Unmasking the Demiurge: The Demon at a New Age Church

Not that Christians haven’t always worshiped the Demiurge, or most of them; but do they have to make it so explicit?

On Christmas Eve, visiting out of town, I accompanied my friends to a church to hear their friend sing in a choir.  It had been years since I was in a church, but I like choral music, and I didn’t figure that a Christmas Eve concert would be overbearingly Christian, in the old school sense of repentance and guilt. I was right about that, and in fact the service I witnessed wasn’t Christian at all; it was an invocation of the Demiurge.  So how could I tell? Well…

This was a small church with trimmings that would’ve been acceptable in the moderate Methodist Church of my youth (and these were supposedly Presbyterians, by the way).  Maybe a couple of hundred people in the congregation.  Most of them were obviously church members and they seemed fairly normal.  The congregation was all White, a couple of Latins and one young Asian woman I noticed.   The evening opened with a fairly well executed preliminary performance by an “Appalachian” group with a hammer dulcimer, a string bass, a guitar, a young woman who scratched at a violin and was one of three female singers.  The entertainment segued to a piano and then the choir appeared in the rear and entered to a rousing chorus.

Everything was pretty normal and not badly done until the first appearance of a microphone and three young men with speaking parts.  As the first one began to speak, the sound system erupted into full metal feedback, deafening and obvious that no one knew how to turn it off.  Just before someone finally squelched it, I heard a voice.  Whatever it said was not in a human language, and I looked around to see if anyone noticed.  I don’t know if they did.   I should have been warned….

The service was led by two youngish women, apparently the Pastor and Co-Pastor.  A lot of standard Christmas Eve stuff; then the Pastor went off-script as far as the Bible was concerned, a move I would normally appreciate, as at that point in a sermon I’m fairly ready to hear what an actual human being might have to say.  I’ve tried hard, beginning later that evening, to remember the story she recounted; my impression is that she was reciting a history that was not hers, at least not in her present form.  The words however cannot be recalled until she returned to invoking the demon in whose name they were gathered.

There were two significant clues in the sermon that the “god” being worshipped was not the creator of all Existence.  The first was a repeated mention in her presentation that they were there to honor a god who needed worshippers; who needed the care and devotion of the members and attendees.  This is obviously not an all-powerful entity and not the one traditional Christianity worships, or thinks it does.  The second was an interesting description, a few minutes later, of how the entity being invoked had coaxed the world out of formlessness; not created, or manifested, but coaxed.  And that, my friends, is not the Unnamed and Unnumbered One from whom all existence proceeds; it’s the Demiurge.

I remember that in my youth, when I had the first flashes of transcendent truth, without the knowledge to define or express them, having a strong impression that all the religions of the world were “true” (for the people who expressed and followed them) except three, the teachings of the demon of the desert who assumed the name of the tribal god Yahweh and started the infection that became the Disease which threatens to destroy us in our time.  It gave us Judaism and its offshoots Christianity and Islam, and with those it ate the World, absorbing and mangling the truths of traditional people and teachings, obscuring the path to higher realms.  The demon gave us the modern world and the diseased creatures who rule it, who pivot in down the path to their own destruction.

Christianity of course has always been a mixed bag.  It spread originally by decree of the Romans and then by infecting and perverting the higher knowledge and culture of the Aryan Germanics.  The Christianity of all times up to the modern was a fascinating beast because at times and in some aspects the Germanic absorbed the Semitic elements of it to such an extent that it was in fact a thinly veiled worship of the One.  Then there was Gnosticism, in the guise of which the truth entered into Christianity, albeit in a form that became itself perverted, convoluted, and was fought and eventually defeated by the followers of the Demiurge.

The concept of the Demiurge, by the way, as normally and traditionally expressed, errs somewhat. In most forms of Gnosticism the Demiurge is seen as the creator of the material world, which created a form or original damnation and sin even darker and more destructive than that of Catholicism’s Original Sin, in that it condemns not just Man but all of material creation.  Whereas in fact the Demiurge, the demon to whom I refer, created nothing but the Disease which infects and destroys that world, including our current manifestations.   The World is a good place infected by evil, not an evil one.  Go out in the woods and tell me that’s not true.

The church sermons I sometimes attended as a youth were in fact mixed bags.  They consisted mostly of people being led to worship the Demiurge in his guise of the creator god, which is how he primarily represented himself in the desert religions. This on Christmas Eve was something new.  This was the demiurge manifesting pretty much unveiled, and in fact in such a confusing way that to the unwary, the demiurge and the creator god were the same.  After the demonic voice (which by the way, as a metal fan, doesn’t necessary bother me, since I believe the demons of metal serve the same cleansing functions as the demons of Bon who manifest in Tibetan Buddhism) and the invocations of the god who needs worshippers and who coaxes manifestation from formlessness, I knew that I was in a situation in which even the purest aspirations of the congregation could not transcend the context.

This was, in the lexicon of the old Church, Satanism.  These preachers, these two women, would have been burned at the stake or hanged in prior times.

Needless to say I wanted nothing to do with the proferred Eucharist (in some strange form that consisted of dipping bread in – wine?), much less the mutual lighting of candles from some master flame, or the traipsing out of doors and forming of a magic circle.  I took the opportunity to cherish the oaths I’d forged in time of fire to a truly higher being and to gaze at his face in the stars…

And this is what has become of Christianity, which once inspired the Knights of the Crusades.  One sees these flaccid Millennials and their deluded predecessors of other generations weighed against the militant training of their Islamic opponents, Demiurgic scion vs scion, and one sees how the Masters have ordained the fate of this World; sculpted the takedown of what remains of the children of the Builders.   Chaos into rubble of total destruction until and unless we arise from the ashes.  Or until we assume a new form?

When one cannot restore or renovate, one must transcend.  As the Demiurge, the desert demon is unmasked and dares appear in his true form, when he must no longer even bother to masquerade, we see our Need.

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