to step back a bit when the first President since JFK appeared to defy them, for a moment.  But those forces had learned from the JFK ordeal – not learned really, in the way that we humans learn, but adapted, the way a snake adapts to changes in the behavior of its prey.  And in revenge for Trump’s, the man’s, arrogant presumption of independence, they forced from him a behavior so bizarre, so contradictory to his rhetoric of even the day before, so fucking stupid! – that they deprived him of any dignity, any respect.

What made him do this ridiculous thing?  Threats to himself, or more likely to his family?  Or was that even necessary?  Did they merely appeal, in the way that they have, to that monstrous ego that was at the same time his greatest strength and weakness?  These are things that, at a calmer juncture in history, we may have had the time to consider in retrospect.  We may not have that opportunity now.

War may be upon us.  Not the war I saw the closest in my cloudy mirror, either.  The early indications are that, although we’re pretty damned sure there were Russians on that base “we” bombed, Putin has not seized the red flag just yet.  Yep, in view of Trump’s lapse into madness, the only semblance of our latter-day, pathetic construction of “World Peace” (peace among wars) lies with a man who has appeared to have resembled Trump in many ways – or really, Trump has seemed to resemble him, which I think was our wishful thinking. Putin has built his position firmly and more slowly, securely, as undisputed leader of the strongest Nationalist country in the modern world.  Please don’t raise Putin’s Jewish connections to me at this point; let me put that aside temporarily (as greater men that I have tried to do in times of War and immediacy) and just say that he has managed them far better, for a far better time, than anyone here.  He has built around them to be sure… but look who’s on the right side of the conflict in Syria.

Look just who, holding our lives in his hands at this point, might spare us disaster.  If it’s in Russia’s interest to do so. If Putin behaves rationally in the true national interest of Russia, as Trump had falsely led some of us to believe he would do for America, he might spare us all. Which the Jew, in his madness, will not do.

I stand this morning with the supporters of Bernie Sanders who were betrayed when he was bought out or threatened and supported Clinton.  I stand with all true opponents of the wars of the Jewish World Order which Bernie, in his own naivety so similar to Trump’s in other ways, also seems to have opposed, although I don’t support his solutions or his poisonous ideas about the peoples of the world.

When the false flag backlash against the alleged event so 9/11 kicked in, when Bush in the service of his Israeli masters fed us the first lie (recent) lie about Weapons of Mass Destruction), at the first opportunity I went to a little street fair and bought a cheap little metal Peace symbol, that relic of sixties naivete. Okay, I was grasping,  I wasn’t awake yet in 2001, but I think my instinctive awareness of that Great Lie of the Twin Towers attack, was one of the seeds of my political awakening which took another six to eight years to manifest.

To stop the wars, we must break these false Nations. We cannot do so by force of arms; they have all of those. Your small arms are a joke.  They might defend you from the wild beasts who now roam the cities, but they can’t protect you from the real Masters.  I won’t recite my own Black Pill (a Black Pill with some hope! and faith in the longevity of the picture which is larger than Man) here; that was the blog I was going to write before this shit happened.

Perhaps the best we can hope for it to catch our breath again.  We want to live.  And yet we know that Life can best be enjoyed in the absence of Sickness.  Victory over Darkness will happen but whether that will be in our mortal lifetimes, is doubtful.

Hunker down if you can, have faith. Ride the Tiger.  The Man Who Comes may not be a man at all. And with that thought, I leave you to contemplate the price of our willingness to believe.  And to pray, for now, for peace.

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  1. July 11, 2017

    No, at one time I thought he was a pro-Zionist nationalist. As opposed to the Globalists, who are also led by Jews. But at this point I think we’ll never know what his intentions were, whether he was a pig in a poke, or how coerced he was. It really doesn’t matter. There is no saving the rotten mass at this point. The only way out is through.

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