The Struggle is Real (Politics and Awareness)


When one first awakens to the existence, nature and power of the metahuman forces which dominate, inform and define our times, it is easy, tempting and disastrous to fall into fatalism.  Upon realizing that the Flatland individualism and imaginary democracy of the soul, which are the dying myths of our age as we fall, in one of many interlocking cycles, from the Age of Iron into the Age of Lead, are illusions, fever dreams, merely one symptom of the Disease – it would be easy to despair.  But we must not, because from despair comes inaction, or worse, a suicidal flailing, both of which betray the one truest obligation we have, to our true selves, which is to find and play the part for which we came into these lives.

As creatures in time, of varying awareness, living as we do at the point in the aftermath of the turning point of the previous century, at which events roll faster and faster toward collapse, survival itself becomes a question of judgment.  In The Lightning and the Sun, Savitri Devi presents us, amidst her exposition of the larger cycles, and cycles within cycles, in which we swim without awareness like those fish unaware of the currents against and within which they move and indeed of the sea itself, with the abstract pure themes: men who move In, Above and Against Time.  As examples she gives us Genghis Khan, Akhenaton, and her beloved Fuhrer.  In times when the cycle degrades, the Men in Time move with it, hasten and facilitate collapse, and as a student of this process, one must maintain awareness that destruction is indeed a necessary function of the Universe; nothing can be born unless something else dies, and the old must rot for the new to arise.  The Men in Time attempt to stand above the process, and the Men Against Time turn against the tide, stand boldly into the oncoming wind of destruction and cry “No!” – and are somewhat inevitably  destroyed in the process, providing the resistance against which the process of destruction must proceed to acquire the strength to consume all.

And so it would appear that all of these positions merely facilitate destruction before regeneration, each in its own way.  By encouragement, neglect or vain resistance which provides food for the destroying fire, one participates in the process.  Yet these are the Avatars, the extreme positions.  Few of us are in such positions of power, and although such things may change on a moment’s notice – as history repeatedly shows us how corporals become rulers – for most of us, the decision of how to facilitate, to resist, or to try to ignore the currents in which we live, does indeed become a question not only of individual survival as opposed to sacrifice for a greater good, a larger Self, but of meaning.  And that meaning, for those of us who have discerned in ourselves the capability, the seed and the need to evolve into something other, to become a conscious part and embodiment of that larger Self, becomes paramount as we come to truly realize that the lesser self, the individual whom the false gods have proclaimed to be the sum and meaning of existence, is doomed.

To laugh at the fish who is unaware of the ocean, is to adopt a false superiority, a smug reciprocal unawareness that we ourselves live in motion.  To assume for ourselves an objective position from which to observe the Universe at play, is to become for ourselves that fish – as we all inevitably do, and are.  We observe all from positions in time and space, and to pretend that we do not is not to assume the perspective of God, but to play at it and thereby to live in an illusion which prevents the soul from realization.


The real choices we must make are hidden upon the false choices we only appear to have.  To wit: in the dying Empire of the United States of America, the Presidential election of 2016, in which we appear to be presented merely with a choice of unsatisfactory candidate, but in reality with choices of staggering proportions on multiple levels.    On one hand we have a creature of supreme degeneracy, a beast from whom waft the vilest odors of death, murder and mayhem.  In Hillary Clinton we see not the noble forces of degeneration – there is no Genghis Khan here – but a shell which is only barely recognizable as human, in which lives not gods, but the lowest of demons, wormlike wraiths of parasitic possession who have finished eating the soul of a creature which may have indeed been Faustian in its inception, but which is barely more than skin now, beneath which writhe those lower entities as they devour each other only.  It will not be long before the skin bursts amidst a dying disgusting flatulence and the parasites themselves fall out in the dirt for all to see.   Those few humans who have actually endorsed this creature – and there are indeed few, the perception of anything else is a distraction of the disinformation which is our true ocean – are diseased and sick beyond repair; their humanity has been compromised to the point at which their best hope is to begin anew, as new creatures.  I cannot speak to these people; they are beyond redemption.  The illusionary saviors of our past, like the Obama creature that was manufactured to take advantage of the disgust and revulsion which attached in the souls of those still alive, to his “predecessor”, the equally false Golem Bush, are no longer credible.  Those who choose Hillary know that they choose death; they have consciously decided with the destruction not only of their own people, but of all of humanity.  Their souls are doomed beyond salvation, to the extent that they ever had them; it is time for them to be turned under, as in Serrano’s reinterpretation of the eternal return.  Their bodies will return to the material and any psychic formations which may have attached thereto will be destroyed by the purifying Odilic forces.

On the other hand, we have Donald Trump, the eternal non-sequitur to the Presidential question.  It is the surest sign of our times that the demons of the media have portrayed him as every dark thing which he is not, and that the Quixotic forces of opposition have vainly and pathetically attempted to find in him a savior.  In times, as they say, of universal deceit, this strange scion of the American dream, this true Individual who has spit out by the machine of modern times as an inevitable statistic, a truly individuated by-product of the by-play of destruction and preservation, stands as a singularly unrepresentative Everyman amongst the chaos of collapse.  Never in our lifetimes has the controlled media taken such a unique and unequivocal stand against a Presidential candidate, whose massive popularity and appeal to the unconscious surviving psyche of what remains to be human in America, are apparent even though minimized in the media’s false coverage.  What is not realized about Trump is that his positions are in all senses the opposite of extreme – by and large, they are the default positions of the reasonably savy citizens of any more sane era.  When one has no position on a topic, one can either express a party line, in which Trump, by virtue of his position of isolation and relative immunity from the disease which has swept repeatedly across this World in waves since about 1964 (and of course before, in variant forms), was never really indoctrinated – or one can simply stand and mouth platitudes of common sense, which is all he did to win the Republican nomination.  That his “positions” – of enforcing the borders, as the most obvious example – are taken as positions at all, rather than as default stances from which to begin to begin real specific solutions – is nothing but a sign of the hopeless of the irremediability of our situation.

For Trump to be seen by supporters on the “right” to be some sort of savior is a sign of the desperation of our times.  That Trump stands, in his default centrist, previously uncontemplated postitions, to be seen by the “left” as some sort of dictator, is a sign how warped society’s view of the “center” has become.  That were he to come into power – which, if the election process proceeds as it is supposed to (but how likely is that in the is time of insanity?), he must, if this country is to survive in its superficially representative capacity as an apparent nation-state – he will inevitably slide in his positions, is inevitable.   Nevertheless, a vote for Hillary Clinton – or for her doppelganger or her successor, if as appears quite possible now, the demons within her split her skin and kin their host – is a vote for the purest evil and degradation, a full-throttle, Men in Time acceleration into the abyss.  Therefore, if one wishes to be anything but an active agent of the Demiurge, and still wished to participate in the “election process” at all, one must vote for Trump.

I say that with the fullest and most conscious warning that first, the election process itself appears to be nothing but a farce.  To parallel a problem I must discuss later or elsewhere; since it seems pretty clear that had the supposed voting process any validity or enforceability, that Bernie Sanders and not Hillary would be the Democratic candidate (for regardless of the sincerity of the former, the sincerity of his supporters was apparent, and massive).   So despite Hillary’s empty rallies and faked numbers, how can the Trump camp sincerely think their candidate can win an election, in this age of cybernetic treachery?  That gullibility belies the platform or realization on which their support of him, if not the candidate himself stands.   It would appear to me that in the fixed system, the only circumstances in which Trump would appear to win, would be one in which the hidden masters decide to let that happen, for their own reasons.  And that would be a set-up for some collosal failure or reversal of fortune, some clamping down of staggering proportions.

The main danger of voting for Trump, and his prevailing to actually exercise the power of office, is that he would not do what he says he would do.  This, given his lack of polticial history and his apparent wedding to the most insidious forces of his destruction of our era, in the forms of both the Zionist of the Israeli nation-state and their cousins who rule the markets, is quite possible.  On the other hand, the main and almost inevitable disaster of a Clinton victory would be that she takes power (“health” permitting, but I’m sure the loa could find a replacement rider if it does not). and does exactly what she promises – and worse, for that was her legacy before, and that of her husband.  When one espouses per evil, how does one suffer further corruption? Our eyes cannot bear it.

Nevertheless: Those who would be Men in Time will vote for Clinton.  Those who would be Men Above Time, will obviously abstain.  Men Against Time will vote for Trump and gird their loins for defeat, disappointment, or destruction. Such is the nature of our pivotal era.


Although I would prefer to save the bulk of this final word for some later writing, I find that I cannot leave this one without addressing, minimally, the obvious question raised: if the electoral process is a farce, and if there is no justice or salvation to be had through it – if, as I do say, the electoral system is a joke and a hollow shell, a grotesque parody of a republic without an informed electorate, which teeters on the edge of dictatorship by the Left, if indeed it is not there already, waiting only for the nails to be pounded into the coffin – what does one do, except take vain action in participation, as noted above?

And what I have to address first is the impulse toward desperation on our own part, that leads some to impulses of violent resistance and revolution.  I am reading about the struggles of Robert Matthews and David Lane, and knowing how those ended….  no matter how noble of those individuals might appear, their attempt inevitably failed, and they were lost to any more positive actions, if there are to be any such.  I must say to those who contemplate such action: if a nation of over sixty million, with the most educated and technically savy and spiritually profound populace in the world, failed to defeat the demons of the demiurge in direct confrontation and Total War, how can these groups of six or twenty or several hundred even, do more than sting the flanks of the Beast and be swatted like flies? Direct resistance from a position of no power is not even action Against Time.  It is suicide, and if not meaningless, for it does have symbolic meaning, it cannot be successful.  We have had enough martyrs, and the ones that there were, are enough for our Time (and in some cases, for All Time).

For those of who wish to form alternative communities, I support you, you Pioneer Little Europes.   I wish you the greatest success, and were I younger or had I those family ties to protect, I might join you.  For those of you who organize politically, I support you, as long as you do not draw down unnecessary and untimely destruction on your heads or ours.   That will come, I know.

But I will say: the solution is Awareness.  It is Awakening. I do maintain that if somehow each of us who bears within him the seed, the blood and the spark of the gods, were to awaken tomorrow morning, or right, now, the masses would follow.  The chains would be shrugged off, with minimal violence, or only on the peripheries of the Awareness.  We were born to maintain, to serve and to preserve this place; and if we were just to wake up and step into our responsibility, the rest would fall in line.  Indeed, there would be Shires to be cleansed.

No systems of government, no economic systems, no religions, no “isms” of any kind will save us, any more than they have damned us; they are apparitions, mere mechanisms devoid of substance.  The question is not How, but Who.   We could make any of these systems work, as surely as any of them will fail or be turned on us if they continue to be managed by the Enemy.  Nationalism, Socialism, Communism, Capitalism – we could give to the world working forms of any of these.  The essential thing is that we do this with essential and Total Consciousness. With it, all things succeed; without it, all things fail.

As to the methods to achieve that – to some extent it comes unbidden, but to the extent that one who has that capability can be open and capable of grasping the moment, and the awareness when it appears, I will do my best to suggest the means, though all has been said before.

Action without Awareness brings disaster, and that Awareness includes specific knowledge of one’s place in space and Time, and on the sliding scale between God and densest material.  Action with Awareness brings Bliss.

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  1. KVS
    September 14, 2016


    according to Upanishads this struggle against Asuras (what other struggles ARE there) is most effective when done with breath. That breath alone makes them scatter.

    7. Then comes this breath (of life) in the mouth 1. They meditated on the udgîtha (Om) as that breath. When the Asuras came to it, they were scattered, as (a ball of earth) would be scattered when hitting a solid stone.

    We are NOT using it effectively on them. I have stumbled into something we can all start doing right away with amazing effectiveness… I am very surprised to have stumbled into it. but it is up to you to write to me for details as they say.


  2. KVS
    September 14, 2016

    …it really comes down to how do I transmit what I stumbled into. It is significant. I do not want to just keep it to myself. I do not want to go out there and announce it to the wide world because it is not the right time to do it now. Person to person transmission is the means I intent on. if not yourself-think of some other person that can contact me. thanks

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