Where the Right Goes Very Wrong

Because of certain beliefs I hold which are fundamental to my sense of urgency with dealing with the mess the modern world has become – namely, the survival of the genetics and identity of the White race and European culture, which manifests as opposition to the diseases inflicted upon us in the guises of multiculturalism, open borders, Cultural Marxism – I often find myself lumped in, by myself and others, as a right-winger or most disgustingly, as a “Conservative”. No matter that I find the whole right-left dichotomy to be a blind alley and an anachronism that has no applicability to our modern World. I generally do prefer those people, the apparent “Conservatives”, over the insane suicidals who pose these days as “Liberals”.   However, and the point of this essay is, the “right-wing” has been so influenced and corrupted by certain forces which have no place in its agenda, that almost nothing could be further from my own beliefs and opinions than the political platform of the Republican Party (except maybe the Democrats).

Each of these issues is good for multiple essays, books of essays, so let me try to be brief.

  1. Overpopulation. Both sides ignore this issue. Overpopulation is the greatest threat not only to our culture, but to the existence of humanity as a whole (which, since I have sympathies with Pentti Linkola, is a mixed blessing), and indeed to that of the earth, because of the technologies and other diseases inspired by it. Human population growth is over the brink of insane, and a correction will be applied, and soon. Some advocates of White survival insist that we breed ferociously, in a futile attempt to keep up with other races and cultures. We cannot outbreed Africa and Asia, not from this starting point. We need to focus, as we traditionally have, on breeding for quality and then raising the children well. This issue bleeds over to so many others.
  2. The environment. The ignorant Right is a dupe of Capitalism. Today’s greed-based Capitalism, a system naked governed by “the Elites”, stands for destruction of the environment. It was Stephen McNallen’s Green Asatru stance that swung me past the tipping point in return to the Asatru Folk Assembly after years of inactivity. If we do not have a planet, we cannot survive. “Climate change” is a political football, but man-induced climate change is a result of overpopulation, primarily, and its consequent technology. The National Socialists were environmentalists, the first in the modern age, and their views were in strident contrast to the self-destructive, Abrahamic view that the earth exists to be exploited by man. If the environment is not protected, we will all be destroyed. This is probably inevitable at this point anyway. All the oil will be used. There will be a cleansing. But who will be left to see the rebirth of the earth? Or will she be too destroyed to be reborn?
  3. Christianity. The right wing has been coopted by Christianity. It is true that Christianity in its modern form is fairly toothless – the Pope is a joke. Nevertheless, uneducated right-wingers have to a large degree been coopted by what is left of the churches, mostly as implicit culture. The Abrahamic religions were the first form of the disease which now destroys us, to be loosed upon the west two thousand years ago. Whether Judaism, to the extent that it existed at all at the time, spawned Christianity is subject to debate, but it provides a template; Christianity was used to destroy the culture of Europe. Islam came later to hammer them further, from the outside, as Christianity became too Germanized. Today’s modernism, including Cultural Marxism, Marxism itself, and indeed multiculturalism and worst of all the sense of guilt, all come from the disease which first manifested as Christianity. Unconscious Christianity appears in the Right in its views on abortion, homosexuality, marriage, and other red herrings meant to distract you from the new totalitarianism. It is also reflected in right wing ignorance on the environment.
  4. Homosexuality. There are and always have been homosexuals. Every society generates them. Intelligent, adaptive societies find a place for them. Fearful, insecure societies try to eradicate them. Stupid, self-destructive societies advocate homosexuality, promote it, flaunt it in the streets, encourage their children to become homosexual, and define it as a life-choice everyone should consider. Transgenderism is insanity. Gays are being used as a cudgel to eradicate the traditional family and society. Like Blacks, they are being used. If the modern force of evil were not turning us against each other, we would all get along. If we were not forced together like rats in a cage, we would all get along. Homosexuality is not an issue for me; I am neither inclined to it nor enraged against it. Leave it alone.
  5. Abortion and birth control. In our modern age, with overpopulation being problem number one, it is insane to allow unwanted children to be born. Every woman who does not want to be pregnant, has a right not to be. If there is a spirit waiting to be born, it will be born elsewhere, where it is wanted. It is sad that the family has been destroyed. Children should not be born to unwed, single mothers, as a rule. There are exceptions. Every form of birth control should be encouraged, except abortion, which should be used only where necessary. I leave it there.
  6. Militarism, and American patriotism. The last soldiers who fought for my freedom wore gray, in the War Between the States; the others have all been deluded and deceived. Today’s US military does not fight for the people of the United States, it fights for the “Elite” who are destroying the world and using its scant resources for their own evil ends. For the one world government. Valiant soldiers with good intentions are being used, misused, and abused, and being used to do the same to other people all over the world. The US military needs to defend America’s borders, and that’s all.
  7. Israel. The creation of Israel may in itself have been a distraction, but the fact remains that the existence of the current state is not only the major source worldwide of military and civil disruption, but a huge drain on the resource of the United States. The popular Conservative argument that Israel is “our” only “friend” in the Middle East presupposes that we need a friend there. At least it would be honest to say that Israel is just a military base that the US can use to ensure oil flow from the Middle East, and that its naked aggression is justified by our need. The truth is, Israel is an evil government run by proven terrorists, and everything of which we falsely accuse the National Socialists in the twentieth century – most evidently race-based exclusion and aggression, naked land grabbing, and genocide – is true of Israel today. We need to cut all ties with Israel and let it survive on its own, if it can.

I’m sure there’s a lot more, and perhaps I will post them or even edit as thoughts occur. Most of the ways the “right” is wrong are not listed above, simply because they are issues on which the “right” agrees with the “left”, because they are issues we are not allowed to challenge or address at all. They are not within the limits of the false game between the right and the left, between the governing power and the token opposition. It is, for example, Donald Trump’s raising, his even mentioning the verboten issues that is both his source of power – his appeal to the unconscious knowledge of every man – and the reason he is being attacked across the board by both parties, and the reason he will not be President without a regime change that goes much further than his election. Not that Trump is an ideal candidate by any means; we have yet to see if his touching upon the hidden nerve of American politics is conscious or unconscious, on his part. And the way things are going, we may never know.

From the viewpoint of left-right polarity, the left is now in power, no doubt. The events of the last year – the invasion masked as immigration, the attack on Confederate heritage, the attempted genocide of the White race and European peoples becoming more obvious, even the ridiculousness of the championing of “Transgenderism”, a naked endorsement of mental illness as a lifestyle choice, or worse – are all convincing that there is no genuine conservative or right-wing movement left in American in Europe. Groups that would have been moderate thirty years ago are demonized as “Far Right”.

But a return to “conservatism”, to the failed controlled opposition of the Republican party, will not get us anywhere. Only a valid Third Positionist movement, which embodies or espouses neither capitalism nor Communism, a true nationalism that goes beyond the artificial borders of the nation-state, can restore sanity to the modern world. If it is not already too late, as I believe it is.

But I also believe that is it better for us as a people, as for me as an individual, to die conscious and sober, in the belief that somehow that matters.

By the way, I had originally just titled this essay, “Where the Right Goes Wrong”, discovering as I searched for graphics to steal, that there is a book by Pat Buchanan called Where the Right Went Wrong.  I actually have a lot of respect for Pat Buchanan, most especially for The Unnecessary War, which is not wholly correct but which provided meaningful input to me at an important time of transition.  So I changed, the title, a little…

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  1. TheAtomicPope
    April 11, 2016

    Stopped reading after “over population.” There’s no need to read anything beyond that.

    • April 11, 2016

      Interesting. Because you agree, or disagree?

  2. Eric
    April 14, 2016

    It is impossible to *just* cut ties with Israel and leave it on its own. Ending that alliance will not happen peacefully. They have said many times in less publicized forums, if Israel is threatened, they will execute the samson option and nuke the entire world. And make no mistake – cutting off Israel’s parasitic line into the veins of America and the west is considered a threat. If one smaller country cut ties alone, they would find themselves suddenly attacked by the whole world in various ways for a variety of excuses – terrorism, invasion, assassination, economic destruction. If a western bloc or America were to attempt to do so, and the political leaders weren’t assassinated, it is very likely they would use the samson option. Due to their behavior, even just the behavior of the last 75 years, severing constant military and economic protection to Israel would be seen, correctly, as sealing their doom. Israel has ICBM’s that can reach America, and they aren’t maintaining that capability to defend themselves from Canada. (not to mention their nuclear armed stealth submarines that patrol a lot more than the middle east)

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