What is Intelligence? (Preface and Apology)

“Intelligence is not a part or an attribute of the eternal being who comes into this world from another, to have experiences in this world and profit, evolve, grow from them into Individuation.  Intelligence is a part of number, of physical and logical law, of that structure which is intrinsic, not to our essence or our existence, but to this particular world in which we find ourselves.”


In a way, I feel I ought to apologize, once again, to my readers, whoever and such as they may be, for again leading you down a path to a point where you believed you understand, knew, and hopefully empathized with what I was saying, only to leap, with little preamble, into a whole new track of conversation.  For those of you who have been with me through the Wotanism and the politics, please be somewhat reassured that my thoughts on those matters have not changed.  I just feel the need at this point to address something else. I do believe that these new writings that I feel I must do, can be related to the others which I have been doing this past year or less, and in fact must be, are part of whole that cannot yet be expressed until I touch on new things.

It will seem reassuring to some, perhaps threatening to others, when I insist that my newest thoughts by no means moderate, but in fact radicalize my prior vision.  I think that with my new understanding. I come closer to Savitri Devi’s vision and appreciation of the absolute beauty and coldness of a “Nature” that still retains a place for passion.  And yet my latest observations come from experience in a world that Savitri did not, could not, know – this modern one.

And as for politics, at what may be seen as the least or most opportune of time, I am for the moment bored.  Things are indeed afoot, on the world stage, yet I have for the moment said all I can say on the matter.  Some might say that my current bent is escapism. I would say rather that I feel it my duty to see things right now from a different perspective.  Everything I have said recently stand: , I just need to say something new, also.

I have been, these past few weeks, on a cusp of some sort of realization which was, as I think you may have guessed from my last couple of blog entries, with a big preceding gap, hard to write about.  I think yesterday I may have finally grasped it, or the beginning of it, this elusive idea. So let me try to express it, or begin to, because I realize that there are more questions than answers for now, which is why I find it so exciting!



Let’s talk for a moment about Intelligence.  I would say about the “mind”, but that terms has been so hackneyed that it has become meaningless and worthlessly vague.  It has had so many different meanings in so many cultures and schools of thought that to even say the world instantly veils, rather than discloses, meaning.  Christianity and the modern world that has come to us through it, sees the “mind” and the “soul” as the same thing, I think, although its scholars would probably disagree, and I have neither the energy nor the inclination to debate the matter here.  If you divide “man” into “mind” and “body”, with one part temporal and one part eternal, you have performed on the human entity the same sort of operation that Chinese restaurants perform on a chicken – whacked it apart with a big knife in a manner without regard to its intrinsic constitution.

The Eastern school of the Aryan mind, not having participated to such an extent in the dissolution which comes with the Disease, has had a clearer picture of the “mind” and its relation to the whole, although not, I think, a sufficient one.  Within the breakdown of the human entity which is intrinsic to Buddhism and Vedanta, what we would normally call the mind is broken down into a least two entities, manas and buddhi.  Manas being the lower mind and buddhi the higher – but it gets tricky here because our modern Western minds tend to misunderstand these also.   When I came to these long ago, my first understanding put these entities a bit too far up the scale toward higher mind, or God-realization.  I thought of manas as being what we see as the rationalistic, scientific mind, and buddhi the higher intuitive one, but in this I was incorrect.  For what a proper Buddhist or Hindu means when he refers to manas is merely that which correlates the senses, and the entire realm of what we would call rationality or actual thought, is included in buddhi.

So buddhi is not what we would call the mind of the Buddha or awakened mind, at all.  It’s confusing and not helpful, and to get beyond it in those systems, we have to begin to speak of the movement of the awareness “upward” through chakras, or through levels of awareness which leave the system of minds behind.  The systems become unhelpful, and I address them here mostly to get them out of the way.

We have even more of a quagmire in Western philosophy.  There is even a whole subdivision of twentieth-century Philosophy (as an academic discipline) called Philosophy of Mind that seemed to be the dominant area in the field during my college days.  For the most part I found it fairly tedious, which is why I moved on to the Eastern.  I tremble with boredom at the fact that I may have to confront it again at some point in these discussions, as otherwise I have no assurance at all that others have not gone where I go with them.  Yet the reader may at this instant be relieved, because I don’t remember enough about Philosophy of Mind, to talk about it.

So let’s leave the “mind’ behind for now, and talk about Intelligence.


The essence of my new understanding is that Intelligence is not a part or an attribute of the eternal being who comes into this world from another, to have experiences in this world and profit, evolve, grow from them into Individuation.  Those who share or who have followed me through my description of this Serrano-esque, being from prior discussions, know who he is, who you are.  There are, I have said and still believe, these beings of light, or who bear the light – these Lucifers from beyond space and time, who come here into its realms to acquire, to form from their softer essence, that hard coat of red vajra which gives “final” form to that essence and preserves them as true Individuals.  This part of my thinking has not changed.  What ensues comes from the realization that there is, on a different plane from the evolution of these immortal selves (and the whole concept of “planes” needs to be fleshed out, in some future writing, because it also is misunderstood – it does not mean “levels”), a wholly different movement of different kind of beings, of what I have called Metahuman entities.   One of these entities, or kinds of entities – the vocabulary of this area needs work! – is Intelligence.

To perhaps muddy the waters worse by trying to clarify.  Those of us who are selves moving toward Individuation, toward true immortality, or for that matter who possess it already, are also Metahuman entities, as are entities which seem to be composed of many beings but are in fact the essence from which those beings emanate – like Jung’s Wotan.  I’m trying to expand the discussion here to include whole other classes of beings which to use seem far less human, within the Metahuman definition.  And one of those is Intelligence, or intellligences… and what that is, is where we need to go with this.

To begin by summarizing, I do not believe, now, that Intelligence is something we entities, we strivers for the Immortal within this world, who come into it from outside, bring into it with us. I see now that it is rather lying here, waiting for us, like a sheet, a veneer, that we must acquire to have form and utility her, like that vajra.   It is a part of this world, not a part of us.  Intelligence is a part of number, of physical and logical law, of that structure which is intrinsic, not to our essence or our existence, but to this particular world in which we find ourselves.  Now that my childhood memories have become more clear, in context, I remember coming into this world and having to acquire that Intelligence, this particular knowledge of how this world works, that can only come from this world.

And yet, our sense of who we are, our awareness, our ability to use language, and of course math… our whole sense of thinking, all that comes from Intelligence, and more, is a part of it. And so it can be seen that Intelligence is at least something of what we came “here” to acquire, that and certain experiences.    And it would follow, from my priorly-expressed beliefs, that we would be enabled to take that Intelligence with us through the Black Sun and into the GreenThunderbolt, to encode it into our spiritual DNA (!) to become part of our Individual, immortal Self(ves). And yet, still more question are raised.

For it seems to me now, that Intelligence, as a Metahuman entity, has its own course of development which is different from “ours”.  It has its own existence and evolution entirely here within this particular, “material”, manifest world, which is only one of (infinitely) many such worlds.  It does come here with us, and I would contend, does not entirely follow us when we leave.  For what use is the Intelligence of this world, in another, or in none at all? Would not an understanding founded solely in and upon the particular laws and logic of this universe, and peculiar to it, lead only to madness in another?  For surely another universe would have evolved, in that first few fragments of timeless time when it came to form, with its own logic and physics as alien to us as….  But we must leave that also, for now.  Again, there are more questions here, than answers.  Which is what makes this line of inquiry to me, fruitful and exciting.


As a coda to this Preamble, let us briefly discuss what this entity called Intelligence might be.  The realization of its nature, yesterday, finally began to explain to me this obsession I have had these last few weeks to revisit the best of the science fiction of my younger self.  And I can only hint at the answer here, because again more development, much more, is required.  And again, I may be reinventing the wheel, so if you already know of these things, please share them with me!

But I would say at this point that Intelligence is a Metahuman entity that grow and evolves within this world and this world alone, and in some sense may be said to be the fruition of it – of this world, not of our Selves.  And yet, to those of us who sit here writing this blog and reading it, Intelligence is a part of us, for we certainly could not read nor write without it! And so we are not unconcerned with its fate.  Indeed, this brings me back to an almost Buddhist understanding of the nature of the self, as something impermanent – for my present self, which is I think inadequately represented by the term, my “ego” is indeed composed of both this immortal, transient soul, which has come into this world and will depart from it, as well as Intelligence, which resides in this world, and I think does not leave it (except maybe, maybe, as some sort of spiritual rebar which holds together the Individual – but this needs much inquiry and development) – and perhaps a good many other things, which we have yet to explore.  And yet this is not Buddhism! It is something different, and I think something new.

And also importantly, for both ourselves and this world – what is Intelligence, when is it not in us?  Why should it or must it me confined to humans? It seems to rather reside in us.  Is it not something that can pass from us, and something which uses us as our “souls” have used our bodies, and can pass though us to a more appropriate vehicle? Will it next come to reside in our machines? Which already show evidence of needing us less and less, and also a propensity to incorporate us into them, and not us into them, as the early prophets of science and its fiction had envisioned.

Will Intelligence take a final, or even just next, subsequent form which is not us at all? And we will still be around in this world, when that happens, or even, need to be?

If we evolve beyond this world, will this world also not evolve also beyond us, on its trajectory separate from our own? Is our existence, as we perceive it in our present form and at this moment in time, indeed only a temporary and fragile confluence of entities which have their own trajectories beyond us? And what insights does this give us as to our own true nature? Perhaps we are phenomena in the purest sense of the word, and only.  In other words, “we” as we perceive ourselves, that self-concept, encompasses not only a sense of our larger Self from the limited perspective of the lower, but also parts of this particular world that are not a part of that Self at all, but merely its conjuncts,  And yet, do those parts, which include Intelligence, have their own Self? And do we by association, share a part of that? Or are we alien to it, and it to us?

Such is the exploration that lies before us, both intellectually, and I think, in the realm of temporal experience. But we shall see.  And perhaps first we must see if our individual consciousnesses survive this next phase of extreme transition, that we might explore anything at all.

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  1. Reichenhaller
    November 4, 2016


    Another excellent blog. You’ve got my mind wondering what the nature of a Golden Age may imply if we make it through this Iron Age we are now mired in as the Kali Yuga comes to pass.

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