White Identity is Not the Answer (to the First Question)

I write as not only someone who identifies as White, but also admittedly as a bit of a Nordicist.  This is about how we conceptualize our immediate problem, not our identities.


We have all been taught that it’s better to be positive than negative; that rather than point out, and protect ourselves from, the enemy in our midst, that we should assert who we are, and let others do the same.  This seems to us a blameless position.  It may even have occurred to us originally on our own, not due to the enemy’s subversive influence.  Nevertheless, it plays right into the enemy’s hands.  It divides us from those who are not our enemies, and it divides us from those of our own who have not chosen to identify in the same way.

The problem is not that I, a White male of Indo-European descent, am surrounded by enemies.  I am to some degree, in some environments, surrounded to some extent by those who are not White Indo-Europeans.  That is not a problem in and of itself, although it is natural to some extent for me to be separate from those others.  In a free world, when I, Blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, Asians, or any other group other than that to which I belong ethnically, wanted to be together, we would be, and when we wanted to be apart, we would be that also.  That is the natural inclination of all men.

Freedom of Association is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the US Constitution, in the same provision as that which protects Freedom of Speech.  We are fools to think that Freedom of Speech is protected – in contradiction, these days, to the plain evidence of our senses – when Freedom of Association, which is at least as great a right, has been neglected, obscured, abandoned since at least the 1960’s.

When we identify as Whites, we set ourselves aside from Blacks and other “Non-Whites”.   “Non-Whites” are not our traditional enemies, although they, like we, have been maneuvered, outwitted, deceived into thinking we are each others’ enemies.  We are merely inclined, in our natural lives, to live separately, as are they.  In such a natural environment, the concept or perceptions which cause conflict when we are jammed, herded, unnaturally forced to be, to live an work together, concepts even like superiority and inferiority, do not occur.  Or when they do occur, they are not important.

These differences only become important when we live in an environment created for us, or against us in which we must live, by our one natural enemy, the enemy who wishes the destruction of our society and of our traditional hegemony.  That enemy is the Elite Jew.

The solution to our inability to live together is to eliminate the pest within our midst, the one who makes us unable to live with all the others.  The one who pushes us together and tweaks our conflicts.  Not even the Street Jew, although his presence carries the seed of the problem, often in its dormant state.  They are often unaware and under the same glamour as we are.  But to eliminate the threat, we have to eliminate them all from our societies.

I risk of course the common misunderstanding here.  I’m not advocating genocide here, just a separation. In which one walks away from or expels the other with which it does not wish to live.

There are many among us who propose that a White ethnostate is the solution to our problems.  I think that is indeed a part of the solution.  Furthermore, I don’t think that the Blacks, if there do exist some who think clearly and are not under the thumb of the Jew (and I believe that there are), would oppose such a thing.  Only the Jew, who alone benefits from maintaining a society in perpetual turmoil, would object.

I think that it is clear from the evidence of history that it was the Jew who led us to war in the past when we tried to separate along natural lines.  It is natural to separate, and to live separately, based on all number of natural divisions, not only race.  We can and would choose to live separately, and to interact as sovereign nations, peaceably, as peoples divided by religion, by political creed, by philosophy, or by any other preference of a group which might incline it to live separately in a community of its own.  The War Between the States (or whatever you want to call it), as well as both of the so-called World Wars and many contemporaneous wars in Europe, were caused by the Jew or by those marching according to his orders.

Religion in particular divides us, or has, historically.  I am one of those who strongly feels that ideally, we would not as a society be free from the influence of the Jew until and unless we were freed from the religions which he has inflicted upon us for his own ends.  Thus my interest in Asatru as well as the non-Semitic religions of the world, especially the ones with Aryan roots like Hinduism and Buddhism.  However, all of those religions can, will be, and are subverted to some extent, by the Jew as long as he is allowed to do so.  In Asatru, for example, there are these so-called Universalists.  And even among the Folkish Asatruaar, there are creeping elements of the Semitic.  Even these may be unavoidable to some extent; the point is that when following Asatru turns you against the Christians who are also against the Jew, you are playing his game.  And must we even speak of that most pathetic of religious slaves, the so-called “Judeo-Christian”?

But these are issues to be addressed after the thorn is removed from the paw of the world.


So.  The larger question I’ve been seeking to address, lately, or contemplating how to begin to address is: How do they do it? That is, how do the Elite Jews control the battle?  I’m not going to reiterate here, the evidence of Jewish control: Lots of people have done that, to understate massively.  The problem that anyone of any intelligence whatsoever, might not be able to see that, is what I’m talking about.  If the person you’re talking to doesn’t, can’t see it, all I can recommend is any of the triggers for awareness I’ve been speaking of for the past several years, and those aren’t guaranteed.  The mental fog that a good number of the purported member our society, live in… what causes it?  What brings relief from it? What allows to shine through it, the simple awareness of reality? What brings one Awake? I still can’t answer this.  A lot of it has to do with their control of our language, and with manipulation of pre-linguistic awareness, but I fear that even that is secondary, as even that deep level of manipulation requires some sort of prior control.

To address the above, I’ve gone back and relived my readings, listenings and conversations with James Bowery (check him out on Red Ice, particularly his recent conversation with Kevin MacDonald), with his reliance on and expansion of E.O. Wilson’s Sociobiology, and his Fair Church (website under construction, but also search for Sortocracy, which more clearly states my own brief sketches for how we might live without control, which is for me a kind of low-density Libertarianism).   I’ve also been reading Kevin MacDonald.  I’m finding a lot of discussion of how we got where we are based on different evolutionary strategies, with their results and trajectories.  What I’m not finding, or at least if I am, I’m not comprehending it, is, how do they do it, right now?  There is some trigger, which I’m suspecting has to do with the manipulation of some drive we have for survival on the level of race or family, which triggers a self-sacrifice behavior.  That makes us judge our own so harshly, and the other not at all.  That moves us willingly, if often unconsciously, toward our own extinction.

I’m looking for a button in our heads that they’re pushing very strongly, and consistently.  That kind of sacrifice has to be manipulated with a lot of adrenaline, one would think. And yes, it’s in the media, to some extent, and in all of our own social interactions that are controlled in tandem with the media, through more or less official structures, and at the basest level, by your daily interactions by those around you.  With your so-called peers.

And is the button different for Whites than for other races? I don’t know, won’t know until I know what it is; there is certainly evidence that we’re not the only ones manipulated, but on the other hands we seem to be the ones targeted.   It certainly also targets a lot of Blacks (and I’m using them as an exemplar here, so I don’t have to run through the litany of other races and groups).  But it also makes use of other races, and not only them but our concept of them, as it does of other groups who are not seen as powerful, and to whom we, or at least the nominally and formerly powerful ones, do not belong, including from the handicapped to the mentally aberrant.  And we are the target.  We are the target because we are the ones who hold or held power.  We are the only ones who could resist.  Despite being under siege since at least 1965, we would still offer the best resistance.  Most importantly, we are the ones whom they hate.

There is much more work to be done here.


To be clear: White Identity is not wrong.  It is natural and good.  It is also, as a primary issue, one to be addressed after we have rid ourselves of the problem which we share with our races.  The problem is that which sets us and them against each other in an unnatural competition.

I have, in my ideal concept of how societies might interact in a world in which resource competition is minimized (although I’ve come to realize that that very lack of resource competition would in itself have consequences, but I’m speaking of a model which considers only contemporaneous and simultaneous existence of numerous sociological experiments, a model which I think mirrors Bowery’s Sortocracy.   There would, in a world in which we as people could freely choose, be societies composed like ours were fifty or a hundred years ago, primarily ethnostates which include a tolerable level of diversity.  There might also be multiple mixed-race societies, gay societies, Communist societies… every variation of any system under which people might wish to live, would be allowed to exist within its own space.  In the Sortocracy, there must be some sort of agreement between them as to how to interact during competition, and it is here I have problems reconciling the model to probable real-world action.  But each of these societies would be allowed to stand or fall, fail or succeed on its own.

But not only in an ideal world, but in any natural one, one should be able to choose whether one lives in a racialist society, or in a multiracial one, with every variant in-between.  This seems to me elementary.   When one chooses White Identity one chooses to live in one of those particular societies.

But when one chooses White Identity in a society composed of all members of men (except for of the Elite Jew, who is somehow exempt from its rules, this exemption itself defying logic and common sense and necessarily perpetrated by means of the miraculous mechanism on which I speculate above), one chooses to defy the enforced logic of all other men.  We cannot set ourselves, now as an effective minority once all the world is set against us, against all.  Instead, we must point out the real common enemy, target and eradicate their influence, until we can live and breathe freely.  It is only then that we, like all other men, will be able to walk our own way in the newly cleared air.

We must point our fingers first not at ourselves and say who we are, but at the Enemy and say who he is.  We must target him for defeat, rather than allowing ourselves to be targeted, and the world itself and all of our former resources turned against us.  We must function in a way which at first appears to be contrary to the higher instincts as we have been taught them.  We must point out not what is right, but at what is wrong. We must point the finger at the enemy and not at ourselves, because if we do the latter, he will also continue to point his finger at us, and thus will we be defeated.

We need to find a new term, for we are now coerced to speak in his language, because ours has been taken from us.  We must eventually address that.  But in his terms, we must be Anti-Semites first, and White Identitarians later.

And yes, there are divisions and distinctions to be made within the population of the Jew, and there are Street Jews, who have been pushed out from the herd, for they are a hierarchical society.  Some of them have been pushed out so far that they may as well be us, as far as their inner circle is concerned.   These people do not deserve punishment.  They may however of necessity be separated from us, for their blood, like ours is mixed.  The dark blood flows as unpredictably in one man as the golden may flow in another, and such allocations are not always detectable by external signs.

I write in full realization that my words cannot be understood except by one whose thoughts have been cleared by Awakening, and I don’t know how to make that evolution happen. I find myself by necessity, preaching to the choir.  I am merely pointing out one of the ways in which we can still be misled, and suggesting a correction.


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  1. December 23, 2017

    “There is some trigger, which I’m suspecting has to do with the manipulation of some drive we have for survival on the level of race or family, which triggers a self-sacrifice behavior. That makes us judge our own so harshly, and the other not at all. That moves us willingly, if often unconsciously, toward our own extinction.”

    My working hypothesis:

    The 600 million year old tradition of male intrasexual selection was individualistic. It is associated with the moral animal’s conception of “honor” which may be thought of as “moral territory”. The spiritual impetus connecting the individual to the unity of all over-rides self-preservation in service of creating value in a universal sense. Moral perception evolves in the moral animal and, as with any evolution, is imperfect. It can be “hacked.” The level of consciousness that would “hack” the moral sense in order to, in effect “eat” a moral animal is pre-moral and, indeed, pre-sexual. It is at the level of the cell that eats or is eaten, and which has extent and power as its only objective. The futility of this will-to-power of the mitotic cell gave rise to its sacrifice in sex, love and death at a higher level of creation. However, it does re-emerge from time to time in evolutionary history — a throw-back to a more primitive level of life.

    Our moral sense is hacked by removing from males their 600 million year old instinct to advance creation through male intrasexual selection — facing death on fair terms to select better genes. The barrage of anti-white messages are really targeting sexual humiliation of white heterosexual males so as to dishonor them. This hacks the imperfectly evolved moral sense — triggering a self-loathing among whites — both male and female. This self-loathing not just some psychological phenomenon — it is a hack of the very meaning of life that could not be accomplished by beings with healthy sexuality without triggering a still small voice saying to them, “Die.” These beings aren’t mere “sociopaths” — they are at a primitive level of consciousness, incapable of self-reflection — a level of eat-or-be-eaten, pure will to power.

    • December 24, 2017

      Your explanation is interesting because it includes cross-influencing of levels usually seen as separate, which is great but raises a question of mechanism. I’d be curious to hear how you’d say the “spiritual impetus connecting the individual to the unity of all” relates to the impulses of reproduction and competition which arise from cellular levels. Is this spirituality congruent with, and arising from, those same impulses? Perhaps evolved to a social level? And it appears that the mechanisms for the hack – and I think that’s the perfect term for it – that you propose are indeed psychological, carried by communication rather than by biology on the material level. In other word, it’s their propaganda, not their chemicals. But I’m wondering if it’s not indeed on a magical level utilizing means most of us have not considered or have dismissed as absurd.

      And I agree we’re talking about a whole other level of alien-ness, as opposed to sociopathy. It’s something that separates “us” from “them” more than from other members of the animal kingdom, for example.

      What I don’t think is that we can combat their “hack” with propaganda or any kind of normal political, philosophical, or even religious activity. It appears to me that it would involve an act of “magical” combat on a level with their own, which only partially manifests as the psycho-social tools you have referenced; but then I think you’re probably thinking of that, too.

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