Unmasking the False Demiurge (Abstract of an Ontology)

The concept of a “false Demiurge” is admittedly bait, as most people familiar with the concept of the Demiurge, especially as applied by Gnostics and their derivatives, will recognize that the Demiurge himself, as commonly conceived, is just a false god.  So how can we be deceived by a fake of a fake?  It’s a question with a trick bottom.

Let me first state that I’ve been working on sorting out the threads of the gnostic, the acosmic and the anti-cosmic for some time, and this is a summary.  My alternative was to put out the thing in pieces or wait and write a book, both requiring a sort of discipline and mostly a time frame which is not available to me right now.  So let me present this summary first and then elaborate later, hopefully, in pieces.

It’s not that the existing ontologies aren’t various or complex enough! Far to the contrary.  In fact most of the systems I’ve found based on Gnosticism are so complex that I can’t think that anyone in the modern world, who is in any way engaged with that world except peripherally as some sort of occult practitioner or extremely resourceful hermit, could practice them as written.  Honestly, when I read the elaborate rites of these systems, I have to think that the external practices outlined are in most cases material metaphors for inner workings.  Only the designer or rare successful practitioners would know, and most of those people aren’t talking.

No, the problem is that the versions of these systems which appeal to me either lack the final element of resolution to the modern world, or require acceptance of fundamental premises which seem false to me on the most intuitive level.  So let’s sort it out.

First, who is the Demiurge?  The origins are not only pre-Christian and -Gnostic but pre-Socratic; the Demiurge was initially conceived simply as the builder of the World, not its monotheistic god.   The term became, in my view, corrupted by the Gnostics and those who followed them, because they conceived of the created world as an evil thing.  Therefore, whether you’re reading Miguel Serrano or any of the modern anti-cosmic Satanists, or even Thursatru (which just presents a cultural parallel and equates Odin and his brothers Vili and Ve instead of Jehovah or Ialdoboath as the Demiurge), you’re presented with the Demiurge as a creator god who made an evil thing knowns as the World, in which we all live.  The goal of all these Gnostic or Theistic Satanic systems (the terms fluctuate here and I don’t see it as necessary to redefine and straighten them all out for my purposes, here) is for the little sparks of Chaos or divine spirit, which are our true “souls”, to somehow find their way out of the material shells in which they have been imprisoned, to return to the (dark or light) infinite light of the true God, beyond the materiality of the creation.

That’s the modern version of the Gnosticism and the Satanisms that make any sense or have any spiritual value at all.  The others – LaVeyan Satanism, the Temple of Satan, etc. – aren’t worth speaking about as any form of philosophy except political.  The problem I have with all these systems is that they require that material existence, or at least our present one, be seen as intrinsically and inseparably evil.  This just does not feel right to me.  The proposal that existence, in a world of form, must be evil, feels intuitively false, and I, at least, can’t go any further with a philosophy or systems that mandates such a proposition as a fundamental belief.  I have, however, been learning a lot from such systems, which I think can be applied more “constructively”  – discounting the materially based definition of that term itself, which is one of the linguistic problems to which I keep returning…

Anyway, what makes more sense and feels better to me (and yes, this is essential and important, this feeling), is closer to the heretically Christian sect known as Valentianism.    Valentianism proposed that the Demiurge – who must, to be true to his name, be seen as the creator of this material world in which we live, be seen as its actual creator, or at least its shaper, and not a pretender to that accomplishment – was not evil.  He was instead, an emanation of the Divine, but a partial one, not complete nor perfect, as no more component of the all can pretend ot be.  As such, his creation, this world – or rather this system of worlds, this Universe – was not evil, but also flawed.  And not only was/is it flawed and imperfect, but as such was also subject to corruption.

And here is where my proposal takes a turn and goes down a rabbit-hole where Valentianism does not go – or at least not the version with which I am familiar, and if I am wrong and there is such an exposition, I hope somebody will bring that to light, myself being no definitive scholar of, well, much of anything.   I would say that the imperfect world being subject to corruption, has most likely been corrupted to and past the point of destruction many times, in many instance and in many places, the manifestations of such corruption and destruction being mostly unknown to us, either by dint of the destruction of knowledge and of its means of transmission by the process of corruption itself, or by simple lack of original access – separation in time and space.  For the limits and multiplicity of worlds, while more than interesting on their own merit, are not necessarily defined in this proposal.

What we do know, is that no less than about three thousand years ago, a demon, a metahuman entity, arose and became rooted among the perceptions of some people near what may have been one of several centers of human population at that time, in what is known as the Middle East.  And he took the name of Yahweh, or the unpronounced forms thereof, who was probably no more than a tribal god among some of those peoples.  And the new entity, the false Yahweh, being either the origin or a more virulent form of what I have repeatedly written about as the Disease, spread, lacking the restraints of those entities who came before him.  And in this day and age, he stands having almost conquered all, and is ready to conquer the world. But he is a parasitical demon; and having conquered all, he will not be capable of governing or supporting this world, being not its true creature.  Nor would he be capable of destroying in total its materiality, but he could in fact leave behind him a decimated shell, the corpse of the host entity.

So to clarify.  For a while now, I have seen the World Tree, the Tree of Life of the Qabalah as the best map for the emanations of the true Divine.  I am currently studying the Qliphoth, as the Tree of Knowledge or of Death, in its myriad forms, as opposition, and more of this later.  In this system, which must be intrinsically non- and pre-Jewish, I think is contained the most accurate, complete, and sophisticated map of reality.   However, the creation of the material world, embodied in Malkuth, whether or not one sees the “fall from grace” or the Fall of Daath, the creation of the Abyss, as an aberration, is simply the flow from Ain Soph as it appeared.  We live in one of many possible worlds, under one of many possible sets of laws.  I can elaborate more on this later; its parallel in the expression of modern science can be seen in the arbitrariness, the choice from variance which must have occurred in the first tiny fractions of “seconds” (during which time “Time” itself was formed and its laws articulated) after the Big Bang, which must itself have been one in a series.

So, a conscious entity – and I imply consciousness in the creator from the existence of consciousness in creation – made this world.  He did not make it perfectly, whether by intent or, or not. I hold that it was made imperfect as a testing ground for us, those of us who contain the sparks of divine black light in our golden blood.   A place for us to develop, a place for “Pathei-Mathos”.   It is this entity who would best be seen as the True Demiurge.  For he himself was formed.  I leave for later the question of whether there was an ultimate creator, or whether to paraphrase the Buddhist myth, it’s “Demiurges all the way down”.

Then came the demon from the desert, who stole the name of Yahweh, who became known to the Gnostics as Ialdaboath.  But he has never a creator god. He was never anything but a parasite, who claimed as first victims a tribe with no virility in their blood at all, who were probably weakened and easy prey.  And by feeding on them he became stronger.  And thus he spread his plagues – as Christianity, as Islam, as humanism… eventually leaving Christianity, for example, as a husk, a shell with no strength at all, a spent form of the disease.  And the disease mutates and rolls on, while the aspects of the world which were healthy, die.

God>Demiurge>Demon.  A progression of degeneration of entities spanning world-systems, each entity claiming to be both or each of the former, as the discerning ability of its victims grows less with each passing day.

Much of my conviction as to my proposal comes from my intuition that the World in itself is not evil, but flawed, and contains much of the good within it, including “goodness” inherent in the nature of the unmanifest trapped in the manifest itself, flowing downwards through the Sephiroth.  That is, goodness in the material itself, not just in the trapped sparks of light.  This contributes to my empathy with all of those trying to preserve the good, although at present their efforts appear doomed. I will write soon of my difficult decision that I could no longer align myself with those struggling – in Savitri Devi’s perhaps unfortunately unconscious echo of the Hegelian – Against Time.   Were my circumstances different, I would align myself more strongly with those forces, with whom I empathize so much.  However, that does not at present appear to be my appointed task.

Hence, the False Demiurge.  The creator god was flawed in himself, which left room for this demonic entity, formerly known as Yahweh, now known as History, to steal his identity.  It remains for each of us who perceive this, to decide for ourselves on what level to fight.  Do we, as my noble Aryans and Asatruaar and NSDAP-nostalgics do, fight to bring back the Golden Age, which occurred more recently, albeit in a shorter and more obscured milieu than most know?  Or do we step back a level, allow this civilization to be destroyed, and wait as survivalists on the fringe, to step back in, pick up the pieces and rebuild?

Or do we wait, as my anti-cosmics do, for a true destruction of this arbitrary reality altogether – which regardless of its containing a bit of divine essence or black fire in is original build, has been corrupted beyond salvation by the one who has fraudulently adopted the names of the Demiurge and of the Creator “God” (“who” is actually so far beyond that limiting word or conception!)?

I for one, think that the Chaos which lies outside of creation, is only Chaos from our point of view of limited perception – that from apparent Chaos can come unlimited birth, both in terms of multiple forms and eventual perfection.  I believe that those of us who have the spark, have the spark of perfection which is not only capable but deserving of eventual “embodiment”, in a “form” so far beyond what we now think of as bodies, as to be inconceivable.  But for now, words fail, and I direct you to your own reflections.


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  1. Hamingja
    January 10, 2018

    Not sure whether you have come across the Hermetist, John Baine’s and his book The Stellar Man. On page 12 onward he writes of how Moses creates a spell opening a rift in the earths occult defenses (bridging of the void -Zorasterism) thereby allowing a maleficent entity to enter thinking it a divine angel. This angel been no other than Yehovah, Ialdoboath, the false Demiurge ( could this be Ahriman) This false demiurge expelled the Spirit inhabiting the earth and took its place as ruler of the world. Later another Spirit (Christ) came to expel this false one but was not completely successful and now shares rulership of or incarnation of the earth. This Christ Spirit inhabited the man Jesus for short periods of time during his life, in the same way that Serrano states the Avatar being inhabited Hitler for short periods of time. It seems to resemble the Ahura Mazda(Demiurge) and Ahriman(false demiurge) mythology of the ancient Persian religion, Zoroastrianism. He claims that there is no known power that can expel this entity at this time.

    pg17. “As time passed Moses understood that nothing had power over Y, as he possessed incalculable malignity. Convinced of this, Moses brought together the wise men of his people and instructed them in the great mystery of the Messiah. These men, using magical rituals, could create a god and fulfill the mystery of theurgy, in the hope that this god could liberate them and save the world from the destructive influence of Y.
    ” The wise men who inherited the patriarch’s instructions followed them faithfully, carrying out the Messianic ritual according to the instituted rules. As a result, hundreds of years later Jesus appeared. He was the “Son of Man” (consider this expression carefully) and the Savior expected by the wise men initiated by Moses.”
    ” Jesus, the god created by man and incarnated in the body of man, was consecrated by the great initiate John the Baptist, otherwise known as the Antechrist (as apposed to the antichrist Y). Jesus’ baptism in the river was the means that permitted the first manifestation of Christ in Jesus, the man-god, whose mission was destined since birth.”
    Sounds similar to the first manifestation of the Avatar in Hitler on that mountain.

    What exactly is an avatar?

    • January 10, 2018

      An avatar is just an incarnation of a deity. I’ll respond better later.

  2. January 11, 2018

    That’s a very interesting alternative mythos, playing on an interesting expansion of Moses as rebel! I think a lot could be done with unpacking the rather bizarre Biblical scene wherein Moses is not allowed to enter the Promised Land based on his heretical execution of the water-from-a-rock ritual. To expand that, making of it a whole occult conspiracy over generations, to bring forth. Jesus to combat Ialdoboath, is a beautiful beginning to a very interesting book. I’ll have to read that to see if he expands on it.

    For my part, I’ve seen no reason to think that the Jesus myth was anything other than a construction to weaponize the Ialdoboath disease to destroy Aryan civilization (first wave?). It’s pretty clear that at this point in “time”, the Jesus entity, if we posit one, is so weakened, worn out, and self-parodic as to be do more than an ill flunky of the Ialdoboath entity that is about to destroy the world and end the era. The last opponent in our West is the defeated but still heroic spirit of Wotan. Whether Wotan can demonstrate more than a noble death at this point, is uncertain.

    I would suggest that perhaps another metahuman entity, unnamed, offers us a path out and around the end of the epoch? To be developed.

    Hamingja, have you read all of this book and The Secret Science? I haven’t encountered this author before.

  3. Hamingja
    January 11, 2018

    We can only hope that another metahuman entity incarnation is in the pipeline.

    I have read the whole book. He doesn’t expound on Moses much more. There are only a few pages on the topic. Moses, a Jew who is mistaken by the Egyptian Fraternity of Magicians as one of their own, who did this to free his people from slavery only to enslave the rest of the wold to Y. There are a few pages on the Archons of Destiny. Beings that rule in order to generate a substance (the golden broth) that humans create via the emotional and nervous system.
    “If man could prevent his golden broth from being stolen, with this vital product he could become equal to the gods, rapidly evolving by integrating within himself the products from the chemical laboratory of his physical body.”
    The book deals mostly with the development of the ‘Volitive I’ as he calls it. As I understand it, it is the same as the development of the permanent astral body of HPB or Gurdjieff’s coated Kesdjan body or Sorrano’s Body Vajra.
    I find it interesting that he is also from Chile though I am left with the impression that he sees Hitler in a negative light. Oh well, I leave most information I read open to questioning and leave room for unexpected developments that may generate new understandings.

  4. Hamingja
    January 20, 2018

    Here is the unexpected development I was talking about. On his blog is an abridged version of his book :Aryanity: Forbidden History of the Aryan Race


    In it he writes of the Gods, Aryans, Rebels, slave races and aryan/slave hybrid who rebelled – A rebelion lead by Set (demiurge) . From my limited reading it adds much context our past and the battle that we are in – semites against cananites/ rebel blood against aryan blood.

    If you have not as yet read this I hope you and all your readers do.

    An excerpt from the book.

    ‘After the Habaru or Hebrews were smitten and driven out of Egypt they embellished upon the tale of their enslavement in Egypt and glorious migration away from their oppressors to the “promised land”. It was during the Exodus that the Hebrews became the first race to invent the concepts of “master race” and “genocide”. To boost the morale of the wondering homeless Hebrew Nation there leader Moses announced to them that their God had proclaimed them to be “the chosen people” destined to inherit the earth. Yet for them to inherit the earth they must destroy their enemies, down to every man, woman, and child. Thus when they entered the lands of Canaan their battle with the Aryan was continued. The first Hebrews to encounter the Canaanites were terrified at the size of these people they called giants. Though despite their large size and obvious superiority the Hebrews overcame the Canaanites through sheer numbers, as was the case during world war two as hordes of foot soldiers overcame the technologically advance and superior forces of the Germans. The massacre of the Canaanites is one of the first known records of a premeditated genocide.

    The history of this nation is shrouded in half truths and outright fabrications but what can be demonstrated to be true is that the entire Jewish culture is a plagiarism, and that Judaism is simply a corrupted and convoluted outgrowth of the worship of Amen, the Aryan Sun Cult in Egypt. These Habaru who adopted the religion of Egypt mingled their older legends from Sumer and developed a bastard culture based on misinterpretations of the culture of their Aryan overlords. This bastard culture became even more convoluted after the Hebrew nation was taken into Babylon, where further religious influences erased all traces of the Jewish religious connection to the worship of Amen. By the time of the Roman Empire, Israel had seen several invasions and had been an insignificant fiefdom ruled by many overlords. During the Roman occupation the Jews were demoralized as they watched their holiest of landmarked, the Temple of Solomon, dismantled.”

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